The Out List: Dustin Lance Black

HBO recently released a pseudo-documentary called “The Out List,” an opportunity for celebrities and activists to share parts of their stories and their beliefs. As expected, it was a liberal screed on how evil conservatives are. They had one token conservative – Log Cabin Republicans leader R. Clarke Cooper. He was amazing. Most of the rest were infuriating. Here I begin my response to some of them.

Dustin Lance Black is a screenplay writer and filmmaker. His first major work was Big Love; he later won an Academy Award for writing Milk. In his segment, he revealed that he was raised as a Mormon. He said, “I have heard some filmmakers say they don’t want to be labeled as ‘gay filmmakers.’ I am a gay filmmaker! I’m a gay guy, I’m not ashamed of that! I’m pretty proud of that, in fact!” He went on to talk about the passage of California’s Prop 8 – the voter-passed ban on gay marriage after the California Supreme Court declared gay marriage legal. He wept about how horrible it was and said, “that law cost lives.”

First of all, there is nothing wrong with a gay person not wanting to be labeled a gay filmmaker. Just because a gay person wants to appeal to a broad audience and has no interest in being pigeonholed for the whole of their career doesn’t mean they are ashamed to be gay. It doesn’t mean that They are bad somehow. There is nothing wrong with wanting one’s work to be widely available and widely accepted. If you’re proud, fantastic! That does not mean that everyone out there who is gay and is in the film industry needs to be like you. I’m pretty sure the gay rights movement was at least partially about the right to be different.

As for Prop 8…I’m sorry, but I don’t believe for a second that Prop 8 cost lives. gay people have been treated far worse in the past. When I was a kid in Houston, you did not admit you were gay. There was no such thing as a gay-straight alliance. When I told some of the neighborhood kids that I wished I’d been born a boy, their mothers all got together and staged a proxy intervention with my mother. When I was a kid, things were very different. Black is not that much older than me, so I would think he would have experienced some of the anti-gay sentiment that dominated pop culture back then. Prop 8 cost lives? I think churches pushing families to abandon their gay children was far worse. That is the sort of thing that costs lives, Mr. Black.

I might also point out that Prop 8 was passed by the electorate in a state that went wildly for Barack Obama. In my mind that is evidence that anti-gay sentiment is not necessarily a party problem but a people problem.

Tomorrow: Christine Quinn goes on a rant about those eeeeevil Republicans!

Uncle George, You’re Disappointing Me

George Takei, who makes me laugh uproariously every day with his hilarious facebook posts, has just joined the ranks of the misinformed activists. The Supreme Court recently ruled that employers should not be required by law to pay for birth control. The case, involving Hobby Lobby, had been argued because the new Affordable Care Act (which, by the way, has raised my premiums and stunted my benefits quite drastically) required all employers to offer health insurance that also covered all types of birth control 100%. Hobby Lobby had argued that because of the religious beliefs of the owners, they shouldn’t be required to pay for certain types of birth control.

Everyone is losing their minds over this. Today, Uncle George (as so many affectionately call him) took to his blog to condemn the decision. He wrote, “Hobby Lobby is not a church. It’s a business — and a big one at that. Businesses must and should be required to comply with neutrally crafted laws of general applicability. Your boss should not have a say over your healthcare. Once the law starts permitting exceptions based on ‘sincerely held religious beliefs’ there’s no end to the mischief and discrimination that will ensue.”

Oh my. That’s strong verbiage indeed. It’s also a little over the top.

What nobody is reporting is that the SCOTUS ruling only affects morning-after pills and IUDs, the latter of which tends to cause pulmonary embolism and stroke. Hobby Lobby is still offering insurance that covers 16 different types of birth control. Rather than talk about the specifics of the case, though, everyone would rather act as if it was a crushing blow that meant any employer could opt out of BC coverage and women will never be able to obtain it. Oh, the horror!

Calm down, kids. You’re basing your entire argument on a lie that has turned into hysteria. Discrimination? Please. Some forms of birth control are already incredibly cheap. I have diabetes. I have to take medication and check my blood sugar multiple times a day. My insurance covers birth control of all kinds, including the morning-after pill, at 100% – drugs that I will never use. I can’t opt out of it by saying, “hey, I’m a gold-star lesbian, I don’t need this stuff.” It only covers about half the cost of my diabetes medications, glucometer, and test strips, which I need to stay healthy and alive. THIS is what I call discrimination: not being allowed to opt out of birth control coverage because I am a woman, yet not getting the same kind of coverage for life-saving meds.

Where the hell are our priorities? Birth control is so important that the government wants to require insurance companies to cover it completely, but the drugs that help keep me alive have to be paid for out of my own pocket at rates that far outstrip the cost of BC before insurance pays a dime.

Whiskey tango foxtrot…?

To be fair, Uncle George is correct on a couple of things. Hobby Lobby does have 401(k) retirement plans that are invested in pharmaceutical companies that produce the morning-after pills. They also have a lot of products that are made in China, a country that places a strict cap on the number of children a family can have and forces abortions and sterilization once that limit is met. Is that hypocritical? Absolutely. Not exactly the best thought plan in the world.

The SCOTUS decision is hardly discriminatory, and to call it such is just this side of being a base lie. Nobody is saying that these companies can fire someone for taking BC. Nobody is saying that these companies can pry into an employee’s medical records to see if they are using BC. Nobody is saying that they can opt out of insurance that covers any and all forms of BC at all. There is absolutely nothing about the ruling that allows any business to impose the owners’ religious views on employees. What they are saying is that companies should not be required to provide insurance that covers abortifacient drugs. If I can afford my diabetes meds on my salary, you can afford the less expensive Plan B pills on yours (which I promise is higher – public safety doesn’t pay as much as you think).

I still haven’t figured out when our society decided that private businesses are subject to the government’s every wish and whim. I’m struggling to understand why people think the government should have such control over businesses that the people who own and manage them have absolutely no say in what the company will offer their employees or invest in. A free market does not take such rights away. This kind of attitude is exactly what is driving business to move overseas in the first place.

Uncle George, I still love you. I just wish you would have thought about this before you went off the deep end about it. I am a woman and I see absolutely nothing discriminatory about the decision. What I DO see is a society bent on chipping away at basic rights and freedoms. That needs to stop.


Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were arrested for breaking into a van and stealing several computers during their junior year. They so impressed their probation officers (Harris in particular) with their good manners and apparent willingness to change that they were released from probation several months early. One year later, they took a pile of homemade bombs and three guns into Columbine High School and went on a rampage, killing 13 before committing suicide. Harris wore a plain white t-shirt that read “natural selection.”

After he made himself infamous with his final violent act, his journals were discovered. He wrote about the probation process and the adults involved. He ranted that the owner of the van was to blame for leaving his computers in plain sight, and he (Harris) had every right to take them because the victim was “a dumbass.” Most of his journal entries were along those lines. He railed about being superior; he believed that natural selection gave him every right to assert that superiority.

Elliot Rodger, the UCSB shooter, sounds eerily like Eric Harris.

The Friday before he went on his killing spree, Rodger posted eight different videos to YouTube and sent a nearly 140-page diatribe to several sources, including the media. In one video, he says, “I’ll take great pleasure in slaughtering all of you. You will finally see that I am the superior one, the true alpha male.” He expresses frustration bordering on rage that girls have never taken an interest in him. In his final acts, he stabbed three roommates to death in his apartment, then went on a drive-by shooting spree that killed three more. He ran over four people in his expensive black BMW before getting into a shoot-out with police, then shot himself in the head.

There’s something more to this kid, though, that it seems everyone is missing. He was diagnosed with high-functioning Asperger’s syndrome and had difficulty making friends when he was in private schools. His parents reportedly sent him to the best schools available; he wanted for nothing, with Gucci and Prada being his favorite styles. An incident he describes himself in one of his videos is very telling, though. He talks about being at a party and being angry with women for not paying attention to him, so he tries to shove several girls off of a ledge. Several men at the party, angry with him for his actions, tossed him over the ledge instead, injuring his ankle. He leaves, discovers that he’s lost his Gucci sunglasses, and goes back to get them – only to find the same angry men waiting to beat the crap out of him. They did so, sending him home a mess.

I don’t give a damn who you are – if you try to shove women over a balcony, yeah, you deserve a first-rate beatdown. Had I been there, I would have done the same thing. I do not care what your motives are or how hurt you are. One does not alleviate their pain by inflicting pain on others. It doesn’t work that way.

Rodger’s own description of some of the things he’s done tells us quite a bit about him. He was an angry boy who always found the most inappropriate methods for expressing his anger. Then he simply couldn’t understand why nobody wanted to be around him. His parents were the liberal anti-gun sort, typical of the Hollywood types who teach their kids the “peace and love” mantra without ever teaching them chivalry, honor, and respect. He was probably never taught that the way to a girl’s heart is to first respect her and show interest in her (NOT of the sexual variety). It doesn’t take much. It had nothing to do with his race (as he angrily claimed). It had everything to do with the fact that he was a sociopath who believed himself superior to everyone else and was never taught to care about other people. All he cared about was himself – his feelings, his desires, his passions. When he discovered that the world was not going to give him what he wanted he pitched a hissy fit.

This had nothing to do with women, his unrequited sexual drive, or his loneliness. It sure as hell wasn’t about the NRA or the gun culture. Rodger used knives and his car along with his guns to kill and maim. This had everything to do with his selfish, sociopathic attitude and outlook on life. To blame it on anything else is shortsighted at best.


I used to work for banks as a fraud investigator. In fraud, we talked every day to the bad guy trying to pass themselves off as the customer. We always had the occasional stretch of about a week or so where the same two or three men with heavy accents would call in on multiple accounts – and they’d have a hell of a lot of information on the customer they were trying to rob through us. We weren’t stupid. The accent, by the by, was Nigerian. I learned long ago how to tell different accents apart. Any time we had a fraud trend going with the bad guy calling us, the bad guy was always Nigerian.

One day, I announced to my team in our open chat session that another trend was starting. I’d just ended a call with a man who spoke with a heavy Nigerian accent and he was trying to pass himself off as a customer to open a card we had stopped making a lot of highly suspicious transactions. Out of nowhere, a black woman on our team typed, “how do you know he’s Nigerian? I’m Nigerian, and I don’t have an accent! I think you’re a racist!”

She said this for twenty people to see.

The team immediately exploded. I went on the most professionally outraged tirade I could muster. I explained, “you did not grow up in Nigeria. Your ancestors may be Nigerian, but you did not grow up speaking Hausa, thus you do not speak English with a heavy accent. This guy clearly did because he speaks with a very distinct accent. I’m from Texas, so to your ear, I speak with an accent – are you racist against me for pointing that out last week?”

That meltdown was the talk of the entire floor until I left the company. The woman involved transferred to another unit quickly after the exchange. She was never required to apologize to me (and I wouldn’t have wanted them to force her to), but everyone knew she was being hysterical for a silly reason and that was enough for me.

After that, I tend to laugh uproariously whenever a black person starts losing their mind over something I say and accusing me of being a racist. I talk about welfare needing more checks and balances; YOU OWE ME FOR SLAVERY! HOW DARE YOU SUGGEST I HAVEN’T EARNED THIS MONEY! I talk about food stamps not being a right; I get the same response. I talk about how you can own your future, get an education, and work hard to have the things you want; HOW CAN I?!? YOU CRACKERS OWN THE WHOLE SYSTEM! YOU AND THE JEWS AND THE CHINESE AND THE INDIANS, YOU OWN EVERYTHING!!!

Imagine my amusement, then, when a friend sent me this video. Before you click, be prepared – the last half is pretty foul. It’s NSFW. When you’re home and the young kids aren’t around, click the link and watch all six minutes. If you have older kids, have them sit down and watch it, then explain to them just why she’s a moron. Note that she’s losing her mind because the clerk at the store wanted her to pay $0.20 – yes, twenty cents – for water.

You own your own future. YOU. If you give it up to other people, it is your fault. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is. It doesn’t matter what neighborhood you live in as a child. If you want to make a better life for yourself, you will find a way. Stop blaming the system and the white man for your willing failures. Stop blaming circumstance or your parents for the crimes you commit. Stop expecting everyone else to pay your way through life when you waste your high school years “having fun”.


When actress Ellen Page came out last month, several conservatives I know (and those I only know by association) posted comments that were really pretty mean. I read everything from “Ellen WHO???” to “who cares? Did another idiot celebrity really need to come out?”

First of all, if you have seen the movie “Inception” then you know exactly who Page is. If you haven’t seen that movie then you should be slapped silly. It’s amazing.

Second, it is unfortunate that it is still important for celebrities to come out of the closet.

In the last six years, I’ve run more calls than I can remember. I’m in public safety. I talk to a lot of different kinds of people. I’m not allowed to give details, but I have met a hell of a lot of people – teens and adults alike – who have battled depression second to the bullying they are dealing with for being gay or lesbian. I’ve talked to kids as young as 13 and adults as old as their mid-40’s who are still fighting to be accepted as human beings. Most of the kids haven’t even figured out whether they’re gay; some know they aren’t, but other kids (and sometimes even teachers) are bullying them because they simply appear to be gay.

Bullying takes many different forms. I was bullied for a lot of reasons. The fact that I was a huge tomboy was only one of those reasons. I have told my story before; I was the loser that other losers used to pick on and beat up. I was a tomboy, I was a girl who played guitar and bass, I was a science nerd, I was a history buff, I was terrible at sports, I was awkward, I just wasn’t cool enough…I was never good enough. I often still feel like I’m not good enough, but that is par for the course when you see the way I grew up.

The belief that I was a lesbian when I was a kid was one of the reasons I was bullied, though, and it was huge. Nowadays kids take school bullying home with them on their smartphones, where they endure a continuous stream of hate through Facebook, Twitter, and a myriad of other forums. I’ve talked to a lot of those kids. They’re afraid to tell their parents at least partially because they know the bullying will only get worse when they tattle. More than one kid has looked at me and asked, “did your parents hate you when you came out?”

No, they didn’t hate me. It wasn’t easy for them to accept at first, but they didn’t hate me. The first time a teenage boy sat in my ambulance and asked me to help him tell his parents because that was why he was sitting there with serious injuries from a beating, I wanted to disappear. How do you do that? How do I sit down with this kid in his hospital room, look his parents in the eye, and tell his crying mother that he needed to tell her something? Once I’ve said that, how do I stand there and mediate while he tells her something she probably never expected him to say because he was such a good religious boy?

Even the most well-meaning conservatives among my friends who are straight don’t understand how hard that can be. It took me months after my horrible self-realization to finally tell my parents. It’s still a stigma in society. It’s a stigma at home. Thankfully, it doesn’t appear that Ellen Page is losing work because of her announcement, but a lot of actors and actresses in the past have watched their careers tank after admitting to the world that they were gay.

It took a lot of courage for Michael Sam to come out. It took a lot for Ellen Page. It took a lot for Chely Wright (who immediately saw her career as a top-ten country artist evaporate). It took courage because, even in a society where being openly gay is becoming normal, there is still enough stigma and enough bullying to make one’s life very difficult. Being true to oneself is important; when those around you decide that they can’t stand your true self, it can be devastating.

I look forward to the day when we won’t have to “come out” anymore. Until then, I will have a lot of respect for those who come out and tell the world that it’s normal for some. We’re still people. We’re still just like you, and we’re not insignificant.

Brilliant, Hollywood!

I am continually baffled by the lack of education there seems to be on the left. Not only that but the apathy that they have for not being educated. To hear the hard-lefties say it, they have it all figured out – conservatives are all racists, homophobes, and biased against the poor. Conservatives don’t ever want to help anyone as evidenced by our aversion to approving endless unemployment and welfare that poses few questions about the person receiving said government handouts. I mean, anyone who doesn’t want to just throw money away to help the poor must be a total hatemonger, right? Anyone who doesn’t like President Obama is a racist; there’s no other excuse. And if you’re black and you don’t worship President Obama, woah! You are a total Uncle Tom!

What’s worse? Their leaders preach from a bully pulpit in Hollywood. In July 2012, actress Ellen Barkin went on a Twitter rampage that began with her saying, “I love everyone, except u right wing f**kin morons.” She later went on to make crass remarks about “how many village idiots” there are in Texas (she must mean the people who a Yale professor discovered were measurably more intelligent than her liberal choir), the Second Amendment never being meant to cover “semi-automatic machine guns” (there’s no such thing as a semi-automatic machine gun…a machine gun is fully automatic, whereas a semi-automatic only fires one round with every single pull of the trigger), strict Constitutionalists are “2 dumb and dangerous” (which, I suppose, is why all of the mass shooters over the past decade have been liberals who hated President Bush), and had the nerve to suggest that we be knocked down and dragged the f**k out.

First of all, if anyone in Hollywood or any of their minions among the unwashed masses really thinks they can knock us down and drag us out, you are welcome to try. Since you have already established that we believe in and exercise our Second Amendment rights and we’re therefore dangerous, I get the feeling even you don’t believe you’d be able to drag us out. Since most of us also did military service, you’d best be served by leaving us alone. How’s that sound?

Second, shut up and sing. I mean, who the hell is Ellen Barkin? Oh, that’s right – she’s the broad who spread her legs for Dennis Quaid in “The Big Easy”. What exactly is your expertise in? You’re the court jester. I don’t wanna hear you talk about how evil I am for not agreeing with you. I don’t even want to hear what your political bent is. I’m not going to waste time and money going to see something with you in it if all you do when you’re not acting is going on a rant about how hateful you think I am.

Third, this is how you sound: “I hate you, you hatemonger! YOU NEED TO BE MORE TOLERANT OR I’LL BEAT IT INTO YOU!!!” Do you ever stop and think before you speak? Where the hell is all this tolerance you say you have? Take a Xanax and calm yourself. I don’t hate you. I certainly don’t like you, but I don’t think you’re worth spending that kind of energy on.

What’s even more mind-boggling is that in the wake of the death of child superstar Shirley Temple, even more hatemongers have come out of the woodwork. Despite there being no other proof than the fact that she was a Republican and served as an ambassador to Ghana under President Nixon in 1974 and later as the ambassador to Czechoslovakia in 1989 under President Bush Sr., an unbelievable number of people have branded her as a racist in death. Twitter lit up with hateful liberals lamenting the fact that she was a Republican. Still more openly hated her for her supposed racism. Not one celebrity has come out to defend her.

These are the people who are supposed to be setting the example. When you lie about another group simply because you do not like them (and let’s face it, kids, when someone asks you what proof there is that all conservatives are racists and all you can come up with is “they just are,” you’re lying to smear them), you are doing the same thing the Nazis did. You cannot point the finger at us and call us hatemongers when you’re the ones spewing the hate.

Oh, and by the way, Ms. Barkin…you weren’t all that hot in that movie. Get over yourself.

I Kissed A Girl

I’ll never forget the first time I heard Katy Perry’s instant hit, “I Kissed A Girl.” It was a rare occasion where I was at a lesbian bar with some friends (I don’t go out because I can’t handle large crowds in confined spaces). All of a sudden, this song started and within the first two measures the whole club was cheering wildly. I paid attention to the lyrics and discovered why quickly.

I am not as thrilled with that song as so much of the gay community is. A few years ago, I worked part-time as a mentor at a shelter home for girls taken from their parents by CPS. One of the girls, the first night she was there, announced to the rest of the house that she liked to tell girls at school that she was a lesbian purely for the shock factor. I explained (without giving myself away) that saying that sort of thing for that reason could be offensive to actual lesbians, particularly if one of them asked her out and she had to tell the truth. I explained that it wasn’t nice because not only is coming out a difficult process for some people, but if you give a lesbian hope and she falls for you, she’ll be crushed when she finds out that you lied. The girl didn’t quite understand what I was saying and refused to stop doing it.

I’m still struggling to figure out when it became chic to say you’re gay.

I like Katy Perry. I still remember when she was recording under her real name, Katy Hudson, as a Christian singer. I remember when she made an appearance on the POD song “Goodbye For Now”. Even though I prefer hard rock and heavy metal, I do like Katy Perry’s music. I don’t really care for this particular song, though, because being gay should not be a fashion statement. I don’t think that’s how she meant it, and I certainly don’t mean to criticize her too harshly because she’s not the only person to have sung, written, or talked about experimenting with same-sex relationships. This song is one of the most widely-recognized missives about it.

When I began to realize that I might actually be a lesbian, my whole life turned upside-down. I had been raised in a culture that wasn’t very forgiving. Southern Christian churches in the late 80’s and early 90’s were far more anti-gay than they are now, believe it or not. The only time I ever heard anyone talk about gay people it was usually in church and the things said were very disparaging – and usually accompanied by the most shocking images the Christian world could find of gay pride parades and festivals. I was raised to believe that being gay was an illness, and if you were gay then G-d had given up on you. I spent six months so depressed that I am, to this day, surprised that I survived.

Hearing a song like “I Kissed A Girl” was almost a slap in the face to the struggle that I recall as the darkest point in my life. I don’t think for one second that Katy Perry meant to offend anyone with the song – not even her parents, who are still deeply religious. That song is just one part of a growing popularity contest on who can be a better friend to the gays. More often than not, it includes straight people saying that they pretended to be gay and using that to say they understand how I feel.

No. You really don’t. If you’re going to support us, then support us. Don’t toss out your version of “I Kissed A Girl” and claim it as a badge of honor. If you are straight, be straight and happy and support us as exactly who you are.

Tis The Season

I was hard at work early in the morning on Thanksgiving and didn’t hear about the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade until later in the day. A friend posted that a performance by drag queens had been allowed and he’d had to explain it to his kids.

I found out later that it was a performance by the Broadway cast of the hit show Kinky Boots. When I looked up the video, I was appalled. Matt Lauer gushed about the musical and the name came up on the screen before a small army of men wearing thigh-high stiletto boots (some of them in all-out drag) began performing two songs from the show.

To be sure, I would like to see Kinky Boots. It sounds like a fantastic musical. The problem I have is that this is being marketed to kids during a family-oriented program. I had heard a kid ask his father in a hospital ER what the word “kinky” meant. The father was stymied. That really isn’t a conversation you want to have with your child before they’re old enough to understand what sex is in the first place. I didn’t realize why the child was asking until I heard about what had gone on.

Naturally, a few people were upset by the display. I cannot imagine my brother or any of my cousins having to tell my nieces and nephews why a bunch of men are prancing around in drag; if one of them had asked me, I would have changed the subject. It’s not a conversation that I would be ready to have. I can understand why some folks would be upset by this – and Macy’s had to know that it would cause an uproar. Strangely, though, most of the big-name conservative pundits – Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, Megyn Kelly, and a host of others that the left points to has hatemongers – haven’t said a word about it. The Advocate, however, proclaimed in its headline, “Conservatives Outraged by ‘Kinky Boots’ Performance in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.” The Huffington Post reported that “the performance received an instant backlash of often-homophobic negativity on social media…” right before linking a Twitchy page that didn’t have an ounce of homophobia on it, only a lot of people questioning whether Kinky Boots is really all that family-friendly.

So who was it that was being so hateful? None of the conservative pundits I respect and admire. I have no idea who Amy Stradling, Andrea Latta Hardgrave, or “Broccoli Bob” are, but apparently the leftist websites were so desperately in need of examples of hate that they posted their Tweets and their full names and then passed it off as all conservatives somehow showing their true homophobic colors.

To be fair, it is ridiculous to claim in all caps that Macy’s ruined your entire holiday. If your holiday was ruined over this performance, that is your fault. Neither Macy’s nor the cast of the musical is at fault for your bad day. If you let it get to you that much, then you have issues you need to work out on your own. I do not, however, think that it was appropriate for the parade and I’m annoyed with producer Harvey Fierstein’s response to the backlash. He said, “You have to start a dialogue, and you can’t have a dialogue unless someone says something first. It takes actual work to open up [people’s] minds.”

Harvey, this is not an exercise in opening people’s minds. It’s little more than an attempt to shock them into numbness. That is not the way to win anyone’s hearts and minds. Compared to some drag shows I’ve witnessed in the past, yes, this performance was tame – that’s not necessarily a good thing. Either way, it was still too shocking for a good portion of the audience, and you should have considered that before including it during family programming.

This isn’t about homophobia. It’s about not being comfortable with our kids seeing these things. To label it as homophobia leaves people blind to the real thing when it does rear its ugly head, just as accusations of being a racist or a Nazi leave people unwilling to believe that it really still happens. Stop abusing the word. Learn to live in their world and maybe, just maybe, they’ll be open to living in yours someday.

Fight Racism With…Racism?

I haven’t commented on the whole “Redskins” debate because, in my mind, it’s a tempest in a teacup. The term redskin was used more by those who actually traded peacefully with the indians – “savage” was more of a slur, one that has fallen out of usage. I have no idea if my Cherokee and Navajo friends find it offensive, but the Washington Redskins have had this name for 81 years and only now is it coming into focus.

What I will comment on, however, is The Onion’s outrageous attempt at sarcasm. Calling it outrageous is an understatement. The headline read, “Redskins’ Kike Owner Refuses to Change Team Name.” The short article went on to call Redskins’ owner Daniel Snyder a “hook-nosed kike” and a “shifty-eyed hebe.”

They didn’t just cross the line with this. They dove over it headfirst and did a touchdown dance.

I really don’t care what the point is. You would never see any writer for The Onion using the N-word; if they did so, even for the purpose of making a satirical point, there would be no end to the hell raised by black Americans and all of their friends. They would be right to raise hell about it – it’s an absolutely despicable word, so much so that I can’t even tolerate rap because of the heavy usage of it. How is it, then, that some of the most despicable anti-Jewish epithets are suddenly fair game? When did it become acceptable to take a page from the Stormfront neo-Nazi book?

I am not an angry or violent person, but I will tell you now, if anyone ever dared to utter those slurs to my face, I would not respond with words. I would break my rule about never starting fights and happily face jail time for it. The writer of this ill-thought article never would have dared say that to me in person. What makes him think it’s okay to say it in print?

I don’t give a damn what your point is. It is never okay to hurl disgusting invectives at anyone, particularly when they come from a line of people who have been openly hated and killed in mass numbers simply for being Jewish for many centuries. I will never give another second of traffic to The Onion – not even if they apologize. Anyone who dares defend their usage of these hateful terms will find themselves drop-kicked out of my life. There is no excuse.

Sure, they have the freedom to post what they want. We have the same freedom to stop using their services because they don’t know how to be civil.

Musings on Disney Princesses

My friend Meredith absolutely cracks me up with her witticisms sometimes. Today’s piece was quite amusing, about the 1959 movie “Sleeping Beauty”:

“True love conquers all, it would have even conquered the betrothal itself if Aurora hadn’t been Aurora and Phillip hadn’t been Phillip. Think of it this way, if some other man (let’s call him Michael) had met Aurora in the woods that day and they had fallen in love, a million kisses from Aurora’s betrothed “owner” wouldn’t have woken her up. Michael would have had to be the one to break the curse.

But this is a fairy tale and in fairy tales we require perfect endings, tied in a bow. So to avoid any political upheaval (no 6 year old wants to see that) Phillip is conveniently the prince she’s supposed to marry and the man she met in the woods.”

Click here to read the whole thing.