I used to work for banks as a fraud investigator. In fraud, we talked every day to the bad guy trying to pass themselves off as the customer. We always had the occasional stretch of about a week or so where the same two or three men with heavy accents would call in on multiple accounts – and they’d have a hell of a lot of information on the customer they were trying to rob through us. We weren’t stupid. The accent, by the by, was Nigerian. I learned long ago how to tell different accents apart. Any time we had a fraud trend going with the bad guy calling us, the bad guy was always Nigerian.

One day, I announced to my team in our open chat session that another trend was starting. I’d just ended a call with a man who spoke with a heavy Nigerian accent and he was trying to pass himself off as a customer to open a card we had stopped making a lot of highly suspicious transactions. Out of nowhere, a black woman on our team typed, “how do you know he’s Nigerian? I’m Nigerian, and I don’t have an accent! I think you’re a racist!”

She said this for twenty people to see.

The team immediately exploded. I went on the most professionally outraged tirade I could muster. I explained, “you did not grow up in Nigeria. Your ancestors may be Nigerian, but you did not grow up speaking Hausa, thus you do not speak English with a heavy accent. This guy clearly did because he speaks with a very distinct accent. I’m from Texas, so to your ear, I speak with an accent – are you racist against me for pointing that out last week?”

That meltdown was the talk of the entire floor until I left the company. The woman involved transferred to another unit quickly after the exchange. She was never required to apologize to me (and I wouldn’t have wanted them to force her to), but everyone knew she was being hysterical for a silly reason and that was enough for me.

After that, I tend to laugh uproariously whenever a black person starts losing their mind over something I say and accusing me of being a racist. I talk about welfare needing more checks and balances; YOU OWE ME FOR SLAVERY! HOW DARE YOU SUGGEST I HAVEN’T EARNED THIS MONEY! I talk about food stamps not being a right; I get the same response. I talk about how you can own your future, get an education, and work hard to have the things you want; HOW CAN I?!? YOU CRACKERS OWN THE WHOLE SYSTEM! YOU AND THE JEWS AND THE CHINESE AND THE INDIANS, YOU OWN EVERYTHING!!!

Imagine my amusement, then, when a friend sent me this video. Before you click, be prepared – the last half is pretty foul. It’s NSFW. When you’re home and the young kids aren’t around, click the link and watch all six minutes. If you have older kids, have them sit down and watch it, then explain to them just why she’s a moron. Note that she’s losing her mind because the clerk at the store wanted her to pay $0.20 – yes, twenty cents – for water.

You own your own future. YOU. If you give it up to other people, it is your fault. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is. It doesn’t matter what neighborhood you live in as a child. If you want to make a better life for yourself, you will find a way. Stop blaming the system and the white man for your willing failures. Stop blaming circumstance or your parents for the crimes you commit. Stop expecting everyone else to pay your way through life when you waste your high school years “having fun”.

The Sterling Incident

By now I’m sure we all know that LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling was caught on tape chastising his trophy girlfriend for posting pictures of herself with famous black athletes – and forbidding her from bringing them to games. His racist rants have just earned him a lifetime ban from all things NBA and rumors that the NBA board will force him to sell the team.

There’s a lot of emotions revolving around this. I have friends who are thrilled that Sterling is getting his comeuppance. I have others who don’t care. Still others are upset that his privacy was violated and that he’s being punished for views he expressed in the privacy of his own home.

Let’s take a look at what happened.

Donald Sterling has a girlfriend, known only as V. Stiviano. Yeah, he’s married, but he keeps this trophy who is at least half a century his junior because he likes to have a pretty girl on his arm, right? In 2006, the Department of Justice (the BUSH DOJ, no less) brought him up on charges of discriminating against certain races in renting out apartments in his properties around the LA area. In 2009 he was sued by a coach when he remarked that he wanted to fill his team with “poor black boys from the South and a white head coach.” So really, it was no surprise that Sterling was a fuming racist. Sterling’s wife sued Stiviano for fraud, and Stiviano had vowed that she would get even – and she did. The day he got mad at her and started flipping out over pictures of her with Magic Johnson, she recorded him.

A few days ago, her tapes were published by gossip site TMZ.

Now, all of a sudden, they’re willing to do something. He’s been outed two previous times as a racist, but NOW they’re going to do something, now that Magic Johnson is involved. It rings rather hollow that it’s taken this long, but it’s done. Sterling is banned. Something about this made it worse than the previous incidents and now he’s toast.

Here’s where I tell you what I think.

The First Amendment protects us from the government – not from private entities. I can’t say it enough because people somehow get it in their heads that the First Amendment is there to protect us from employers, too (and stores, restaurants, etc.). Let me say it again: the First Amendment is there to protect us from the government. The government had no hand in this, so the Constitutional rights argument holds no water.

That said, does Sterling have a right to expect a certain amount of privacy in his own home? Of course he does. I have friends who are upset that his career is being ruined over personal beliefs voiced in his private home. Okay…is this really the first time any of us has heard of a jilted lover ruining their sugar daddy with something like this? This story is just about the oldest in creation. Creepy rich guy has a wife. Wife isn’t young and pretty anymore. Creepy rich guy buys a girlfriend and publicly shames wife. Wife gets mad and tries to get back at trophy skank of a girlfriend. Trophy skank vows revenge. Trophy skank does something to publicly humiliate lover and shamed wife. Is this really new? Do we not watch plotlines like this in the shows and movies that we watch – and then cheer the skank?

Folks, being banned from the NBA isn’t going to ruin Sterling’s finances. He should have been banned after the first incident, when he was caught saying out loud that he refused to rent to Latinos because they “drink and smoke and hang around the place” and refused to rent to blacks because “they smell and attract vermin.” That should have been enough, but somehow, it wasn’t. And it’s not like it wasn’t highly publicized and talked about.

Sterling is really only getting what people have wanted for several years. Yes, he has a right to free speech – but we as equal citizens have the same right to tell him we aren’t willing to do business with him. The NBA now has an obligation to react to this. This is the third incident in which he has been proven to be a blathering racist, and if they allow him to continue showing up and sitting in his courtside seats, the NBA stands to lose a lot of money when people stop coming to games and buying their merchandise. They are moving to save their image. Donald Sterling dug his own grave here. He deserves exactly what’s happening.

(None of this, BTW, is to mention the fact that rap stars who use racist and homophobic slurs in their work haven’t been banned. In that sense it does, yet again, ring slightly hollow.)

Bad Guys Need Jobs, Too

I had no idea, but apparently the Obama Administration’s EEOC has almost completely re-written the rules. Just a year ago, the EEOC released a suggestion that employers stop refusing to hire minorities based on criminal records. Not white people, mind you – just the minorities. Because, you know, we live in post-racial America.

The “suggestion” is about to be enforced as a rule. Dollar General Stores and a BMW facility in SC are being sued for supposedly discriminating. One woman sued Dollar General for refusing to hire her based on a felony conviction; to be fair, the crime was attributed to her in error. But a lawsuit over it? The employer acted in good faith. It’s the background screening agency (and possibly the offending court) that should be sued, not Dollar General. The vast, overwhelming majority of companies out there these days hire other companies to do background checks for them. Dollar General isn’t responsible for falsely reporting that the applicant was convicted of a felony.

BMW, however, required in 2008 that all of their contract employees (not permanent employees, CONTRACT) re-apply for their jobs. That’s actually typical for contract positions – once the contract is up, if the company wants to extend new contracts or maybe even hire some of the workers on a permanent basis, they’ll ask them to re-apply. In the case of BMW, the workers who lost their jobs weren’t all black – but the black workers in the group complained that it was still a racist decision because a “disproportionate” number of those displaced were.

The EEOC has acknowledged the fact that the number of Americans with criminal records has gone up over the past several years, but they claim that because blacks and Hispanics get arrested and convicted more often, they deserve some kind of preferential treatment. I’m sorry…I’ve worked to maintain a clean background. I’ve never threatened to do harm to another person and the last time I stole anything I was 12 years old and I took a pack of baseball cards from another kid at school. I carry a gun, but I’ve never brandished it. The total of three fights I’ve been in as an adult were started by other people – and once the fight is over, I let it go. I never kick someone when they’re down. I haven’t been perfect, but I’m respectful towards others and mindful of the fact that innocent things can be taken horribly wrong. I conduct myself accordingly.

So how is it that someone else can get a free pass for their poor choices because their skin color is different?

All this is going to do is lessen the potential consequences for those at-risk groups. If they know they can sue and win over a job they were turned down for because of a criminal conviction, they’ll have even less incentive to obey the law and actually care about where their lives are going.

I once had a black woman I worked with scream racial epithets at me right before calling me a racist. In recent years, I’ve been called a racist by another coworker simply for referring to someone’s accent as “Nigerian”. I’ve been called a racist I don’t know how many times for disliking our President. I grew up with less than most black kids have today. My father served this country right after Vietnam, a time when most people still hated their defenders. Back then, enlisted salaries were a joke. You didn’t get a stipend for your wife or kids; you didn’t get extra pay for deploying. My father had to buy his own uniforms on the peanuts they paid him even with three kids to feed and clothe. Once I was in school, I was bullied, harassed and beaten up everywhere I went. Home wasn’t a happy place, either, because I was always the oddball. Even church was often a rough place for me when the kids who bullied me at school started going to my youth group. No matter where I have gone or what I have done, I have faced adversity – but I have still managed to get an education, be polite and respectful, and do something decent with my life. I have never done something to hurt another person and then turned around and blamed the way I grew up or the people who treated me badly.

Why does anybody get away with that? Why do we allow government agencies to put pressure on employers to forgive criminal pasts simply because the applicant isn’t white? The EEOC guidelines that are about to become the de facto law of the land will give people of color the ability to do something I’ll never get the chance to do: argue why they should get the job despite a felony conviction on their record.

Gone are the days when convicted felons worked their way back up the ladder in the real world. Now we live in a society where the government gets to decide that all companies have to pay a “living wage”, provide health insurance, and give jobs to minorities who can provide a compelling reason why their criminal past should be forgiven over the white woman who was willing to work hard for a decent life. Blacks and Hispanics can blame their idiotic choices – their CHOICES – on their hard life and get away with it.

Post-racial America.


The Rise of Nazism

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post that I had intended to become a three- or four-part series. I got busy and forgot about it. Click here to read the original post. Here begins the second.

People who decry the comparison of Iraq to Nazi Germany frequently point out that Saddam was not a major superpower like Hitler was. The problem with that statement is that Hitler wasn’t, either, when he started out.

Simplistically speaking, most Americans are taught that the assassination Archduke Franz Ferdinand (then the heir to the throne of what was then Austria-Hungary) by a Serbian separatist named Gavrilo Princip was what sparked WWI. That was merely one of the many causes. Several of the countries in mainland Europe, Northern Africa and parts of the Middle East had been losing stability in their own regions for quite some time. Both Germany and Austria-Hungary vied for more territory, as did Russia, and the Ottoman Empire bristled at the thought of being divvied up by larger powers to the North.

An arms race between Germany and Britain, along with the beginning of “trench warfare” made the Great War the bloodiest in world history. When Germany refused to stop attacking non-military ships on the naval front, they knew that America would get into the war, so they made a bid to Mexico to join the war; they promised to give Mexico the Southeastern states, from Texas to California, in exchange for going to war with the United States. Despite public knowledge of the Zimmerman Telegram that made this widely known, Americans were still against our involvement. Had we not gotten involved Germany would have handily overrun Europe. Once America got involved, Austria-Hungary knew they were all but finished and quietly started seeking a truce. Germany responded by taking them over.

In just over a year of American involvement, the War finally ended. The Ottoman Empire was completely dissolved, resulting in a large swath of Mideast territories that were governed by Britain. The Treaty of Versailles split Austria and Hungary and placed sole responsibility for the war’s effects on Imperial Germany. Kaiser Wilhelm II was supposed to be tried for war crimes, although the trial never began. There was to be no rebuilding of Germany. She would not maintain her dignity; the extreme reparations to be collected from the newly-formed Weimar Republic effectively stripped the German people of dignity and the German Mark became almost worthless (those reparations included more than just money – Germany paid in quite a few ways, including handing over the trademark for Aspirin).

The Germans had quite a lot to be pissed off at by the time Hitler the war hero got involved in politics. While government officials and the ruling class, who held most of the power, viewed Hitler as a rabble-rousing thug, the middle class and the poor saw him as their savior. It didn’t help that Paul von Hindenburg publicly claimed that Germany didn’t lose the Great War to actual defeat, but to so-called “right-wingers” – among them Bolsheviks and Jews – who effectively stabbed Mother Germany in the back.

Hitler rode that sentiment to power. Once Nazism took hold, it exploded in popularity. There were millions of good Germans, but none of them stood up to the Nazis. The Treaty of Versailles gutted Germany’s military; the army was to have no more than 100,000 troops, they were banned from developing new weaponry, and the navy was reduced to a handful of ships and absolutely no submarines. Territory on both the East and West ends of Germany was taken by the Allies as buffer zones. If Germany tried to enter those areas – the Rhineland (defended by France) and Upper Silesia (defended by Poland) – the Allies were to immediately crush the German forces. Keeping all of this in mind it was hard even for good Germans to argue with Nazi propaganda.

While Nazism was on the rise in Germany, Hitler dreamed of finishing the Kaiser’s job and making Germany a massive superpower that ruled all of Europe. He wanted to annex Austria (a concept known as Anschluss), but his propaganda was first aimed at regaining territory that the Germans viewed as having been stolen from them. In 1936, Hitler sent German troops to re-militarize the Rhineland. German troops didn’t have tanks – most of them were either on foot or on bicycles, and most of them weren’t armed, but he wanted a dramatic show of power so the world would know that Germany was back. The French simply watched and did nothing with twelve whole battalions parked on the other side of the Rhine.

This emboldened Hitler. Two years later, Anschluss was carried out. The Allies were worried, but not worried enough to use force. Hitler started stomping his feet over the Sudetenland, a small patch of land that had been given to Czechoslovakia; the Allies secretly met and agreed (without consulting the Czechs, mind you) to give the Sudetenland back to Germany. Hitler smiled and then attacked the rest of Czechoslovakia, taking it over very quickly.

The Allies still didn’t want to go to war. Hitler was not making his aims a state secret, but nobody wanted to fight. They kept thinking that if they just talked enough, Hitler would agree to peace. Neville Chamberlain returned from the Munich talks, held the signed Munich Agreement aloft, and proclaimed, “peace in our time!” Winston Churchill was trying to warn everyone in British parliament that Hitler would never stop and war was inevitable; for that crime, he was expelled from parliament.

The Allies promised Poland that they would fight at all costs to protect Poland from Nazi Germany. Then, just after being named TIME Magazine’s “Man of the Year”, Adolf Hitler ordered the takeover of Poland. France and Britain discovered then that Germany, which they thought had been all but de-fanged and unable to carry on a war, had been secretly building its arms and troop numbers.

All of a sudden, beliefs that peace was possible dissolved into the reality that war was upon them.

Romney’s Better History

In 1964, Democrat Robert Byrd – formerly a leader in the KKK – joined a Democrat-led filibuster of the Civil Rights Act. He personally held the floor for 14 hours as a part of the left-wing attempt to hold America in the dark ages.

A year prior, in June of 1963, George Romney – Mitt’s father – was marching for civil rights. He highly supported Dr. King and believed that civil rights were vital to all human beings in our country, regardless of the color of their skin.

Don’t believe me? Here he is – second from the left:

No Peace: The LA Riots

I remember where I was 20 years ago when I watched non-stop news of the LA riots. I was in 7th grade. My parents had sent me to a Christian institution for two months, so I wasn’t at my school when the riots went down; when I got back to school, I heard stories of racial tension by way of fights between students and extreme disrespect for white teachers. At the time, all I knew was that a black man had been beaten by four white police officers who, it was claimed, were racists – and that when an all-white jury acquitted the officers of all crimes associated with the beating, South Los Angeles quite literally exploded. A lot of kids I went to school with believed the riots were justified.

Later on, though, when pictures of looters stealing unbelievable amounts of clothing, alcohol, and electronics (not to mention guns and jewelry) were printed in the magazines we read and tales of Korean shop owners being targeted by black rioters started coming out, I began to question whether the riots could be justified at all. Even as a kid I knew something wasn’t right. Then stories of what had happened before George Holliday’s new video camera started rolling came tumbling out and my view changed dramatically.

Rodney King was a convicted felon on parole for a robbery conviction. He was spotted by CHP officers driving erratically; they tried to pull him over, but he ran. He eventually got off the freeway and kept running, driving at speeds of 80 mph in residential neighborhoods. When he was finally cornered, police ordered the two passengers – Bryant Allen and Freddie Helms, both also black – out of the vehicle. Both men immediately complied and were taken into custody without incident. King, however, acted strangely. He got out, waved at the police helicopter and laughed at officers. The situation escalated when he reached both hands to his back waistband; officers thought he was reaching for a weapon, and they ordered him onto the ground. When the officers holstered their sidearms and tried to apply handcuffs, King jumped up, sending two officers flying. One officer used his Taser on King, but the Taser had almost no effect on him – he got up and charged again. That’s when the batons came out.

The officers may have taken it just a bit too far, but I would hardly call it brutality when they are facing a man who is so intoxicated that they believe he’s on PCP. The taser did little to nothing, and they didn’t want to shoot him – what else were they supposed to do? Let him keep attacking them? I don’t know how true it is, but I heard reports that he spat at the medics in the ambulance and screamed profanities at them.

Last night, I was with my friends on duty and we decided to watch “Hip Hop and the LA Riots”. Documentary? Not quite – it’s a crockumentary. The only people interviewed were rappers who felt the violence of the LA riots was justified. The comments being made by these rappers were astoundingly narcissistic. One rapper said that the riots were the culmination of everything they’d been rapping about since the 70’s. The high point of the whole thing was Henry Keith Watson standing at Florence and Normandie – the intersection where he and three other black men dragged Reginald Denny from the cab of his 18-wheeler and beat him nearly to death – saying, “one beating does not make up for four hundred years of white people’s bullshit! Not even close.” He went on a rant about how black people in South LA are held down by white people and racism still rules our culture.

That was the sum of the comments made by everyone: blacks are put down by racist whites and we’ll never get a break and the LA riots was our way of saying enough is enough.

Let’s talk about reality. More than 70% of black children are illegitimate, born to single parents. Education rates are abysmal; more than half of all black kids drop out of high school, and barely more than 10% of black kids go on to attend college. With those kind of numbers about kids growing up without a family and not finishing school, I find it astonishing that we don’t understand why blacks account for 15% of all violent crimes in the US (amazing considering they only comprise less than 13% of the entire population) and 94% of all violent crimes committed against blacks were committed by other black people – and blacks make up 38% of the entire prison population in the US.

Then 20 years after the riots, black rappers claim that they all just wanted jobs (which had gone away from LA because of outrageously liberal policies against businesses) and to be respected. How can you expect anyone to respect you when you don’t even respect yourself?

We’re living in a time now where you make yourself. You have the same opportunity that I have. You can choose to go to school, get an education, go to college (yes, you may have to work your way through it – I did), and make an honest living…or you can ignore your education, drop out, become an alcoholic, join a gang, deal drugs, and blame everyone but yourself for your problems while you demand that the government give you something better. You are your own creation. Nobody forced you to stop caring about doing something better with your life. Either stop complaining and actually do something or give up and revel in your failures, but stop blaming everything on me because I’m white.

To give you a better idea of how the culture of professional victimhood (which Tammy Bruce describes in her book, “The Death of Right and Wrong”) works, consider what happened in the wake of Reginald Denny’s beating. Bobby Green, a black trucker who lived a block away from the infamous intersection, saw Denny’s beating on the news and rushed to the scene. With the help of two others, he put Denny back in the cab and drove him to the hospital – saving his life. When it came time to testify, people in the neighborhood threatened Green’s life to stop him from testifying against Watson and the others involved. To his further credit, Green refused to back down.

Until the race-baiters and self-pitying attention-seekers stop perpetuating the cycle of victimhood, there will be no peace. That has nothing to do with anything white people have done to repress anyone. It has everything to do with the selfishness and greed that liberals accuse everyone else of.

Fitting the Racial Bill

A shooting rampage in Tulsa on Friday left three dead and two wounded. All five victims were black. As soon as I saw the news, I saw it coupled with claims of racist retaliation for the George Zimmerman case. I knew as soon as I read it that the claim was a massive jump to conclusions.

Wouldn’t you know? I was right.

Turns out the shooter is 19-year-old Jake England, a full-blooded Cherokee Indian whose father was shot to death by a black man two years ago. The shooter, Pernell Jefferson, only got six years for the murder. England and an alleged accomplice, 32-year-old Alvin Watts, were arrested for the shootings today. In the interim, the NAACP held emergency meetings and everyone started making assumptions. They’re STILL making assumptions.

Tulsa city councilman Jack Henderson, who spent seven years as a president of the NAACP, said, “Being an NAACP president for seven years, I think that somebody that committed these crimes were very upset with black people. That person happened to be a white person, the people they happened to kill and shoot are black people. That fits the bill for me.”

Now we’ve gone from making assumptions to telling outright lies. Not since Kanye got on a Katrina telethon and blurted, “Bush doesn’t care about black people!” have we seen such willful ignorance.

Ever since the Trayvon Martin shooting, I have heard some insane things. One Twitter user, @KennisTheMenace, claimed Trayvon was a “little kid”, and when I pointed out that 17 is hardly a little kid he got snarky and said, “he weighed 160 pounds. That’s very little!!!” No, actually, it isn’t…take that 6’4″, 160-pound guy, pick him up by his armpits and dead-drag him 50 feet, then tell me he’s still “very little.” Countless people are STILL claiming that Zimmerman went after Trayvon despite a police dispatcher telling him not to; this is a lie perpetrated by the media. Zimmerman had already lost Trayvon in the complex and when the dispatcher told him that they didn’t need him to follow Trayvon, he walked back to his SUV. Once the lie got out there, it was impossible to take back. Now it has formed a life of its own and millions refuse to believe the truth.

Now we have the New Black Panther Party going against Trayvon’s family’s wishes to put a bounty on Zimmerman’s head. We even have untold numbers swearing they’d kill Zimmerman on sight. Another incident occurs and, rather than wait for the facts, a black city councilman in Tulsa claims the shooter was a white man who was prejudiced against blacks. His excuse is that it “fits the bill” for him.

I have never in my life been so ashamed at how my country is reacting to such hatred. No president, not even Bill Clinton, made me nearly as ashamed as I am right now of Barack Obama. When we need leadership the most to stand up and calm both sides of an issue, they’re sitting on their laurels and enjoying what’s happening. Liberals are only too happy to yet again claim that all white conservatives are racists, regardless of the facts in these incidents. Rather than taking a step back and thinking clearly and rationally, we have reactionary, emotionally-charged politics ruling everyone’s behavior. The result will undoubtedly be another race riot, one where I’m sure we’ll see them looting their own neighborhoods and targeting Asian store owners just like they did in Los Angeles twenty years ago over a guy who got hopped up on dangerous narcotics, fled a traffic stop and fought with the cops, then later spit on paramedics who were trying to help him.

We’re not talking about Dr. King’s dream anymore. We’re talking about brutality and murder, all because one group has gotten professional victimhood down to a science. When Dr. King was with us, he refused to become violent, even in self-defense, and he chastised those who called for anger and violence. Were he here today he would weep for what his dream has been twisted into.

According to the news, England referred to Jefferson with a racial slur – one that blacks commonly call each other. There’s more to the story, too. England’s fiancee Sheran committed suicide in front of him just six months after delivering their child. Had a young black man experienced such intense losses, everyone would be talking about how he just went insane and he needs help. Instead, he’s being called a white racist. What England and Watts did was completely wrong and they should face the death penalty for it, but to call anyone who challenges the notion that all white conservatives are out to get all black people a racist is a sin and a damned shame. It is blatant character assassination, and the media has been all too happy to help it along.

Hey, anything that helps paint conservatives in a bad light. Even if it’s a lie, it’ll fit the bill.

We Are All George Zimmerman

On August 19, 1991, a Jewish man driving a station wagon in a motorcade fell behind and eventually got into an accident. The driver knew he was going to end up on the sidewalk, so he steered his vehicle away from all of the people he could see – yet ended up hitting a wall. The wall collapsed, killing 7-year-old Gavin Cato and seriously injuring his cousin, Angela. The two children were black, their parents immigrants from Guyana. City EMS and Hatzalah (an all-volunteer private Jewish EMS service) both arrived. City EMS directed one of the two Hatzalah units to take the driver to the hospital for his own safety; another Hatzalah unit stayed to help extricate the children from the rubble and transport the children to the hospital.

Crown Heights has very high numbers of blacks and Jews, and the two had long kept an uneasy relationship. When 22-year-old driver Yosef Lifsh averted one tragedy only to unleash another that day, long-dormant tensions almost immediately hit the ignition point and the neighborhood was overtaken in a racial flashover of epic proportions.

When city EMS workers arrived, Lifsh was being pulled from his vehicle and beaten by black witnesses – some the very people he had desperately tried to avoid hitting. A large crowd gathered. Lifsh tried to help the children but was eventually beaten back, and when the ambulance services arrived, Lifsh was taken away to the rising fury of the crowd – which had begun to chant, “Jews! Jews! Jews!” The resulting uproar sparked a pogrom which, to this day, has never really been answered for.

Ari Goldman, then a reporter for the New York Times, was openly angry with his bosses for not reporting the truth about the riots. Jews, who had not shown violence, were brutally attacked by their black neighbors. A few hours after the riots began, some 20 black youths set upon Yankel Rosenbaum, an Australian Jew in the US to study for his doctorate. Yankel was beaten and stabbed. As he lay dying, he was able to identify the 16-year-old who stabbed him for police. The next day, black demonstrators chanted, “death to the Jews!” Jewish homes and businesses were looted and set on fire; bricks and bottles were thrown through windows and at Jews. At Gavin Cato’s funeral, race-baiting charlatan Al Sharpton made crude remarks referring to Jews as “diamond merchants” and said, “it’s an accident to allow an apartheid ambulance service in the middle of crown heights!”

Sharpton has since had the unmitigated gall to claim that he went to Crown Heights at the start of the riots to see “brick-throwing on all sides.” He’s talked about “extremists in the Jewish community” and how those supposed extremists called him out wrongly for referring to them as diamond merchants. He claimed that he should have talked about how precious Yankel Rosenbaum was as he eulogized Gavin Cato, but failed to mention that he was too busy challenging Jews to “pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house!” Even more astonishing, he has the temerity to say that we shouldn’t be too concerned with who is the “greater victim”.

Lemrick Nelson, Jr. was acquitted of murder charges in the death of Rosenbaum despite video evidence showing his involvement. He was later found guilty on federal charges of depriving Rosenbaum of his civil rights. Only one other rioter faced any charges; nobody else was arrested or brought to justice, and not one acceptable apology has ever been offered to the Jewish community in Crown Heights for the outrageous crimes committed against them in August of 1991. Yet we have never seen Jewish protests or outrage; we haven’t seen Jewish youths go on rampages down black streets. Instead, they have maintained their dignity and used their intelligence to call out the flagrant anti-Semitic acts during the riots and the lack of concern on the part of the press or the authorities.

Fast forward to February 26, just one month ago. 17-year-old Trayvon Martin has just gone to stay with his father in Sanford, Florida and on a rainy day walks to a convenience store for iced tea and candy. He has his hood pulled low over his face. As he walks back to his father’s house, neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman spots him and calls police to tell them he’s following a young black man who is acting suspiciously. After a long spate of break-ins and violent crimes in the gated community, Zimmerman hears a dispatcher tell him not to follow Trayvon and goes back to his SUV.

The story gets hairy from there. The only eyewitnesses say they heard someone scream for help and came to see Trayvon standing over Zimmerman, banging his head against the sidewalk. Several 911 calls are placed. A gunshot is heard. The voices go silent. When police arrive, they find Zimmerman bleeding from his nose and the back of his head, a single round discharged; Trayvon is lying face-down, a bullet wound to his chest, dead. Other witnesses made claims that couldn’t be corroborated. Zimmerman tells the police that Trayvon attacked him from behind, knocked him down and beat him, eventually leaving him with no option but to shoot him in self-defense.

Since the incident, tensions have reached the boiling point yet again, with members of the black community spewing vile hatred for Zimmerman, claiming he’s a white racist (in fact, he’s Hispanic). Trayvon’s family has claimed he was just a good boy. Pictures of Trayvon as a 12- and 13-year-old, smiling in his football uniform, have been widely circulated. A picture of Zimmerman after an arrest in which charges were dropped has been widely circulated. Strange facts have begun to emerge: Trayvon was with his father because he’d been suspended from school after getting caught with marijuana. Zimmerman was actually well-liked by his neighbors and had thwarted at least one known break-in attempt.

Just like they did during the Crown Heights riots, the press has made a mess of the story. They’ve provided extremely biased coverage. They haven’t challenged a single aspect of their own story. They’re not reporting on Spike Lee tweeting Zimmerman’s address or the death threats Zimmerman has received; they haven’t called out the New Black Panther Party for openly putting a $10,000 bounty on Zimmerman’s head. Instead, they report only on the emotionally charged family demanding justice without questioning whether their son may have actually attacked a man. Yes, it is tragic that Trayvon died. It is unthinkable that we would allow mob justice to take over in America and a travesty that nobody is asking questions before taking action. We should have learned after Crown Heights.

The title of this post is meant to get your attention. I hope it has. We could all end up being George Zimmerman someday – accused of a hate crime you didn’t commit, the people in your corner being ignored by the public when they say you’re not a hatemonger or a thug, with extremist groups so ready to take your life that they’d offer a large sum of money to anyone willing to deliver you to them. If for no other reason than the fact that the truth is often distorted and we could one day be the targets of unfounded rage, we should defend Zimmerman’s rights and shout down the mob. If warranted, we should be willing to do violence to be sure the mob is stopped.

We all know the images being circulated of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. We’ve become well-acquainted with them. What if someone showed you different images of the two? What would you think then? Well, here you go…

NOTE: it would appear, according to a commenter, that Twitchy did, in fact, acknowledge that the photo previously posted here was NOT of Trayvon. While I didn’t get the photo from Twitchy, I feel it necessary to remove the photo and put another one up – this one actually of Trayvon. I maintain that the more recent photos of Trayvon have been deliberately hidden from the public.

Bourgeois Negroes

I hope the title of this post is as repulsive to you as it was to me when I heard it. Watch the video that it comes from. (LANGUAGE WARNING – not safe for work or kids!)


The host is Thaddeus Matthews, and he is outrageously disrespectful. It’s difficult to say how to answer this guy, but I’m gonna give it a stab.

Matthews is interviewing Charlotte Bergman, a black Republican. The very first thing he does is get confrontational about her “membership” with the Tea Party. He kicks things off by getting snippy over her answer – and she’s right, there is no membership in the Tea Party. There is no solid organization for the Tea Party nor any national leadership; it’s a genuine, grassroots organization that is tired of big government spending. Tea Partiers are tired of both Republicans AND Democrats and their spending.

Very quickly, you see that the video was posted by Matthews – who actually believes that Charlotte Bergman is “bought and paid for” by racist white people. Text shots literally say that he believes the Tea Party to be a racist organization and all of the black people involved with conservative politics (which he constantly refers to as the Tea Party, because he is too small-minded to separate the two) to be sellouts, token blacks, and puppets of Fox News.

One incredible illustration claims that conservative black people have betrayed the black community. The very next shot is a text scroll that actually claims that these people draw a salary for running for political office – and that salary is supposedly paid for by racist whites who hate Obama because he is black.

He never once asked an honest question. Not once. He asked her if she was a token of the white community, then when she refused to answer the question the way he wanted he yelled at her to shut up and “stop being stupid.” He demands to know what she’s done for the black community…and then, for the first time, calls her a “bourgeois negro.”

Who is the racist here?

What I fail to understand is, shortly after that, he asks her – a Republican candidate – if she supports Barack Obama. He continues to demand to know what she’s done for a specific black community in Memphis despite the fact that she’s running for office. She’s not in office yet, she can’t do anything until she’s in office! By halfway through his rant, he’s screaming at her about “throwing money” at the inner city issues.

That’s when he starts on his “people problem” rant. He tells her that she needs to change the minds of the people and goes off about Republicans who want to throw money at the issue (which he takes forever to get to – he’s talking about inner city crime rates). That’s when he says we need a program that deals with “the consciousness of people” who want to “rob and murder in the black community” and he again calls her a bourgeois negro.

Since that seems to be his whole point, I’ll bite. What kind of programs are you talking about, Matthews? Exactly how would you enact a program that deals with the consciousness of people? What would that look like, how would it sound? Are you talking about re-education camps, maybe? There is no law in a free society that is capable of re-programming people’s consciousness. You’re talking about changing the culture, and the law cannot do that.

So let’s talk about the culture you reference. Mr. Matthews, do you know the statistics on crime rates? By the way you talk about it, I’m guessing you have an idea. While blacks don’t even comprise one-quarter of the population of the United States, a black man is statistically speaking seven times more likely to commit a violent crime than a white man – and more than 85% of violent crimes committed by black men are committed AGAINST other black men. I’d ask why you think that is, but you go on to tell me later on when you slam the Constitution, basically saying it doesn’t apply to you because when it was first written, black people were property.

Then, you toss her out, refuse to shake her hand because you don’t want her “whiteness to rub off” on you, and you yell at her as she’s leaving, telling her not to stop to talk to people.

Mr. Matthews, your attitude, belligerence and demeanor tell us everything we need to know about what’s wrong with the black community. It is people like YOU.

You, who will verbally abuse a woman half your size, berate and belittle her, tell her she’s stupid and then throw her out because you don’t agree with her. You, who demand that the government do something to help you rather than pulling yourself up out of your situation. You, who insist that the government is responsible for changing a culture that you have helped create. You, who rather than calling out those who help perpetuate the culture you’re lamenting, will celebrate rap artists and their violent and misogynistic lyrics and blame anyone but yourself for the consequences.

Would you call out the members of the New Black Panther Party, whose leader King Samir Shabazz called on followers once to kill “crackers” and their babies? Of course you wouldn’t. You probably believe Shabazz is right and he’s empowering black people to rise up. You’ll call me a racist, however, because I’m white and I don’t like Barack Obama. I didn’t have much respect for white leftists Al Gore or Bill Clinton, either, but that doesn’t matter much. To you, the only reason I could possibly have to dislike Obama is if I’m a racist, truth be damned.

You, Mr. Matthews, are indicative of the biggest problem in your own community. You expect everyone else to fix you. I’ll tell you what I tell alcoholics and drug addicts that I deal with professionally: you have to want to change yourself before anything will get better. It may suck at first, but it starts with YOU. Once you change yourself, you can talk about changing the world around you. The same thing can be applied to your “culture”.

Dr. King Would Have Said…

“Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.”

Growing up, I remember a lot of emphasis being put on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in school. They never taught us what Memorial Day or Veterans Day were about; I had to learn that at home. By the 80’s, after the passage of the Vietnam era, public schools had already turned very liberal and didn’t teach respect for our troops nearly as much as they taught worship of activists.

As an adult, though, I do see the importance of remembering Dr. King. I see it in a different light now because I know more about what he believed and taught. It wasn’t just about “I Have a Dream” or even about “How Long? Not Long.” It was about reaching equal status as human beings regardless of color or creed – and reaching it in a spirit of respect. That was the underlying message in every speech he delivered, every march he led, every sermon he preached and every soul he touched. It is overwhelmingly sad that so many have since twisted his teachings into something unrecognizable.

“Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude.”

Early in his days as an activist, Dr. King’s home was bombed over the Montgomery Bus Boycott. I never learned that in school – I had to learn it on my own. His response wasn’t anger. It wasn’t a demand for fellow black people to target white people with similar attacks. He hardly reacted at all. His greatest response – it was far classier than mine would have been – was to simply keep the movement going. That was just the beginning.

He insisted that they march and protest, but that every movement be nonviolent. He encouraged black people to refuse to move to the back of the bus or take their restaurant order outside, yet he taught those who refused to obey Jim Crow laws not to fight back when kicked off of their lunch stool or arrested for refusing to give up their seat to a white man on a bus. Even when police responded to their peaceful protests with water cannons, rubber bullets and dogs, Dr. King still refused to fight in the traditional sense. He went to jail. And when divisions arose over his strict policy of nonviolence, he requested that movements stop until everyone had cooled down.

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”

Dr. King’s message spoke volumes. His theme of earning respect by first showing it even to those who hated them advanced the rights of black Americans in ways that nobody up to that point had dreamed was possible. His strategy worked: when the first attempt to march from Selma to Montgomery ended in extensive police brutality against the protesters, news footage drew outrage across the country. Dr. King, however, called the very white men who threatened him (and, on occasion, did harm him) his brothers.

That was the remarkable thing about him: he was so hopeful for equality that he didn’t even entertain the notion of black America getting even or taking the upper hand. All he wanted, all he was willing to accept, was equality. He was not willing to be so much as rude or condescending, much less deliberately shocking. His ultimate goal was for people to get to a point where we saw right through skin color to the human being that inhabited that skin.

“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.”

The night before he was assassinated, Dr. King gave a sermon at the Church of God in Christ in Memphis. During his sermon he said this: “I’ve seen the promised land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the promised land. So I’m happy, tonight. I’m not worried about anything. I’m not fearing any man.” I choked up when I read that he had requested that, at his funeral, no mention be made of his awards or accolades.

Here we had a man so dedicated to peace and equality that he wasn’t even willing to defend himself when he was physically attacked. He wasn’t perfect, but he was dedicated and he set an amazing example – don’t accuse, don’t insult, but instead show love. Even such proteges as Jesse Jackson have lost the lessons that Dr. King left us.

Even worse, the same gay community who believes that Dr. King would have stood up for gay rights in America had he been alive today completely ignores his message.

“Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.”

If Dr. King were here today, he would weep for all of the anger there is now in liberal circles. Black, White, Hispanic, GLBT – all of these groups claim King’s legacy as part of their cause yet they either forget or deliberately ignore what he really taught. He taught that sacrifice and dignity in suffering were the moral high ground and would speak louder than anger and hatred, but that very important piece of his message is never observed anymore. Lately there’s been a lot of liberal hatred leveled at myself and other gay conservatives simply because we’re conservatives. We’re trying to have an intelligent conversation, yet we’re being shouted down by the same people who say Dr. King would have marched with them.

I’m not Dr. King. I’m not willing to allow anyone to do me harm simply because they don’t like my politics. In this day and age, I believe it sends the wrong message. I would rather pursue peace, however, and would do what I could to avoid violence. Tolerance is not possible as long as you excuse your own hatred by saying, “well, you’re a bigot, so I don’t have to tolerate you!” You’ll never be tolerated, much less accepted, as long as that is your game. I promise that Dr. King never would have approved.

Dr. King would have wept as well at the pervading attitude among many black Americans today that mere disagreement equals racism, not to mention the fact that freedom coupled with welfare has resulted in multiple generations of entire families doing nothing to build their communities up.

“Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man’s sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true.”