Bill Press from The Reading Eagle: When You Put Down Your Vitriol Then We Will Do the Same; Otherwise–Prepare for War

Bill Press

I am getting a little tired of being told by Leftists to “play nice” when the very fabric of our Republic and free-market is at stake.  Progressive Leftists learned long ago that they could not collectivize a society by using guns to intimidate and enslave the populace; so, they replaced their guns with hate-filled rhetoric.  They use this tactic to pit people against each other while Progressives work behind the scenes to steal liberty from the people.  I have news for you, Mr. Press, Americans are onto this tactic.  Many of us have been on to this tactic for a long time while at the same time wondering why our fellow citizens did not appear to see the same thing.  The jig is up Bill.  Even Jeffersonian Democrats have been enlightened as to just how much the hard Left has hijacked this nation.    

Mr. Press, in his latest article, Easy way to end hate-filled talk radio is simply to turn it off, apparently believes certain men and women from conservative talk radio are too “toxic” and too “hate-filled.”  Democrats use words like “toxic” and “hate-filled” when Conservatives tell the truth about the real intentions of Progressive Democrats.  He refers to them as members of the “radical Right.”  What exactly, Mr. Press, is radical about limited government and the preservation of capitalism–which are the only two conditions under which men can retain their God-given rights as free individuals?  The title of his article should be:  “What Democrats Have Wanted for 100 Years:  Total and Complete Economic Control Over the Citizenry Because We Can’t Win Debate Any Other Way.”    

Mr. Press believes these various hosts to be off base when describing the truths about the top-down tyranny this country has been evolving towards in the last 10o years via his beloved Progressive politics and Progressive Presidents such as Woodrow Wilson and FDR.   

Mr. Press may be asking himself, “Why would a gay man defend conservative talk show hosts?”  Well, Mr. Press…I learned something ages ago which you apparently have yet to learn:  conservatism / classical liberalism and the Judeo-Christian foundation upon which this nation was built is precisely why I can be a gay man in this country while not swinging by my homosexual neck.  In case you have not noticed, sir, all of the countries who promote collectivist policies such as you do–eventually massacre not only their own citizens–but, many times various minority groups within those countries who become “problematic” as well.  As a gay man I certainly do not agree with all stands taken by some conservative hosts especially when it comes to civil recognition of gay relationships.  But, I can guarantee you this much–I do agree with them on some basic principles:  limited government, capitalism, common sense national defense, and individual liberty–not to mention promotion of moral and ethical standards to our young people via objective education where they are taught how to think critically as opposed to being taught what to think via Left-Wing collectivists who choose to rewrite our history.  I have listened to all of the talk show hosts that Mr. Press has mentioned in his article quite extensively over the last decade.  And I can tell you this much–the only hateful rhetoric coming from these hosts are toward the hardcore Progressive Left-Wing that has hijacked the once-great Jeffersonian Democrat Party and their tactics of divisiveness which they use to keep people at each others’ throats…why don’t you address that hatred Mr. Press?  

Now…to address some of the article assertions, point-by-point:  

“Both were lamenting the increasingly ugly rhetoric that has replaced legitimate debate about the issues on right-wing talk radio. It’s the very phenomenon I explore in my new book, “Toxic Talk: How the Radical Right Has Poisoned America’s Airwaves.”  

My response:  Let me know when your book reaches the kind of sales numbers Mr. Mark Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny” or Mr. Glenn Beck’s “Arguing With Idiots” reaches–then we’ll talk.  

“Rush Limbaugh still holds the title of hate-monger No. 1. Without providing any evidence from Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan’s speeches or writing, Limbaugh daily calls her a socialist and accuses Democrats of rushing into confirmation hearings before her radicalism is understood by the public.”  

My response:  It seems Mr. Limbaugh’s assertion that Elena is a socialist is not quite the lie Mr. Press wishes it was.  Here is her thesis for your enjoyment.  In the last paragraph of her thesis she writes:  

The story is a sad but also a chastening one for those who, more than half a century after socialism’s decline, still wish to change America.  Radicals have often succumbed to the devastating bane of sectarianism; it is easier, after all, to fight one’s fellows than it is to battle and entrenched and powerful foe.  Yet if the history of Local New York shows anything, it is that American radicals cannot afford to become their own worst enemies.  In unity lies their only hope.  

Seems pretty sympathetic to socialism to me–not to mention the fact she thanks her radical brother for many of his ideas;  Leftist poison does tend to run in families.  

Mr. Press referring to Glenn Beck:  “This, of course, is the same talk-show host who, in total ignorance of the Gospels, warned Christians to run out of their churches if they ever hear the words social justice or economic justice because, according to Beck, those are just code words for communism and Nazism.”  

My response:  Mr. Press…here is an article that will help clear up your ignorance about whether or not socialism is in the Bible.  And I would also ask you, Mr. Press, if someone hires a hitman to do their killing for them–does it make them any less culpable for the murder?  I think not.  The same goes for socialism.  Just because you elect representatives to our government to do your stealing for you–makes you no less culpable in the theft, sir.  Not to mention–we are discovering that some churches are indeed preaching social justic and economic justice from their pulpits.  These are code-words for socialism and communism.  One only has to recall the revealing aspects of Black Liberation Theology preached by Obama’s own pastor–Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  The Bible never condoned stealing from one person to give to another.  Theft is theft, Mr. Press.  As a Left-Wing Progressive I would also ask where your concern is regarding a link that is being constructed between church and the state?  Hypocrite. 

“Mark Levin attacked Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor as a radical leftist and a bigot.”  

My response:  Attached is a particular cut from one of Mr. Levin’s shows where he breaks down Justice Sotomayor’s attitudes about race.  Whatever she may be–she is certainly not color-blind.   

“Michael Savage, perhaps the most vicious of all, once told a gay caller, ‘You should only get AIDS and die, you pig.'”  

My response:  This particular statement has been run through the liberal meat-grinder.  While I am not a fan of his particular method of enlightening people regarding their own behavior–Mr. Savage worked, in the early 80’s during the onset of the AIDS crisis, as a nutritionist in a San Francisco clinic serving gay men.  When he mentioned to many of them that perhaps going to gay bath houses and sleeping with a few dozen men in one evening was not a good thing and perhaps they should be shut down–the gay community turned on him.  The gay Left strikes again, “We’re all dying from AIDS due to our own irresponsibility and recklessness–how dare you try to care about us!”  I rest my case.   

“Ever since 1987 and the end of the Fairness Doctrine, which freed station owners from having to provide any balance on the air, conservatives have dominated talk radio to the point where, according to a 2007 report of the Center for American Progress, there are at least 10 hours of right-wing talk for every one hour of progressive talk.”  

My response:  That really eats at you Lefties doesn’t it?  The fact that, when the Fairness Doctrine (a restriction on free-speech by manipulating the free-market) was ended, Conservative talk-radio ballooned in the free-market of ideas; meanwhile, liberals stations such as Air America have barely been able to keep their heads above water.  

“What’s the answer? Progressives need to get in the game by buying their own radio stations, for starters. Bringing back the Fairness Doctrine might also be part of the answer, but Obama’s already said he’s against it.”   

My response:  Go ahead!  Buy your own stations!  They’ll go broke…but, hey…have at it!  The less money you have–the more freedom-loving Americans won’t need to be tortured by you!  And bringing back the Fairness Doctrine?  So…you’re in favor of limiting free-speech?  

…but, in Mr. Press’s next paragraph he says:  

“Censorship’s clearly not the answer. The First Amendment protects all speech, even ugly speech. It also guarantees every American the right to make a fool of himself, as long as there are enough other fools willing to listen.”  

My response:  It’s clearly not the answer as long as Mr. Obama, as you previously stated, is against it?  But…if Mr. Obama were for it…you would support it wholeheartedly?   

I’m so confused by the intellectual trapeze flips you are doing, Mr. Press.  It would be so much easier to follow you if you could just learn to put two plus two together to equal four!  No wonder you guys on liberal talk-radio have such a problem with your ratings–nothing you say makes any sense!  

Your dream, Mr. Press, for conservatives to just sit down and shut up will not happen.  It will not happen unless the Far Left fringe is once and for all purged, not only from the Democrat Party but from the governmental bureaucracies as well–thereby returning the party to its classically liberal roots.  Until that time, Mr. Press–I suggest you keep preparing for war.

Ignoring the First Amendment

This is rich…the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has started a petition to give to Rush Limbaugh. “Express your outrage about Rush’s comments today!” What did he say? He said something a few other people had said previously about Barack Obama: “I hope he fails.”

Rush makes a good point to conservatives. Obama’s policies are blatant socialism, and they can do quite a bit of damage to the American way of life. Obama does, in fact, hope to absorb as much of the private sector into government as he can, socializing America more than we ever would have dreamed (and Bush got the ball rolling for him with that ridiculous bailout). These are not things we want Obama to succeed at. It’s why we’re critical of him. Liberals didn’t want the war to succeed, and that’s why they were critical of Bush–but you didn’t see Republican lawmakers starting up petitions to “express outrage” to the famous liberals out there who gained even more fame by bashing Bush.

The petition talks about jobs, health care, and our place in the world.  Since when is it the government’s place to tell me where to work?  Since when does the government have any business telling me where to go to get treatment for an illness or injury?  I don’t want my taxes paying for socialized health care that will do little more than ruin the health care system we have.  Our place in this world?  As far as I can tell, the only reason that is in jeopardy is because of two things: Muslim extremists and those who capitulate to them.

Back on topic, though, government officials have no business whatsoever telling any private citizen–no matter how much they dislike him–that he is not allowed to exercise his Constitutional freedom of speech.  That is EXACTLY what they’re doing.  Sure, they have the same right, but they’re lawmakers.  They represent the government.  When they do something like this, it is the exact same as the government telling someone they can’t say certain things.  If Republicans had started such a petition against Air America’s Randi Rhodes, there would have been an outcry the likes of which we had never heard before!  Liberals would have been calling for their heads to be served on silver platters.

I guess the same rules don’t apply to them.  Why?  Because liberals are so superior.  They know what’s right, so the rest of us should just give up and fall in line, right? 

I don’t think so.  Democrats attempted to officially censure Rush back in 2007.  They actually held a vote to give him a punishment reserved solely for members of Congress who behave outrageously.  This marks the second official attack on the free speech rights of Rush Limbaugh.  I don’t always like the guy, but he makes a lot of very good conservative points, and regardless, it’s not anyone’s place to tell him what he can and can’t say.  Where was this “come together” sentiment when you liberals were calling Bush a Nazi, a murderer, and calling for him to be impeached and tried for war crimes?

Obama himself paid a “visit” to the White House press corps, during which he was more than happy to field softball questions.  But the instant a writer from Politico asked him about his pick for deputy Secretary of State, Obama let that writer know in no uncertain terms that he was agitated and that writer was on the verge of losing his press pass.  During the campaign, anyone who dared to ask Obama or Biden the tough questions was immediately blacklisted.

It’s already started, folks.  This is just the beginning.  Talk about the tyranny of the majority…this is why Obama scares me.  It starts with small steps like this and gets bigger and stronger until we suddenly notice that we’ll never be able to undo it. 

Ignoring the First Amendment for your own gain will eventually put you in the same prison as your opponents.

Rush Cashes in on “Language”

For all the Republican nervousness created by liberal poltical-correctness syndrome, Rush Limbaugh has amusingly put the letter sent to him by Senate Democrats rebuking him for using the term “phony soldier” up for auction on E-Bay.

Of course; much like in the case of Ann Coulter last week when Donny Deutsch became the Al Sharpton of the Jews, Rush was taken out of context.  Of course, he was talking about phony liberals who pretend to be soldiers when they call in to his show.

In the most expensive auction to date, Limbaugh managed to sell the letter for $2.1 million with the proceeds being donated to Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation Inc., a New Jersey-based nonprofit organization that provides scholarships and other assistance to families of Marines and federal law enforcement officials who die or are wounded in the line of duty.  (You know, “real soldiers.”)

The NY Times article is a bit misleading.  As if there should be any surprise, the article written by Stephanie Strom opens up with the following:

After Rush Limbaugh referred to Iraq war veterans critical of the war as “phony soldiers,” he received a letter of complaint signed by 41 Democratic senators. 

I guess we should at least be thankful that it was even mentioned in the NY Times.

This is what Republicans should be doing.  Whenever Democrats throw a hissy-fit, make fun of it, and move on.  You know, there isn’t anything better than Rush making a mockery out of the entire Democratic Party.

Say, come to think of it, this is probably the best thing Democrats have done for the American people since they got control!