Coulter Spanks McClellan on “Dr. Phil”



FINALLY – someone posted this interview in both parts on youtube.  Until today, only PopModal(the conservative alternative to youtube) had it.  Now, I am guessing that it took a conservative on youtube to post it as well.  It is certainly one of those rare appearances where the host (just as Jay Leno was a few years ago) was absolutely polite to Ann Coulter. 

On the other shows including Today and The View,the hosts had biases about Ann Coulter way before she came on.  That’s why in both appearances, she had the hardest time getting out a full sentence before she was interrupted.  The fear sets in their eyes as she starts to make great points, because heaven forbid, someone might agree with her.

This was the case on Dr. Phil.  The audience was apparently not pre-screened for “liberal only” as they are on shows like The View. 

In this interview, Ann explains the true concerns on Obama, the media love fest for him, and finally gives Scott McClellan the biggest beating he’s been deserving since stabbing the President in a back a few months ago.  When the moment comes, Dr. Phil enjoys every bit of it as well as the audience.

On youtube now and in other articles, liberals are whining and suggesting that Ann Coulter be “moderated.”  She didn’t need to be moderated.  Unlike Joy Behar and Whoppi Goldberg, Dr. Phil is actually able to get through a conversation without screaming.  This interview was fair and all got to answer completely and be heard.

“Moderation” to a liberal means screaming over your conservative guest, filling the audience with liberals, then replaying it on youtube and marking it: “Ann Coulter gets “Pwned” on The View!” 

Yeah, I know, “pwned” isn’t a word, yet liberals still feel the need to use it.

Also, in the second video, note how the audience responds when Ann points out where the venom truly resides in politics.