Extremism is Extremism – Just say “No!” to it….


And it doesn’t matter which side you are batting for, either.

Many gay writers have been astonished that Shirley Phelps (“God Hates Fags” Westboro Baptist Church Leader) was on a CBS Logo (gay network) alongside a “gay activist” who gets along with and has respect for Shirley.  For the two seconds he is reasonable, he admits Phelps and her family are intelligent and articulate people.  I’ve always felt this way and whenever they go onto talk shows (Tyra Banks) and speak on Fox News, they usually outwit the people trying to debate them.  They are all educated attorneys and hold a solid belief and stand for it.

Who cares?

But then the “gay activist” moves right next to Shirley’s anti-gay extremism by insinuating that any person in the world against gay marriage is homophobic.

That’s a very extreme position to take.

I hate when people counter extremists like Shirley Phelps or align themelves with her by being just as extreme.  When a youtuber posts videos on the Phelps, many activists and irreligious FANATICS come out of their ratholes to use the Phelps family as representatives of all Christians.  That’s right.  Through their own hatred of God and Christianity, they conveniently jump on the position of “this is why Christianity is bad for America.”

I know many Christians.  They really couldn’t care less that I am gay.  If they disagree with my lifestytle, the worst that they can do is pray for me, right?  If they disagree though with the concept of two men marrying under the same jurisdiction as a man and a woman, why are we so quick to take the extreme position of labeling them as homophobic?

It’s just the same when Al Sharpton labels anyone racist who wanted Tookie Williams executed, who wanted the officers in the Sean Bell case acquited, and who uses the term “ho” every now and again.

Why not we drop the extremes altogether?  The next time you hear one out of someone sitting across from you – no matter which side they are batting on, make sure to remind them that they really are no different than the ones they are complaining about.

Escaping the Sean “Bell” Jar

Since the judge’s decision this morning to rightfully acquit the officers who shot Sean Bell, I have been anticipating all of the left-wingers running out (particularly those who are supporting Obama) and playing the race card.  Much like the death of Jerry Falwell where his name always followed “whether you agreed with him or not” we hear the same regurgitated prelude to the point of Bell’s death: “Just before he was married, Sean Bell was tragically killed by a round of 50 bullets.”

It’s a fact that Bell and his two friends were having a bachelor party the night of the shooting.  It’s a fact that witnesses heard his thug-friend; Joseph Guzman yell “yo, get my gun!”  It’s a fact that Sean Bell had been arrested previously for crack-cocaine possession.  It’s a fact that Guzman and Trent Benefield (the other thug-friend) had been arrested “nine and three times, respectively” and each having at least one of them for illegal possession of firearms.  (Where are the gun-control liberals, incidentally?)

It’s a fact that Bell and his friends refused to obey police orders and “freeze” choosing to speed off while incredibly intoxicated plowing into a police vehicle in pursuit of their getaway. 

It’s a fact that unto approaching the car of thugs, police testify that Guzman made a gesture that led them to believe he was reaching for a gun.

Now, let’s throw all those facts out the window. 

Let’s recharacterize “after getting trashed and flirting with prostitutes, yelling “yo, get my gun!”, disobeying police orders to “freeze”, violently driving into a police vehicle while grossly intoxicated, and making a phony gesture which led police to believe Guzman was reaching for a gun, police shot Sean Bell which tragically ended his life” to “police shot and killed Sean Bell 50 times the day before his wedding.”

To all the race-card playing, Obama-supporting, Reverend Wright-Al Sharpton imitating liberals of the world, escape the “Bell” jar already.

Rather than suing the NYPD, Bell’s family should bring a civil suit against Joseph Guzman and may want to raise the rest of their children to avoid selling crack-cocaine and hanging around gun-toting criminals.