Washington’s Dividing (Gay) Issue of the Year: D.A.D.T.

For about a week now, the number-one searched term on internet search engines like YAHOO! has been: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” 

As with the previous administration, the current one is using an issue important to some members of the gay community to deflect from much larger problems most sane people would like dealt with first.

After completely failing the American people, Obama finally held a press conference today on the BP oil disaster which is closing down businesses, endangering the Gulf and all of its natural resources which human beings and wildlife rely on, and happened to kill a handful of decent hardworking Americans responsible for providing and refining energy that we need as a nation to remain productive.  In the conference, Obama accomplished what we all knew he was capable of doing: to assign total blame to BP and accept absolutely no substantial responsibility whatsoever.  

Couldn’t he have done this about 20 days ago?  Ahh, he must have been too busy playing golf, giving comedy routines to the Hollywood elite, and attending fundraisers and events for Barbara Boxer.  (Guessing by his track record of carrying candidates to victory in 2010 with endorsement, perhaps we can thank him for his contribution to at least one issue important to Americans: getting rid of pompous incumbents.)

And while he wasn’t playing golf and stumping for Boxer, he was busy having lavish state dinners with foreign leaders who attack American policies.  After inviting President Calderon from Mexico to the United States last week, we saw two Presidents disparage Jan Brewer’s noble efforts to protect Arizonans and rail in rounds of applause from a liberal Congress by trashing the majority of Americans who support it.  (Rumor has it one of those presidents were supposed to be American.)

Clearly Americans are royally pissed off at the administration and Congress which are reflected in the latest GALLUP tracking poll with the President’s approval rating at 46% and his disapproval rating at 47%.

What better way to attempt to distract from issues important to Americans like immigration and a current national crisis which goes far beyond the simple characterization of something equivalent to “Bush’s Katrina” than to stir up American disagreement on crucial matters of national security?

Clearly, “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” is a matter of national security where its proponents have made their valid arguments and its opponents have made theirs.  Honestly, I am sorry, but I couldn’t care less about it right now.  Other than a few friends directly affected by it — one in particular who was kicked out of the military once it was discovered he was gay — it is not an issue that united Americans are focusing on.

Flashback a few years to George W. Bush.  If you recall; McCain, Kennedy, and GWB were trying to force amnesty down our throats before the 2006 midterm elections and in the heat of grassroots-American rage in its opposition to what became known as “shamnesty,” Bush directed Congress to jump on a divisive issue attached to homosexuality and they immediately began debating gay marriage.

Most strident adversity to gay issues like “gays in the military” come from people who equate homosexuality to a sickness or a social disorder of some kind.  But people change and in order to get them to change, we must exist in a society where the most important issues of the day like a national tragedy such as the oil spill or the complete and utter madness stemming from a simple Arizona law supported by the majority are discussed and resolved.

Clearly, this administration and its liberal congressional partners-in-crime are not, and have never been, interested in representing the core parts of its people who unite us.  If they had, their version of “health care reform” would have never had a chance to come up for a vote, we wouldn’t be using our hard-working tax dollars to contribute to bailing out Greece’s failed socialist policies, we wouldn’t be inviting foreign leaders who cannot control criminals within their own country to come on our soil and accuse us of all being racists, and we wouldn’t be witnessing the most embarrassing reaction to a national crisis.

Instead of blaming Bush this time, he’s blaming BP and has ripped a page out of the worst chapter of the Bush playbook: when you’re up against the ropes, turn against the voters and throw out a scapegoat issues sure to divide Americans to distract from finding solutions to our biggest current problems.

THIS is the extent of gay relevance in Washington.  It doesn’t matter which party is running the show.  But at least one of those parties don’t run around pretending to be our best friends so we foolishly walk into voting booths and pull levers to gratify their electoral hunger.

Until we can get matters on track like jobs, our economy, securing our borders, and assisting those in the southern states most affected by the BP gush, I’d prefer Washington stop using our community to divide Americans and screw with delicate matters of national security.

Don’t Listen to Me…I’m Just a Right-Wing Extremist

I’ve been really busy lately and am now as sick as a dying dog (my friends would argue that it’s my refusal to take a break that’s to blame), but since the local pharmacist is going to take TWO HOURS to fill my prescription for codeine, I’m going to channel the body aches, the fever, the racking cough and the near-migraine into a blog. (I bet it’s nothing compared to Steve’s predicament–being a tax guy who just blitzed the end of tax season!)

So much has happened in the news this week that I’m not sure where to start, but it all ties in. I guess I’ll start where the madness began: the DHS report released on Monday, Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment. Unfortunately, I’m not kidding. They actually released this report. Our liberal readers will jump up and down and scream, “they released a report on left-wing radicals in January!!!” Here’s my beef: that report released earlier this year named specific groups, listed the aims of those groups and highlighted specific incidents (such as bombings, break-ins, flooding homes and threatening personal violence) and gave police reports as their sources. The report on “right-wing extremism” does no such thing. It’s very vague. And here’s how it starts off: “the economic downturn and the election of the first African American President present unique drivers for rightwing radicalization and recruitment.” It claims that white supremacist groups are on the rise, and points out “opposition to abortion or immigration” as key indicators of right-wing extremism. Its sources? Not police reports…more like the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has named the American Legion a “hate group” for opposing illegal immigration.

Go read it for yourself. Put down your drink before you do, or you’ll be choking on it. Trust me.

It’s no coincidence that the report was released just days before the massive Tax Day Tea Party protests across the country. It was no secret that this was coming, organizers started over a month ago planning this shindig. The Tea Parties were a throwback to the historic Boston tea party, when American colonists dumped shiploads of tea into Boston Harbor to stop the tea tax levied by the Crown without any say in the colonies. Today, we’re angry about being told that it’s our “patriotic duty” to pay more taxes (don’t give me any of that “it’s only the rich” BS, either, because ALL taxes will rise eventually thanks to the Democrats’ outrageous spending). Yesterday’s massive nationwide protests are the backlash that was inevitable, and all of those registered Republicans who couldn’t stand to plug their noses and vote for McCain showed up with people from all walks of life to send the message that we’re not interested in being taxed to death. The aforementioned report is the Democrat government’s version of a preemptive strike.

Not that they really needed it. The MSM did a remarkable hatchet job all on their own, no doubt in an effort to protect Barkey’s messiah-like aura. Anderson Cooper stooped to the level of sexual innuendo by calling them “teabagging” parties, fat bastard James Wolcott from Vanity Fair put his fingers in his ears like a two-year-old and said, “they didn’t appear on the front page of my newspapers, so I WON’T believe they happened!”, and CNN’s Susan Roesgen whined that it was offensive to call Obama a socialist (this after gushing over a paper-mache effigy of Bush with devil horns and a Hitler ‘stache as an “excellent lookalike”). The message? If we don’t agree with you, we’re going to do our level best to make you all look like the radicals that our Democrat DHS says you are!

Then, today, in an amazing, brazen act of hypocrisy, Obama went to Mexico and held hands with Felipe Calderon (well, not really, but what happened is just as nauseating as watching Bush hold hands with the same Saudi king that Obama bowed to not long ago), declaring–and I do quote–“how we can improve our enforcement of existing laws because even under current law, trafficking illegal firearms, sending them across the border, is illegal. That’s something we can stop.”

This is where Philip goes, “oh, REALLY?”

I’d like to know exactly how Obama plans to do that. He not only refuses to secure the border, he also openly announces a brewing plan for amnesty–all the while accusing those of us who want the current laws enforced EXTREMISTS. How does he intend to pull off this heroic act? Send the National Guard to the border to seal it off with orders to let any “workers” coming North to pass by? How does he think the drugs are getting here? How ’bout we look at something that happened right here in Phoenix. In 1999, Phoenix police officer Marc Atkinson spotted a suspicious vehicle and pulled it over. The three men inside hid around a corner and ambushed Atkinson; an armed American citizen had the cojones to return fire in defense of the fallen officer and hold one suspect for officers responding to the scene. Today, that citizen would be labeled an extremist along with the rest of us.

But not only does Barkey swear to stop the flow of cash and guns South and the flow of drugs North, he yet again repeats the tired, debunked lie that 90% of all of the guns being used by the cartels come from the United States (I’m not gonna re-iterate my point, just read it here). The Arizona Repugnant repeats that lie and instead of “reporting” the story of Obama’s visit to Mexico, it gives a personal spin that makes it reek of a badly-placed editorial. So much for journalistic ethics.

What’s really funny is that in a related piece, the same freakin’ paper points out that a .50-caliber anti-aircraft machine gun was recovered in Mexico, mounted to a truck. Where’d it come from? Not the US, but you wouldn’t know that from the tacit omission by the writer who submitted the garbage for print.

If we can commit $350 million to stepped-up enforcement on guns and drugs on the border, then we can sure as hell start enforcing the immigration laws that our government has, so far, refused to enforce. Guess what? This human cost that you’re pointing out here, Barkey–THIS IS THE HUMAN COST OF IGNORING THE LAW AND GIVING A FREE PASS TO THOSE WHO FLAUNT IT. We don’t need reform. Our immigration laws are the way they are for a reason, and guest workers have the H2-A guest worker visa now to make themselves legal with. Stop bending over for the shamnesty crowd or you become the laughingstock you say your predecessor was.

But don’t listen to me. I’m just a right-wing extremist. I believe in the rule of law, liberty for all law-abiding citizens and LEGAL immigrants and small government that allows me to keep what I work hard to earn.

All the things that spell disaster, right?

Hmph…no pun intended.

Yep…They’re Just Here to WORK.

Another Phoenix police officer has been killed in the line of duty by an illegal immigrant.

In the early hours this morning, officer Shane Figueroa was running full code (lights and sirens) to a call of shots fired when, passing through the intersection at 19th avenue and Roeser road–South Central Phoenix, or Maryvale for those not in Arizona–a white pickup truck turned in front of him too closely for him to stop.  Shane was likely killed on impact.  A passenger in the truck was transported to the hospital for serious injuries.

But the driver, 50-year-old Jose Rivas Gonzalez, was drunk.  I’d wager he was drunk off his ass.  He was treated for “minor” injuries and immediately booked into our infamous Fourth Avenue Jail, where he told investigators he was an “undocumented worker” from Mexico.

Translation: HE’S A FREAKIN’ ILLEGAL ALIEN who’s been leeching off of us for God knows how long.

Of course, the Arizona Repugnant can’t come out and say it.  They have to be politically correct about it, lest they anger the gods of the Hispanic community.  I don’t know what the climate is like in the states where the rest of our readers reside–I know Philip is in the Dallas area, liberal as hell–but in Arizona, the Hispanics practically run the media.  The illegal community (yes, I said it, make it a social buzzword because we do have one) gets their panties in a twist any time the media says anything disparaging regarding crime rates, including DUI, involving illegal aliens in America.

Well, I’m not the media, hombres.  I’m a middle-class nobody representing Joe Schmoe America, and I’m pissed.

Shane leaves behind a wife and a 3-month-old baby all because Jose Borderjumper didn’t have the cojones to call a cab.  Why?  I will never forget about a year ago, on my way home from a friend’s home in Queen Creek, I got on I-10 in Mesa and headed back to my home on the far Northwest side.  I almost immediately got hit by a trashy gold-colored Chevrolet Astro minivan, the driver so drunk he was literally taking up all four lanes.  I blogged about it then.  I called DPS dispatchers every ten minutes to give them an update and I followed the piece of trash, skipping my turnoff on I-17 to stay with the dude.  He nearly hit every car he came across, including a Phoenix police cruiser (who, by the way, never stopped the guy).  His driving was so dangerous I’m still shocked he never hit anyone.

Around Litchfield road (the far, far West end of the Valley, a good 70 miles from where it all started), he decided after actually passing the exit that it was time to get off the freeway.  Despite an almost sheer drop from the freeway surface to the frontage road and all the cactus and trees between point A and point B, dipshit swerved, cut off another minivan, and rolled down the embankment.  At the bottom he finally righted himself, and with myself and three other people on the side of the road trying to get down to him to yank him out of his van, he had the patent nerve to poke his head out the window, wave at us, holler something in very alcohol-garbled Spanish (I think I caught “what’s up” somewhere in there), laugh and pull away.  We lost him.  Seventy miles of freeway antics and we never saw height nor hair of a DPS officer.

I wonder if anyone called Gonzalez in.  I wonder if whoever was serving the drinks at the place where he got pissing drunk ever thought to cut him off or take his keys away.  I do not, however, wonder why Gonzalez thought it’d be a good idea to drive home extremely drunk.  In Latino society, it’s considered almost heroic to get completely trashed and still drive home.  If you make it, you’re the man.  DUI deaths are astronomical South of our border, and these cretins are bringing it into our country with them.  They didn’t care to come into our country legally.  What makes anybody think they care to follow the law once they’re here?

At the hour Shane was going through that intersection, traffic would have been very light and Gonzalez would have been able to see him coming from a mile off with his lights going.  This after officer Nick Erfle was shot to death by a violent illegal who had to be shot by a sniper after taking a hostage, a 21-year-old mafioso who’d been running with gangs since he could walk.

Where does it stop?  When do we say enough is enough, stop pandering to these losers and tell ’em to get the hell out?  Are the liberals out there listening?  Is Juan McAmnesty (aka John McCain) listening?  What about Obama, who also favors shamnesty?  How many widows and children will be left behind before we wake the hell up?  At this point I’d be satisfied if the media would stop brushing this problem off and call it for what it is.  We might go a long way toward doing what we need to do if everyone wasn’t worried about being so goddamned politically correct.

Commence with the cries of racism in 3…2…1…


I’m in a mood.  I had to call a potential fraud victim a few hours ago, and this man was unbelievable.  He didn’t speak English, and when I called, he said (well, more like yelled), “speak eh-spaneesh?”  To which I replied, “un poquito,” which means “a little.”  I then said, “necessita un traductor?” asking him if he needed a translator.  He had the audacity to yell, “no!  You speak eh-spaneesh, you learn, you call me back!”  And he hung up.  So I called the other phone we had for him; same thing, different wording.  “I just talk wid you, no?  Don’ call back unless you speak eh-spaneesh!”

With what’s going on right now, I have no patience for this kind of crap.  I have no tolerance whatsoever for people who wish to foist their lives on America and try to force us to become like them.  First, they want to be allowed to come and go as they please without being required to declare themselves or what they intend to do.  Then they want us to give them public assistance when they can’t find work.  Then they want us to give them a visit with their country’s consulate when they’re convicted of a crime.  They want us to let them open bank accounts, have credit cards, get mortgages, and pay for their kids’ educations all while we try to take care of our own families.  To boot, they want ME to learn to speak THEIR LANGUAGE in MY OWN FRIGGIN’ COUNTRY.

Ain’t doin’ it. 

Okay…time for a little lesson.  This is AMERICA.  You wanna come here?  Great!  Obey the law, ask permission, get a visa and a green card, and become a contributing member of our society.  You don’t get scholarships or discounted tuition just for being in “the minority.”  You don’t get public assistance without a social security number.  And if we catch you stealing someone else’s, we will not give a damn when you break both legs trying to jump the fence after we deport your sorry ass!

If you feel no compunction to follow our laws and live by the rules, then we will feel none to give you what you want.  When our economy is a wreck and fully ONE THIRD OF THE BAD LOANS ARE KNOWN TO BELONG TO ILLEGALS THAT WE CAN’T TRACK DOWN, people just like you, we’re not going to feel any sympathy for your frustration when you can’t communicate.  We sure as hell won’t feel any sorrow when some bleeding-heart reporter from the Arizona Republic writes about your problems as if we should care!

So if you don’t like our rules, you don’t want to obey the laws, and you have no desire to become an American…

GET THE #@$* OUT!!!

Illegal Immigration-Comment Hall of Fame!


What I love about blogging is the opportunity to meet new friends.  In doing that, one of the great friends I have met is Jennifer.  Like me, Jennifer is a hardworking average American that loves speaking her mind.  Regarding my post on Michelle Malkin’s debate with Ellis Henican and Juan Hernandez, Jennifer said the following:

“I heard Rush this week say that Juan Williams said that the shamnesty bill was “just as nice thing to do”.
So is giving women the “right to choose”. And when liberals take the stance of “it’s a nice thing to do” there are always horrible ramifications for that action. Like the fact that we’ve aborted 40 millions babies that could have been in our workforce by now. How many of those could have helped find a cure for cancer?

Taking that same logic, it’s a nice thing to do, to allow illegal people access to our government services, not pay taxes and bankrupt our healthcare system, because, we need to provide them with jobs, because, well they’re hard working and we need to be Nice.

But it’s NOT okay with most Americans and that’s what these senators and crazy media types don’t get. It’s probably not okay with the LAW ABIDING immigrants either. Personally, I think we should round up every illegal, and put them on the first bus back to the middle of mexico. I’m tired of them clogging up our highways, trashing our neighborhoods and having children out of wedlock that they cannot afford.”

DAMN!  You go girl!
You can read some of Jenn’s original stuff here.

Are Liberals Implying Stupidity Among Legal Mexican-Americans?

michelle.jpgMichelle Malkin

Tonight on the O’Reilly Factor, the wonderful Michelle Malkin filled in for Bill O’Reilly and faced off with Newsday-writer and Democratic-commentator, Ellis Henican along with illegal-alien activist (or “immigrant activist” in the politically correct world of the mainstream media), Juan Hernandez who is basically an open-borders loon.


The main message by individuals like Hernandez is that there are a lot of hardworking Hispanic illegals that deserve a fair break and they plead with Americans like Malkin to “have a heart, Michelle!”


Nobody is denying the fact that Hispanics are hardworking people.  But Hernandez, Ellis Henican, Gerald Rivera, and other open-borders fanatics are indeed the ones making this all about Hispanics and Latinos. 


Ellis Henican proclaims that this is going to hurt Republicans in the next two presidential elections.  Hernandez claims that Latino voters will punish both parties for rejecting the “shamnesty” bill. 


What does Hernandez think that this says to decent Mexican-American immigrants who immigrated here legally and earned their way in the great American culture respectively?  He says that it’s okay for illegals to bypass all of the steps they took?  Why would legal-Mexican-Americans care about the reaction of America to people that lacked the respect and character that they have?  Would these crazies also support illegal Doctors, non-degreed attorneys, or Presidential candidates that have no adequate experience?  Oh wait, that last one is correct!


Moreover; why is it always extreme-leftists like Ellis Henican or Geraldo Rivera that promise Latino-backlash onto Republicans that are the ones making this ALL ABOUT HISPANICS!? 


Comparing hardworking LEGAL AMERICANS (including the Mexican ones, the Arab ones, the African ones, the Polish ones, etc) and grouping them up with disrespectful criminals seems to me that Geraldo, Ellis, and Juan are indeed the ones taking the true racist position!


If indeed they are also proclaiming that Mexican-Americans are stupid, I suppose they are right.  Legal Mexican-Americans that worked to earn their citizenship will reject the party that stood up for their character and their contribution to our society that says “Shamnesty is NOT okay with us!”


Liberals will continue to work as hard as they can to segregate groups to create civil wars and politically correct barriers that make it difficult for all of us to stay on the same page.  Luckily not all Americans are as stupid as they take us to be.

America says “NO” to Amnesty for Illegals

In light of a ridiculous sentence to Scooter Libby, my faith in our Democracy gets a boost!  Just moments ago, documented by Michelle Malkin throughout the evening, the bill for granting special conditions and special amnesty to illegals was stomped out.

Bush needs to give us a real proposed bill with true conservative American interpretation.

He seems to do better with his second chances lately.