More on the Shooting in Arizona…

I’m in Arizona. Right now, my roommate is in Tucson. From every corner of the state everyone is losing their minds. A candlelight vigil just ended a short time ago at the Arizona State Capitol building; when I received an email alert from my conservative network, they specifically begged everyone to leave the political shirts, banners and other nonsense at home. Conservatives did exactly that. Guess who refused to leave their printed political slander behind?

The liberals. Those bastions of all that is good in this world have already made this out to be a crusade of conservatives against a Democrat. Sarah Palin’s PAC website has been held up by God only knows how many sources as the supposed cause of this tragedy. People are pointing out that a map on her website marked with a symbol described as “crosshairs” – a symbol which is actually a surveyor’s symbol, not a target or a bullseye – are supposedly calls for violence. Liberals whom I have long respected for their ability to have a civil debate and genuinely listen to those with whom they disagree are now pointing to screenshots of that map and claiming that it’s proof positive that conservatives are at fault for this.

First of all, Jared Lee Loughner (the shooter) posted often on FaceBook, MySpace and YouTube, and he was in dire need of a straightjacket and a Thorazine drip. He was likely a left-leaning nutcase who had obsessions with illiteracy and the Mayan prophecy about 2012. He believed that the government was engaging in mind-reading and mind control. He believed that the community college he was attending had somehow stripped all of the students of their Constitutional rights because of mind-control practices. He was a few fruit loops shy of a full bowl, and he started posting threats as far back as December 13 and 14…he said, “I don’t feel good. I’m ready to kill a police officers. I can say it.” The next day, he wrote, “Wow…I’m glad I didn’t kill myself. I’ll see you on national TV. This is a foreshadow..why doesn’t anyone talk to me?”

What happened was a tragedy on a level that is difficult to comprehend. Federal judge John Roll was killed, as was 9-year-old Christina Green. Also among the dead were at least three senior citizens and one of Giffords’ aides, Gabriel Zimmerman. Gabrielle Giffords herself was shot point-blank in the head; the bullet went all the way through her brain and exited through her forehead, and by the Grace of God she is alive and responding to doctors.

In all of this, the media has not talked once about how this incident ended. A private citizen, exercising his Second Amendment rights, fired at the shooter, hitting him; that person and one other then tackled Loughner. Why will you never hear about it? Because if you did, it would prove our long-held belief (one that has been proven many times over) that an armed citizen can stop a criminal in his tracks. How many more would have died if that man had not been armed at the store this morning?

What I cannot fathom, however, is how multiple media outlets – not the least of which is Keith Olbermann – are already laying the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of conservatives. Olbermann himself claimed that Republicans had “targets on their opponents’ faces”, when in reality that was NEVER done by Palin or her staff. Rather than mourning the loss of six innocent people without prejudice, they’re refusing to let a good crisis go to waste. They lost no time in laying this on our doorstep.

We’re not taking the blame for it. I’m not going to sit back and remain silent while liberals do their level best to make us out to be monsters. Shame on each and every one of you for turning this into a political circus. Shame on Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik for saying, “the anger, the hatred, the bigotry that goes on in this country is getting to be outrageous. And, unfortunately, Arizona I think has become sort of the capital. We have become the Mecca for prejudice and bigotry.” Shame on every single person who has pointed the finger at Sarah Palin and her followers for somehow egging this tragedy on.

Shame on all of you.


Mob Rule

I probably shouldn’t write about this, but I’m going to anyway. I feel this incident has spun almost out of control and people need to get a grip and think before they react any further.

This week, Danny Rodriguez’s mother called police when Danny became angry and violent. Phoenix police officer Sergio Vergillo was the first to arrive on scene and called for backup; officer Richard Chrisman responded. Verifiable information is scarce at best, but this is what has been claimed: Rodriguez told officers they couldn’t come in without a warrant, Chrisman put his gun to Rodriguez’s head and said “I don’t need no warrant, motherf***er,” they went inside, and at some point Vergillo tazed Rodriguez, Chrisman deployed OC (pepper) spray, shot the dog, got into a physical struggle with Rodriguez, then shot him.

Naturally, not all of the information coming from the media is accurate. Most outlets aren’t even relying on the police report (they rarely, if ever, give a full accounting of events as they actually happened, usually relying on hyper-emotional witnesses or people who claim to have seen it because they just want to be on TV). Before you go any further, though, click here and watch the news video.

What’s the first thing you see?

I see a stream of Latino protesters, the leader carrying a pole with three flags on it. Is the American flag on top? Nope. It’s at the bottom, below the Mexican flag and one other that I can’t quite place (if anyone else can tell, by all means, share). The very first thing we see in this protest is a protester basically declaring that the United States is inferior to Latino nations. That’s hilarious, considering the fact that law and order in most Latino countries – to include Mexico – is a joke.

Then you see signs, some of them in Spanish, some in English, and small children carrying graphic signs declaring the police are murderers. Then, they talk to protester Manuel Martinez. His first words are, “let’s set aside the fact that he’s Latino.”

Really? You want us to set that aside? I don’t think you really do want it to be “set aside”, because a few things are quite evident: first of all, you’re only protesting with fellow Latinos. Second, you’re holding up signs in Spanish decrying “la policia” as murderers. Third, you are openly and brazenly disrespecting the US flag by flying it underneath the Mexican flag. You don’t want us to set aside the fact that he’s Latino. You want everyone to believe this was a racially-motivated crime so you have ammunition at your next SB 1070 rally.

They say that this incident is driving a bigger wedge between Latinos and law enforcement. Actually, the only one driving a wedge between Latinos and law enforcement are the Latinos crying racism over everything that happens. Where is the outrage over Latino gang members deliberately targeting black people in Los Angeles? When you’re willing to call out the racism in your own ranks, your outrage will be a little more believable.

Then we see Carlos Galindo, wearing a Vietnam Veteran cap, railing about how unfair it is that Chrisman is out on bail. “He is getting special treatment,” Galindo yells. “And the Latin community, we are not – I repeat, we are NOT – gonna let up until the officer is back in jail, among other prisoners!” This statement galls me. What he is suggesting is that because the Latino community is outraged about this incident, more charges should immediately be brought and Chrisman should be held behind bars without bail. Mr. Galindo, thank you for your service, but what you are suggesting is mob rule. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, sir, but here in the United States we don’t work that way. You can get pissed all you want, but our justice system has certain requirements that must be met. Until the investigation is complete and enough evidence is found, he’s not going to be re-arrested. He is not getting any special treatment. Any person not charged with murder because of an unknown amount of evidence or an ongoing investigation would be treated the same way. My friend, Tony Holly, was murdered in 2007; if his killer, Bryan Wayne Hulsey, had the $1 million available to post bail, he’d have been released, too.

Martinez then says, “this was a US citizen that was killed in cold blood by an officer who took an oath and wore a badge and walked in and killed someone.” Okay, so that precipitates a protest? Where the hell were you when Nick Erfle was murdered by an illegal alien gang member? Where was the outrage when Marc Atkinson was ambushed and murdered by Mexicans who had come here looking for work and turned to drug running when they couldn’t get jobs legally? You hardly lifted a finger when those two incidents happened. Being angry is perfectly normal. Calling for law enforcement to dump a person back in jail simply because you don’t like the circumstances is a little ridiculous. We don’t work the way Mexico does. Sorry.

The most incredible scene in the entire protest, I think, was the protester carrying a sign that said, “Eye for an Eye.”


If you want that, then why are you protesting against SB 1070 by calling it inhumane? If you are going to claim that an enforcement of federal law is somehow against human decency, then don’t you dare stand on American soil and demand an eye for an eye. That is an outrage we will not abide. The actions of our justice system are not dictated by mob rule. If they were, a lot of innocent people would have gone down for crimes they didn’t commit. We don’t know all of the facts in this case yet, too – so take a step back and breathe. Think before you react.

Guilty or Not

If I had a dime for every inmate or inmate family member who swore up and down that they didn’t do what they were in prison for, I wouldn’t ever have to work again. That statement is said with just two and a half measley years under my belt as a corrections officer. This fact is one of the big reasons why I will never, ever go back to that profession. I simply cannot tolerate the incredible number of privileges afforded the convicted felons in our society.

I started out with juveniles. One day, a kid with a horrible mean streak–a black kid who was intensely racist and hated my guts just because I was white–attacked a white kid out of nowhere simply because of the color of his skin. I watched this boy viciously beat his fellow inmate down and then kick him repeatedly while two other officers had to drag the attacker away. The attacker’s name was Luther Davis. I had to sit in hearings and listen to this brat’s family scream at officers, supervisors and hearing officials because their beautiful boy Luther would never, ever behave that way unless someone made him. It was always someone else’s fault.

I imagine they’re still singing the same song now that the guy has landed his butt in the adult system. The way his family talked about him you’d have thought he walked on water. While sitting in on hearings in Phoenix and Houston, I’ve watched similar things play out. The family of Jorge Gurrola, who murdered his pregnant girlfriend, taunted the victim’s family before the sentencing hearing then paraded themselves and several friends before the court to sing Jorge’s praises. He can’t be punished too harshly, you see–he’s always been such a good boy. We don’t understand why he did this.

The stories coming out of Seattle about cop killer Maurice Clemmons absolutely chill my blood. This guy was a violent felon sentenced to 108 years in prison in Arkansas. When then-governor Mike Huckabee saw the request to commute his sentence, he tried once to reach a few people then agreed to the commutation based on a parole board and a judge saying he was a “good candidate.” This, despite his long rap sheet, the nature of his crimes and his record in prison. Huckabee turned around and tried to whitewash his decision on Bill O’Reilly’s show (and O’Reilly let him get away with it).

After he was released, a litany of incredible failures enabled this creep to keep committing violent crimes. This kind of story is nothing new considering the state of our criminal justice system. What floors me now is that we still haven’t caught on to the families of these criminals aiding and abetting them.

Clemmons walked into a coffeehouse in Pierce County this past Sunday and ambushed four police officers preparing to begin their shift, shooting all four to death. I will post later on the officers killed, but today Clemmons is dead–and four relatives are in custody, two more have warrants for their arrest for deliberately helping Clemmons evade capture. They gave him food, money, lodging, even medical attention.

I wonder what they all thought. Did they think he had a reason? Did they think he was caught trying to rob another convenience store and shot a cop to get away, not knowing what he’d really done? Or did he tell them EXACTLY what he’d done–and help him because they believed he needed to send a message?

Whatever it was, guilty or not, they helped him. If it were my relative or friend who had committed a crime there would be no discussion. I’d beat them senseless and hold them for police. There is no excuse, none whatsoever, for anyone to give aid to a murderer. I hope each and every one of Clemmons’ relatives spends a very long time in prison.

The Shooter’s Calling Card

A picture of Major Nidal Malik Hasan’s calling card has been released. Take a good look. Notice something?

You should notice the SoA(SWT) on the card. “SoA” stands for “Soldiers of Allah.” SWT usually follows Allah’s name when written by a Muslim. It stands for “Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala,” or “glory to him, the exalted.” This is the card he distributed professionally. He also handed it out with the copies of the Qur’an he gave away before the shooting, including one in Spanish to his landlord.

Something else has been confirmed, too: Hasan told his landlord two weeks before the shooting that in two weeks, he’d be moving out. And on the day of the shooting he’d shaved his head. I’d be willing to bet his entire body had been shaved–this is common with Muslims preparing to martyr themselves.

General Casey still has the patent nerve to swear that the Army never missed the warning signs. If the warning signs had been this absolutely blatant before the latest school shooting, teachers and principals who ignored them would be tarred and feathered.

Oh…and another link. Here’s the powerpoint slideshow that Hasan used when he gave his speech on Muslims in the military, which repeatedly quoted the Qur’an and threatened “adverse events”:

Casey may well be right. They may not have missed them; they may well have ignored them.

Reputations vs. Reality

US Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan spent a sleepless night calling friends and neighbors, telling them goodbye and saying he’d miss them. He handed out copies of the Qur’an. He went to morning prayers, got his usual coffee and hash brown from a local convenience store, smiled at other patrons, then went home and changed into his ACU’s (Army fatigues). He arrived at the processing center at Fort Hood and at 1330, he jumped onto a desk, shouted “Allahu Akbar!” and began a shooting rampage that would end with 13 dead–12 fellow soldiers and one security guard–and 40 wounded, 28 seriously.

Saturday Hasan was removed from a ventilator. Today it is reported that he is talking. He has already asked for a lawyer and the lawyer has ordered federal investigators to stay away. And while some of the reports coming out of the Fort Hood tragedy are still being investigated as possible leads, there are some that have been confirmed as absolutely true by investigators.

-While stationed at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Hasan attended a mosque led by Anwar Al-Awlaki, a radical Islamist who was the spiritual advisor to three of the 9/11 hijackers, including Hani Hanjour.

-Hasan attempted to contact recruiters for jihad militant group Al Qaeda. At least one US Intelligence agency–as yet unnamed–notified the Army that he was contacting anti-American extremists.

-Classmates at the military university where Hasan received his training in psychology have all gone on the record as having complained that Hasan was openly anti-American and frequently made statements that gave the impression that he was a ticking time bomb.

-Hasan actually gave a presentation in one of his psych classes that was meant to justify suicide bombings, a belief that was echoed both in person and over the internet.

-Hasan told many people both in the Army and out that he was a Muslim first and an American second–and he held Sharia above the Constitution of the United States.

-In a class on environmental health–where an assignment to give a speech on things such as water contamination and the effects of mold was given–Hasan stood up and gave a speech about the War on Terror actually being a war on Islam. The instructor refused to question him.

-Osman Danquah, a leader at the Islamic Community of Greater Killeen, was so concerned about Hasan’s extremist rhetoric that he denied his request to be a lay Muslim leader at Fort Hood.

In the two days immediately following the shooting, one of Hasan’s uncles was interviewed in the West Bank–his family is of Palestinian origin and he claimed his citizenship as Palestinian–and a string of so-called “experts” were paraded on MSM channels saying that, based on the family’s reaction, we can’t call Hasan’s actions terrorism; it was too early for that, they chided. Larry King’s idea of a “balanced panel” was to have one single Iraq war veteran up against a slew of liberal windbags so he could be yelled at for calling a spade a spade.

One such PC voice was Shoshana Johnson, the Army Specialist who has earned the distinction of being the first-ever black female to be a POW. She rolled her eyes and shouted at the former JAG officer, saying, “I was a POW! You were a JAG officer in Iraq, you didn’t do anything!” Well, miss Johnson…it’s not like you were in the infantry. You were a food worker. And it’s worth pointing out that you were a taken along with Jessica Lynch, whom liberal reporters castigated as a posterchild for the Republican war effort when she supposedly didn’t suffer the real harm of what they deemed a “real” POW. So I have to ask, when did Johnson and Lynch become legitimate to the MSM?

That JAG officer on Larry King was trying to talk people into contemplating the idea that Hasan really was acting out his personal version of jihad just like the 9/11 hijackers. Johnson, along with Dr. Phil, shouted him down, with Johnson screaming that his knowledge was worthless. This is what the MSM calls balance?

In the meantime, it was a British newspaper–the UK Telegraph–that first broke the story that Hasan had attempted to contact Al Qaeda. While the American media dithered about the subject of Hasan’s ties to extremists and the very real possibility that he might have committed his crime in the name of waging jihad against Americans, a country that can’t even allow its citizens the natural right to defend themselves called this whole brouhaha exactly what it was.

Earlier this year a friend of mine, now serving in the Army, called me late at night to tell me an incredible story. His unit was called together for an announcement: effective immediately, all US Army personnel were to cease use of the term “swine flu.” Complaints from Muslims were too great; they were to refer to the new flu strain as H1N1 or risk disciplinary action.

This sounds absolutely silly, but it’s standard operating procedure for the US military these days. Everything (except the idea of gays in the military, mind you) has to be absolutely politically correct, elsewise we might offend someone and we just can’t have that. I have heard several soldiers in the Army say in the open that they didn’t join to go to war, and if deployed they would go AWOL. And in this case, with Maj. Hasan, a Muslim extremist, can spew seditious vitriol for years without anyone questioning whether he should still be allowed to draw a paycheck. In everything I’ve read so far it seems the general concensus among those who served with Hasan is that the Army was both desperate to keep an officer and afraid of being seen as discriminating against a Muslim.

My friend Jennifer, a military wife, brought up a very good point. Obama was quick to tell us that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions or act rashly. Yet the first words out of his mouth about a police officer in Cambridge the day after an incident were that the officer “acted stupidly.” We shouldn’t rush to judgement, and need a measured response to this tragedy, but when it comes to something like the stimulus or healthcare reform, we need to get it done NOW–without reading the bill.

Oh, but don’t offend the Muslims. Even if the next Nidal Malik Hasan is among them, we can’t upset them. Worry about their reputation now. Screw reality.

The Shadow of The Death Chamber

John Allen Williams served in the Louisiana National Guard for seven years before volunteering for active duty in the United States Army. He was discharged as a sergeant after his service in the first Gulf War, having attained the Expert Rifleman’s Badge, the highest non-sniper shooting rank in the Army. In 1987, while serving, he also joined the Nation of Islam.

Shortly after his discharge from the Army, Williams helped provide security for the so-called “Million Man March” in Washington, DC, which was spearheaded by the Nation of Islam. Directly after that he moved to Antigua, where he engaged in offshore fraud activity, returning to the United States sometime in 2000 or 2001.

In October of 2001, following the attacks on 9/11, Williams changed his name to John Allen Muhammad. He’d also brought someone back from Antigua with him–a young man named Lee Boyd Malvo.

On October 3, 2002, the Beltway Sniper began the infamous rampage that gripped the country for three weeks. By the time it ended on October 24, 10 innocent lives had been snuffed out and three had barely survived their wounds. After an exhaustive search that police remained very tight-lipped about, they found John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo sleeping in a blue 1990 Chevrolet Caprice–a former police vehicle–which had been outfitted specifically for the attacks. It had been modified so that a sniper could fire from inside the closed trunk.

Found on them was a Bushmaster XR15 .223 hunting rifle with a laser sight–which was linked to 11 of the 14 shootings as well as shootings in Louisiana and Alabama–and a laptop computer stolen from a shooting victim in Alabama named Paul LaRuffia (he survived his wounds) that had been previously unconnected to the Beltway Sniper attacks. The computer had detailed maps of all of the shootings they had committed and information from the news on their victims. Just a year after the crime, Malvo, who was a minor at the time of the shootings, was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole and Muhammad was sentenced to life by the state of Maryland–but sentenced to death by the state of Virginia.

His death warrant signed this week, John Allen Muhammad is scheduled to die by lethal injection on November 10. His lawyers are trying to use all of the last-ditch tools they have to stop his death. I do not believe they will succeed. Even Virginia governor Kaine, who says he is against the death penalty, refuses to grant him clemency.

I have to ask all of those out there who favor hate-crime legislation on the basis that stiffer penalties will reduce hate crimes, since the vast majority of you are also against the death penalty…what makes you think that more time in prison will make a man think twice about committing a hate crime, yet the shadow of the death chamber won’t? How can anyone claim that more time in the clink will make a person reconsider a crime of passion while at the same time claiming that requiring a man surrender the air in his lungs won’t make him think again?

John Allen Muhammad deserves to die. So does Lee Boyd Malvo, minor or not–that worthless flab of human debris knew perfectly well what he was doing. Were it up to me, the surviving victims (to include the families of those killed) would each be given the opportunity to put a bullet in his body at his execution. That would be the only thing that would come close to being fair.

God forbid we violate his rights. Never mind that his victims weren’t given their rights; we would be uncivil if we didn’t make sure his rights were upheld. Sometimes I feel absolutely filthy when I read these stories and hear about how states either can’t or won’t give the death penalty. I feel as though the bad guy always wins when some bleeding heart manages to make a judge or jury see things their way.

The Question of Deadly Force

I had never blogged on this case before because I wanted to get as much perspective on it before I made a decision. As I typically do, I read everything I could and watched all the news footage I could find about this before formulating an opinion about it. Now I’m ready to post something I’ve been working on for a couple of days.

On May 11, 2004, then-57-year-old Harold Fish was ending a long hike in the Coconino National Forest in Northern Arizona (just north of a little town called Strawberry). The events of that day are known only to him, but the facts are that he met Grant Kuenzli at the end of the trail and shot him three times in the chest. As Kuenzli lay in the dirt, Fish tried all he could to help him–he put his backpack under Kuenzli’s head, covered him with a blanket to keep him warm, and flagged down another vehicle to help. He used his OnStar system to call for paramedics, and remained on scene to answer questions. He told investigators later that when two dogs charged him on the trail, he pulled his 10mm Kimber handgun and fired a warning shot, drawing Kuenzli from the top of the hill. He said Kuenzli then charged him in a rage, swinging his fists and swearing to kill him. He said he fired in self defense, because Kuenzli–a much younger and stronger man than Fish–made him fear for his life. Typically, a man guilty of murder (which can be loosely defined as the taking of a life without cause or justification) doesn’t stick around and try to help or explain to police what happened. But I’ll go another route to prove what I believe.

Linda Almeter, Kuenzli’s sister, described him as “an honorable, noble, responsible, caring, loving person.” She loved her brother and it certainly shows in the way she talks about him. Another friend said he was astonished when he heard Kuenzli had been killed, and started a petition in the town of Payson (where they were all from) to convince the Coconino County Attorney’s Office to prosecute Fish for murder. What was never brought up in trial, however, was a long line of incidents that proved Kuenzli’s behavior. That friend who started the petition, who said there was no way Kuenzli could have attacked Fish? His name is John McCauley, and he knew Kuenzli for a grand total of four months before he was killed.

The witness testimony that would have proven what Kuenzli was really like? It was challenged by the prosecution. The court suppressed any mention of prior bad acts, meaning testimony from witnesses who had seen Kuenzli behave in a way that would affirm Fish’s testimony that he’d felt threatened on the trail by Kuenzli’s posturing. In fact, there was quite a bit of very relevant witness testimony that was suppressed by the court, and it would have proven the point that Kuenzli did, in fact, have a raging, out-of-control temper.

Ernie Encinas, the Gilbert fire marshal who supervised Kuenzli as a fire inspector, said that Kuenzli would frequently lose his temper with everyone. He’d ball up his fists, bang them on the tables and other furniture, throw things, and scream at the top of his lungs while pacing back and forth. Encinas later said that when he heard the story and was asked to testify, he had no trouble picturing Kuenzli charging and threatening to kill someone. Steve Corich, director of security at Mesa Community College, said his run-in with Kuenzli stuck out above all others in his 26 years in his position: when Kuenzli was asked to take his dog (which was not on a leash) off campus, he started posturing, clenching his fists and screaming, making little sense. Clayton Hamblen, a Mesa court justice of the peace, once asked Kuenzli to leave his dog outside the courthouse before coming in for a hearing, and still says that Kuenzli stuck in his mind as the most hateful, angry individual he’d ever crossed paths with. He also described Kuenzli’s threatening posture, clenched teeth and fists, and a look that he described as, “I want to rip your throat out.”

Kuenzli had a history of PTSD, depression and anxiety disorders. He was on the anti-depressant Effexor when he met Fish on the trail. Many of his coworkers have since said that they were not surprised to hear that this had happened, because Kuenzli had a violent temper, one that they all believed would get him into serious trouble someday.

The prosecutor argued that Fish carried a high-powered handgun and kept it loaded with hollow-point ammunition though he didn’t need it. He also argued that Fish, who had an Arizona CCW license, should never have fired a warning shot at the dogs. He said that Fish knew when he pulled the trigger that Kuenzli would die. But Fish carried his Kimber when he hiked to protect against wild animals, not necessarily people. It is true enough that in training to obtain a CCW, you’re taught never to fire a warning shot; you’re taught to fire at center mass to take down the threat before you can be harmed or killed. I have this question, though: who wants to kill a dog? If it’s me, even though I’ve gone through CCW training and I’ve been attacked by a dog before, I’d have a hard time shooting a dog, too. As for knowing that Kuenzli would die, that’s hearsay, something that shouldn’t have been allowed into evidence. I see gunshot victims survive on a regular basis. I’ve seen them survive rounds from AR-15’s and arterial bleeding. Nobody can claim that Fish knew Kuenzli would die. The hollow-point bullet argument? Hogwash. I put hollow tips in my handgun. If you fire at a person with target ammunition, that round will go through their body and every wall and other object behind it, possibly harming or killing an innocent person. Hollow tips make that sort of scenario nearly impossible.

For those of us who believe firmly in the right to keep and bear arms, the decision to fire in self-defense is not an easy one. In my whole life, I’ve had to pull my weapon exactly once, and thank God never had to fire. Training and beliefs aside, the choice to do something that may result in another person’s death–even a person who is threatening you–is a choice nobody wants to make.

I have also studied Shaolin gongfu and Krav Maga for several years. Officially, my body is a dangerous weapon. I know quite well what I am capable of. Moreso, I know what others are capable of, and believe it or not, there are some people I would not ever, ever want to have to fight because I know they’d likely beat me to death. A person does not have to touch you to commit assault. Until you’ve had a person get in your face and threaten you or even take a couple of swings at you, you cannot understand how much fear that can produce. It doesn’t take much to do serious damage and injury to a person with your bare hands. Harold Fish likely had every reason to believe his life was in immediate danger on that trail.

It doesn’t happen often, but I cannot disagree more with prosecutors on this case. The question of deadly force here should have been asked before they wasted taxpayer money to try an innocent man.

They’re Just Soldiers…

Yesterday, something happened that should have shocked our collective conscience and brought us to tears. It seems, however, that it’s not important. American Muslim convert Abdul Hakim Mujahid Muhammad drove up to a US Army-Navy recruiting center in Little Rock, Arkansas and opened fire on two hometown recruiters as they were about to enter the recruiting station. Pvt. William Long, 23, was killed and his friend, Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula, was wounded in the attack that was apparently carried out for “ideological reasons.”

They were just a few weeks out of basic training.

The shooter’s vehicle was pulled over on the freeway and he was arrested–the rifle used in the attack was recovered from the vehicle. Today, the shooter pleaded not guilty. As predicted, nary a word from most of the MSM; the only place I’ve been able to find anything about this was FOX News. Now please, someone have the cojones to tell me that FOX makes their own news. Please. I dare you.

What’s more, not one soul in the Obama administration has uttered a word about the attack.

Within hours of the murder of Dr. Tiller on Sunday, both President Obama and AG Eric Holder made public statements soundly condemning the attack carried out in a church, and well they should. But it has now been a full 24 hours since the murder of one US soldier and the wounding of another, and not one peep. Not a syllable. They haven’t even breathed into a microphone about this cowardly, dastardly act or appeared to so much as think about these two brave souls. They were ambushed and shot in their own country before they even had a chance to put themselves in harm’s way, proving that there is still a grave threat on our soil.

Obama has said NOTHING.

I am beyond appalled. I am beyond angry. I don’t think there is an appropriate word to describe just how I feel about this. As if it weren’t enough that a militant Muslim extremist shot two of our soldiers and killed one of them, the man charged with leading our soldiers hasn’t made a move to level the same indignant condemnation at their attacker as he did for the man who murdered an abortion doctor.

If my (BIG) little brother were ever attacked in such a balless act of pusillanimous violence–especially if he were to be killed by the bastard holding the gun–there is not a law enforcement agency in the country that would keep that worthless flab of human debris safe. I cannot describe the depth of sadness I feel for the families of the young men shot yesterday, nor the incredible fury I have over Obama’s absolute failure to support his men. Who cares, right? They were just soldiers. And as we all know, American soldiers aren’t important. This is the kind of thing that happens when you elect a president who has NEVER LED ANY MILITARY UNIT IN HIS LIFE.

Hell, it’d be nice if he’d just go to basic and get some feel for it!

I’m done looking for an ounce of positive work from Barack Obama. I have no hope for him. To the families of those soldiers, all you need to do is ask and there are millions in this country who would drop everything to help you. To the shooter…if you weren’t already familiar with the American prison system, take a big bottle of lotion with you.

And Obama: try to dredge up at least a flimsy shred of concern for your men. If you dare come out and say anything that amounts to being sorry for making the shooter feel that way, I will make it my mission in life to be certain you never serve in public office again. I will help see to it that the most you’re ever able to get is speaking engagements for the New Black Panther Party.

Oh, wait, you’d actually LIKE that.

Pointing the Finger

Yesterday morning, Scott Roeder walked into a church in Kansas and shot Dr. George Tiller to death. Tiller was well-known for being one of only three doctors in the entire country who provides late-term abortions (abortions performed after a fetus reaches 21 weeks). I’d heard of Tiller many times on the news and thought what he did was ghastly, but never would I have ever thought it justified to kill him. I still don’t think he should have been murdered.

A quick summation of my views on abortion: I am mostly pro-life except for my belief that morning-after pills are acceptable in cases of rape. I believe that once a fetus forms a brain and a beating heart it is a child, and terminating that child is murder. In particular I believe that late-term abortions are a heinous crime that never should have been legalized, as it has been proven that late-term babies are capable of understanding that their life is in danger (the belief that it’s a reflexive action to try to escape an abortion doctor’s suction tool does not negate that fact). I believe that this sort of abortion is little more than society’s way of absolving us of accepting responsibility for our actions, because we all know that a very likely consequence of having sex is pregnancy–and a woman’s right to choose can be exercised before it gets to the point that she decides she doesn’t want this child to ruin her life.

That said, I still wholeheartedly condemn Scott Roeder’s actions. The law expressly forbids vigilantism. Taking the law into your own hands and meting out justice as you see it is every bit as illegal as the original crime, and with good reason. If vigilantism were legal innocent people would routinely be targeted. But in no way does any fact justify Dr. Tiller’s murder. My heart goes out to his family.

Now, liberals, you have a prime example of a conservative condemning this action. I have read countless comments on multiple blogs from liberals who have already tried and condemned all Christians and conservatives for Dr. Tiller’s murder. It is a crime to do so this quickly, every bit as it was a crime for Roeder to pick up a gun and pull the trigger in a church to take vengeance in his own way. By pinning this on all of us is as hypocritical as you claim we are. You scream for tolerance, yet you cannot tolerate our beliefs. The crime scene hadn’t even been fully processed before you were all pointing the finger at us for this crime. Within hours, a reader named Dave posted a comment on my post Stop the “Christian Taliban?”:

“When christchuckers continue to kill gynecologists and fertility doctors; then celebrate that murder; while condemning their own gay sons and daughters they will be referred to as the Christian Taliban. If you don’t like it, get the f*** out of my country and move to Saudi Arabia.”

I have a major problem with this. First of all, the last time an ABORTION doctor (note, they are not gynecologists or “fertility doctors”) was murdered was 1998. That was eleven years ago. Right now, liberals are talking about this as if it happens all the time, and it’s simply not true, so please stop that angle. Second, not one sane Christian in this country has celebrated any of the acts that have ever been committed against abortion doctors; it is only the fringe groups who badly misquote and take the bible completely out of context who attempt to use their religion to justify their actions. Just because a handful do that does not mean that I’m at fault for their stupidity. Finally, not one person has been able to give a single accurate reason for labelling Christians the Taliban, because Christians in America don’t beat and execute women for being caught without a male escort in public. Don’t preach at us about extremism when that is the tactic you’re using to discredit us.

This incident has already proven my point about emotion vs. reason. A reasonable, rational person is capable of stopping before reacting and thinking about what would and wouldn’t be appropriate. Liberals, for the most part, react to everything based on an emotional gut reaction and they speak and act before they even try to think about the insinuations they’re making. We wonder why we aren’t getting anything done, well, here’s the reason, staring us dead in the face: too many are too unwilling to see anything from the other side’s perspective before they write the other guy off. Like it or not, libs, it’s usually YOU refusing to talk to US. You’ve just proven that.

If you really want to get the ball rolling to being a more tolerant society, stop pointing the finger at someone else and take a long look in the mirror. If we take little else away from Dr. Tiller’s murder we can at least learn that lesson.

Escaping the Sean “Bell” Jar

Since the judge’s decision this morning to rightfully acquit the officers who shot Sean Bell, I have been anticipating all of the left-wingers running out (particularly those who are supporting Obama) and playing the race card.  Much like the death of Jerry Falwell where his name always followed “whether you agreed with him or not” we hear the same regurgitated prelude to the point of Bell’s death: “Just before he was married, Sean Bell was tragically killed by a round of 50 bullets.”

It’s a fact that Bell and his two friends were having a bachelor party the night of the shooting.  It’s a fact that witnesses heard his thug-friend; Joseph Guzman yell “yo, get my gun!”  It’s a fact that Sean Bell had been arrested previously for crack-cocaine possession.  It’s a fact that Guzman and Trent Benefield (the other thug-friend) had been arrested “nine and three times, respectively” and each having at least one of them for illegal possession of firearms.  (Where are the gun-control liberals, incidentally?)

It’s a fact that Bell and his friends refused to obey police orders and “freeze” choosing to speed off while incredibly intoxicated plowing into a police vehicle in pursuit of their getaway. 

It’s a fact that unto approaching the car of thugs, police testify that Guzman made a gesture that led them to believe he was reaching for a gun.

Now, let’s throw all those facts out the window. 

Let’s recharacterize “after getting trashed and flirting with prostitutes, yelling “yo, get my gun!”, disobeying police orders to “freeze”, violently driving into a police vehicle while grossly intoxicated, and making a phony gesture which led police to believe Guzman was reaching for a gun, police shot Sean Bell which tragically ended his life” to “police shot and killed Sean Bell 50 times the day before his wedding.”

To all the race-card playing, Obama-supporting, Reverend Wright-Al Sharpton imitating liberals of the world, escape the “Bell” jar already.

Rather than suing the NYPD, Bell’s family should bring a civil suit against Joseph Guzman and may want to raise the rest of their children to avoid selling crack-cocaine and hanging around gun-toting criminals.