Now Longer a Maverick….

Obviously feeling threatened by the slough of Hillary supporters flocking to John McCain, suddenly CBS News is now reporting political columns on behalf of the ever-so fair and balanced The Nation magazine.

McCain-Feingold is sure coming back to haunt the dear Senator who had worked feverishly with Kennedy and others like Feingold to pave way to easy street for 12 million illegal aliens and make it difficult for the people to select a Presidential candidate.

Well, they got what they wanted.  John McCain representing Republicans, Hillary Clinton selling out her supporters and climbing on board with BHO, and two steps away from BHO running the country.

Still many blame Republicans and pundits for the sharp divide.  Rush didn’t cause this part, folks.  Neither did Ann.

The media did. 

And it’s so fascinating how quick they are to turn.  They turned on Hillary, they turned on Bill, and of course now it’s time to turn on McCain by merely pointing out everything Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh were saying about him – and of course stretching it.

We deserve this because of Republican “failures.”  But not Presidential or Congressional Republicans.  The voting base decides and we are the ones to blame.  And because we weren’t paying close enough attention to everything that was happening, we have failed our party to the max by accepting the candidate selected to represent us – the same one the media is finally turning on now.

CBS “News” Will the Real John McCain Please Stand Up?

In Our Prayers

Teddy Kennedy – Malignant Brain Tumor

I suppose I could be like a liberal in the case of Jerry Falwell and start off like “whether you agreed with him or not.” 

It turns out today Teddy Kennedy has a brain tumor that is malignant.  And while this could be a high-schooler’s chance to get back at the leftist haters over at Daily Kos who spoke happily on Tony Snow’s cancer,  I really do wish Kennedy well and his family, too.