History, A Lost Cause, A Welcome Back, & Palin’s New Hope For Conservatives

Upon finding out last night that the second independent investigation into the Troopergate scandal cleared Sarah Palin on every “abuse of power” charge that she was accused of, it made me wonder why more people aren’t asking this morning why we had to wait until the 11th hour of November 3rd to hear it. 

Upon finding out over the weekend that Senator Barack Obama promised bankrupting the coal industry in America that accounts for over half of our domestic energy (not to mention millions of jobs), it made we wonder why we had to wait until the 11th hour of the campaign for the San Francisco Chronicile interview from January to be released. 

It’s astonishing that our media truly is a lost cause.  And not only will this day be historic if Obama wins, becoming the first African-American president, but this is certainly the pinnacle historic moment of the ultimate decline in journalistic integrity.  

It’s to be four years of a lost cause….to all the people who think that Obama is going to pay their taxes for them, pay for their health care, pay for their college tuition.  It will be four years of a lost cause to all those people who refused to get the specifics of how he is going to pay for 1.3 trillion in new spending proposals without cutting into the pockets of all Americans.  It will be four years of a lost cause to people like his Aunt in Boston who is an illegal immigrant living in a virtual slum. 

The movie “Evita” does not merely serve as a comedic display of Madonna’s ability to sing Broadway-quality numbers.  The socialism portrayed during the regime of Juan and Eva Peron was used in the eyes of Hollywood to tell a rags-to-riches story of one person, while the viewers only saw a small portion of the depression, starvation, death, and division caused by the Peronist regime.  And how did it start?  With Evita on a balcony telling Argentina that she would take the riches and that they would “inherit these treasures.” 

Sadly, the ones ACORN rounded up to move Obama closer to victory are going to be the ones to starve, hurt, and suffer.  Financially, even though we will feel the brunt through our paychecks being cut into, conservatives will; as they always have, pull through.

Even though Illinois can be considered by many as a lost cause for a lonely Palin (oh yeah, and McCain) supporter like me in this blue land, I did get up early to go vote this morning. 

I am thrilled Philip is making his comeback tonight as I always have admired his knack for electoral details within districts.  Plus Phil is the ultimate master of local and international views as well.   Welcome back, my friend.

And finally, regardless of the outcome, we must give a huge round of thanks to Sarah Palin for even giving me the push to even have hope for this year.  I’m sad the media convinced the uninformed that she was stupid even though her record of leadership, her record of fairness, and her record of fiscal responsibility proves everyone of those claims wrong.

I am happy; however, that this country can never again be accused of racism.  That we can move forward with a new sense of being united, and as the disaster of an Obama presidency begins to unravel, our party can again look to the brilliant and magnificent Governor Sarah Palin as our front-runner in 2012 after another wonderful four years of Governorship experience under her belt.

Go vote!  Even if it’s Carter all over again, we’ll hit back with a double-whammy of Reagan again.

Palin’s Troopergate Report: Liberals Settling for Bacon Grease


Poor liberals.  They got short-changed two years ago when Plamegate gave us a phony perjury charge against Scotter Libby, to which President Bush issued a pardon.  Nobody outed Plame.  Rove, Rice, Bush, and Cheney were charged with revealing her name and liberals after months of hysteria had to settle for bacon grease.

With Troopergate, liberals were sure they would be delivered the actual bacon.  And in the far-off land of liberal-reporting in the MSM like the following MSNBC video, they are still pretending they have it by outright lying. 

I believe it was politically planned to release this report on a Friday night to keep all the conservatives on talk radio like Rush and Sean from delivering the truth on the MSM’s portrayal of this until Monday, giving us an entire weekend of Palin-bashing.

Palin’s “abuse of power” in the report merely charges her for not stopping her husband from contacting her subordinates, contacting state representatives, and others in the Alaskan legislature to get Mike Wooten fired.  Suddenly, liberals are against any state or federal citizen contacting state or federal officials to express concern against policies or decisions made? 

What a strange way to get liberals to admit that they do indeed support the Patriot Act!  In fact, they want it massively amended!

Speaking of “abuse of power” – Rachel Maddow of MSNBC abuses her power as a broadcaster immediately in this video in opening up the segment by saying:

“Governor Palin abused her power in firing Alaska’s public safety commissioner.”

Then seconds later quotes the report as saying:

“Governor Palin’s firing of Commissioner Monegan was a PROPER AND LAWFUL EXERCISE”

It then goes on to describe the complaint of the Palin family going to state officials.

Many articles online tonight and broadcasts on MSNBC are headlining the “Abuse of Power” and some like Rachel Maddow are even going so far to continue to implicate that the report concludes Palin was found guilty of it for firing Monegan, which liberals have proclaimed all along.

Now that it proves them wrong, liberals are again living off the bacon grease.

Should we expect anything less of the darlings?

Actual Proof of Corruption: Palin’s E-mail Hacker

Mike Kernell, Tennessee Rep. (D) Father of David
Mike Kernell, Tennessee Rep. (D) Father of David
David Kernell
David Kernell

Of course, it’s the son of a Democrat.  A college student; David Kernell, son of Tennessee Democrat Representative, Mike Kernell, has been approached by authorities and in an article titled “Suspect Nabbed in Palin E-mail Hack” released three hours ago, we learn that the IP address was provided by the service provider.

After determining that ‘rubico’ had used a proxy server in an attempt to cover his tracks, it appears that the Ctunnel proxy service, operated by Gabriel Rumuglia, cooperated with FBI investigators to track the elusive IP address of the culprit by turning over IP cache records. The trail allegedly leads back to David Kernell.

Where is the media on this?  No mention on any mainstream network or any cable news outlet (and I’ve had Fox on all morning and all afternoon).

This is appalling.  This should not be over.  The punk should spend time in jail for violation of privacy (notice the ACLU is not running to Palin’s defense here) and more investigating needs to be done to find out why he did it.  Was he put up to it by someone? 

A voting record of his father should be established as well.

An investigation much more appropriate and purposeful than “Troopergate.”

A “Troopergate” Question for Liberals

You know, it pisses me off that Alaskans have to pay for such an idiotic investigation.  To me, it’s common sense.  Let’s observe the facts of the LIBERAL scenario:

1.) Alaskan State Trooper; Mike Wooten, divorced Palin’s sister.  (This is the liberal version so I am skipping the horrid details of his behavior).

2.) Governor Sarah Palin put pressure on Walt Monegan to fire Wooten.

3.) Monegan refused so Palin fired him.

So, here is my question for liberals (or for any of my fun commenters who like to make fun of liberals and their idiocy). 

Given the fact that a new commissioner was hired and Mike Wooten is STILL EMPLOYED AS AN ALASKAN STATE TROOPER, why does the new commissioner still have his job?  Shouldn’t his first task have been to have fired Wooten?

Could it just be that Monegan is trying to earn some extra fame now because his inability to control a budget has squashed his manly ego?

This idiocy has gotten so bad, that Andrew Sullivan is now questioning the hiring of the replacement for Monegan.  He rattles on about religious extremism in a very “extreme” way to such a degree that he and Shirley Phelps-Roper of the Westboro Baptist Church could easily go bowling together and concur.  This type of extremism is no different than the other, they just represent different sides.  He then ends his piece saying the police chief is “a known sexual harasser.” 

Sullivan of course refused to provide proof to his allegation so I did a little digging myself and in an article written in the Anchorage Daily News on July 16, 2008, Chuck Kopp not only denies the allegations, but Palin denied knowing anything about the allegation, AND the article also mentions that no official charges or trials had been issued on the incident.  Apparently, Chuck Kopp being a Christian is enough for Sullivan and his journalistic integrity to throw out the all-American “innocent until proven guilty” that liberals seem to have no problem understanding in the case of Arab terrorists.

But; of course, in the world of Palin-bashers who deny common sense, facts, and logic – this is not only conclusive “proof” that Kopp was a “known sexual harasser” but it’s also a reason to connect Christians with inappropriate sexual behavior.  Sullivan clearly killed two religious birds with one irreligious stone.

Any gay man who cries out “religious fanaticism” needs a good class in “anti-extremism.”  And my experience lets me in on the fact that they also turn out to be the most bitter queens known to man. 

Where’s the logic, people?