Driving The Liberals Nuts

I received an email from the “Our Country Deserves Better” PAC with this new ad that they devised.  Apparently the moonbats and other libs are furious about this ad.  That’s a good thing.  It means someone struck a nerve.  And I think this ad is right-on.  Enjoy.


A Travesty to Democracy, Ohio “Volunteers” Stomping for Obama

Be prepared to get sick.  Watch the entire video!


Good news is coming! Court ruling today declares:

Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner is breaking federal law by not giving county elections boards the chance to determine whether new voter registrations are fraudulent, a federal judge ruled this evening.

What’s the point of ACORN these days?

Unless you’re living under a rock, I am sure you’ve been hearing all day today about the massive cases of fraud with regard to voter registrations in the battleground states.  Yesterday, ACORN offices were raided and today we read the headlines of both proven and suspected fraud in the states of Missouri, Ohio, Florida, Colorado, and Nevada

Voter registrations of dead folks and imaginary dreamed up names seems to all have the same party affiliation after them.  “D.”  This of course is causing an outrage.

Everyone I talk to in my personal day-to-day life is terrified of Obama’s plans to tax.

They all understand that 40% of Americans don’t pay tax to begin with and that raising taxes on businesses, corporations, and oil companies will simply result in lower wages, elimination of jobs, and will stunt the growth of new jobs.  Moreover; companies will merely raise the costs of goods and services to compensate.

Who will these issues affect?  Good old Main Street!  The same ones Obama is promising either a tax cut or a welfare check to.  What he doesn’t tell them is that whatever he is planning to cut will NEVER compensate for the downcuts in their jobs, benefits, and upgrades in the prices they will pay for goods and services.  Thus creating a larger deficit with more problems for the next President to fix.

What ACORN is doing is targeting the “poor” through community organizers to get crackheads and unemployed folks registered to vote.

We pay ACORN through tax dollars to do this.

I signed up to vote through my local municipal establishments.  That same right is opened to every American in their own towns.  Most of them; being unemployed, have a hell of a lot more time than I do to do the same thing!

The good news is, signing them up to vote just to get the daily-tracking polls up does not necessarily mean that most of the crackheads and phony names will actually show up to vote, which is why when McCain/Palin win in a landslide, we’ll be able to point this out.

This is all a matter of cheerleading for one side while decent Americans like us are paying for the pom-poms.