Bush’s New Move: Pardon Scooter!

After hearing the sentence of Scooter Libby my first thought was how insufferable the gloating would be among the liberal bloggers.  To be fair, the judge has a history of delivering harsh sentences and he was put into position by the Bush family.  (By the way – another African American put into a powerful position by the Bush family.)  Seeing as liberals should be happy with the reading of the conviction (30 months in jail and a 250K fine), it seems that liberals finally have a reason to love the Bush family!

Obviously, this sentence was too harsh.  In fact, no crime was committed originally since we now know that the actual whistle-blower of Plame was an anti-war ranter.  So what was Scooter Libby lying about and obstructing? 

What gets me the most are the headlines worded like “Libby Convicted in CIA Leak Case.”  The more appropriate headline should be “Libby Convicted in Perjury-Trap Case.” 

With Bush’s idiotic response to the immigration ordeal, he indeed owes us another energizing move.  The response should be overwhelming to the President to do the only right thing anyone in his position could do and pardon Scooter Libby from pointlessly spending 30 months in jail.

Idiotic Liberal policies have led to easier punishments on hardened criminals.  We have judges all over the country giving convicted child molesters months in jail and small probabation charges.  We had a bogus case that served no purpose than to appeal to the far-left who feels this qualifies as a sure legacy of corruption connected to the Bush administration.

Libby should be pardoned and it should happen now.