Who Needs the Truth?

Ever since election day 2000, we’ve heard nothing but “Bush stole the election!” Nobody has been able to prove this. They keep whining about Florida, and how the race was rigged, but the real truth has been stuffed down and ignored.

At 1949 Eastern Standard Time on November 7, 2000, nearly all of the major news networks–beginning with NBC–announced that the polls had closed in Florida and Gore had won the state’s 25 electoral votes. Trouble was, the Florida Panhandle was on Central time. Their polls were actually due to remain open for another hour. Thousands of voters who had not yet been able to vote didn’t go. Some were standing in line when the announcement was heard and left. With the demand for a recount, even with the military votes tossed out Bush still carried the state. He won three recounts. In the aftermath, the Supreme Court of the United States had to intervene to stop Florida voting laws from being upended. Even a Democratic strategist admitted that Bush lost no less than 10,000 votes in Panhandle precincts where the announcement caused people not to vote. The media, quick to prejudge, cost Bush votes–but he still managed to eek out a win. The AP refused to concede that Bush had won throughout the whole mess.

Later, at 0216 EST, FOX News analyst John Ellis made his network the first to announce that Bush had won the presidency. Somehow, the same MSM networks that had erroneously called the Florida election for Gore an hour too early managed to make the Bush win all Ellis’s fault. According to them, his announcement made it a psychological thing, some sort of behemoth that couldn’t be stopped (at two in the godforsaken a.m.? Please!). Why? Because Ellis was Bush’s cousin. Then, with no proof at all, the MSM accused Ellis of giving Bush confidential inside information–something that was completely illegal.

They’ve never dropped it. Not one of them has ever been able to prove the accusations against Ellis, but they refuse to let it go. A Lexis/Nexis search turns up literally hundreds of news articles about John Ellis’s role in the 2000 election…and next to none about the rest of the networks choosing to call Florida for Gore an hour before their polls closed, with less than 2% of the precinct numbers in.

Most recently, the MSM sought to sully the name of another conservative, this one far more prominent: Rush Limbaugh.

Rush has always been an object of hatred for the MSM. The liberal-controlled press, normally compassionate to liberals with drug problems, bragged about “the permanent smirk” they wore after Rush admitted to being addicted to Oxycontin in 2003. Just a couple of weeks ago Rush put in a bid to buy the St. Louis Rams (NFL). The media jumped on the announcement with both feet.

Dave Zirin, a writer for a radical rag known as The Nation (but put forth by MSNBC as a sportswriter), was the first to malign Rush over his bid. He claimed to have heard Rush say “slavery had its merits.” The same quote was used by NFL quarterback James Farrior and was posted on NBC’s website after being regurgitated by Dave Schuster. CNN joined the charge when anchorman Rick Sanchez spit out a more complete version of the quote: “…slavery built the South. I’m not saying we should bring it back. I’m just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark.”

The next day, the only mention of the quote on CNN was made by Sanchez, and he only said that Rush had denied ever saying anything like it. Nobody had offered the date, time, or an audio sample to prove its authenticity, but it was out there, and a good number of people believed it without question. Sanchez defended himself by claiming–also baselessly–that other racist quotes had been attributed to Rush and a lot of people found it offensive.

MSNBC didn’t even post Rush’s denial of the quote. They didn’t give him a second thought. David Schuster and Tamron Hall only repeated the quote and swore up and down that it was legitimate. Hall’s guest on that show, on Tuesday, October 13, was Karen Hunter–and she took the attack on Rush a step further by claiming Rush had praised James Earl Ray (Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassin) and said he deserved the medal of honor. Rachel Maddow parroted both quotes on her show. Trouble was, the only source from which the James Earl Ray quote was taken was a radically left-wing book by Jack Huberman called 101 People Who Are Really Screwing America (ripped from Bernie Goldberg’s book of the same title).

The “slavery” quote, which made it’s MSM debut with St. Louis Post-Dispatch op-ed writer Bryan Burwell, also originated with Jack Huberman. Burwell followed that bogus quote up with the following: “I know how those words play out in idiot America. They’re embraced as gospel.” The Post-Dispatch refused to back up their writer, but he wouldn’t back down. He went on to describe his article as “throwing a deck chair off the Titanic,” and made the first claim that Rush had a litany of racist remarks, thus making him unfit to own an NFL team.

When nobody–not Huberman, Burwell, Schuster, Sanchez or Hall–could come up with any proof that Rush had made any of those statements, the media spent less than 60 seconds on the idea that Rush may have been falsely accused. After that 60 seconds was up, they dropped it.

FOX has been the only network that has aired Rush’s demand that the accusations be retracted.

I don’t listen to Rush much. I really just don’t have the time. When he’s on, I’m at work, and I have more important things to do than listen to talk radio. What I do hear from him, however, I tend to agree with. And I find it stupefying that the MSM can all but try to throw a presidential election, blame it on a FOX analyst, and try to ruin a man with accusations of racism and hatemongering when all of it–ALL OF IT–is a crock of lies. I guess the quotes were just too good for anyone to do any source-checks.

Who needs the truth when we’ve got the media?