LOL of the Night

Doug Powers added his two cents (and so much more) over on Michelle Malkin’s blog today. Apparently, a group of Code Pink moonbats were going through Egypt on their way to aid those peace-loving terrorists in Gaza – better known as Hamas – when they were caught up in the unrest in Cairo. A group of Americans saved their rose-colored asses (sorry, ya’ll, but I couldn’t resist!) on a chartered flight out of the country and then proceeded to put the women up in a high-brow hotel in the Netherlands. The kicker? The Americans who came to Code Pink’s rescue were Shell Oil employees – the same company that Code Pink has repeatedly protested.

Doug had some sage words to make you wet yourself:

No doubt these two whiffle-brained irony magnets will be quickly reimbursing Shell because they’ll never be able to sleep at night knowing they’ve accepted blood money and favors from an evil oil company… right?

*Sniffle* Oh, my…WHOO!!!…that just burned another two hundred calories. I [heart] Doug Powers. There are links to some very good information about the incident, so please, visit the post and read all about it.