My Letter to My District’s Representative

Dear Congresswoman,

I am writing respectfully to ask you to not support or to withdraw support from HR3200.

In a town hall meeting today, President Obama stated that he had no problem with “people like him” paying “a little bit more” to make sure 46 million Americans had insurance.

In a perfect world, I suppose that would be fine – ideology aside – but the difference between Obama and others making over $250K per year is that he; like yourself, work for the United States Government.  It doesn’t matter if the United States Government makes a profit or not, he will still receive more than $250K per year, he will still be able to opt out of this plan the rest of us will have to live with, and he will still receive a pleasant retirement.

When CEO’s of insurance companies, as well as other industries the Government cannot seem to keep their hands off of, start producing losses because they are competing with the US Government who doesn’t have to make a profit ever, this means that the number of Americans making $250K per year decreases drastically.

This means less tax revenue to pay for all of this.  Just how does Congress and Obama expect to compensate for these inevitable tax losses without carving into the middle class out here stuck with a single-payer plan?  It will lead to that, because as insurance companies start to crumble, so will OUR choices.

I am begging you, please listen to your constituents.  I am an accountant and make a moderate income and am proud to be middle class – this bill will wreck our country.

Steve Flesher

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