Don’t Allow RINOs to Turn Us Back!

It’s announced by the Washington Post moments ago that defeated incumbent RINO-Republican, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, is expected to announce a write-in candidacy after losing the Republican primary to Palin-backed Joe Miller.

What’s next?  Is Mike Castle going to do the same thing in Delaware?

This week has been funny watching liberals suddenly rush to the defense of all the same types of the Republicans they blame for the mess we are in now when we actually get around to nominating real conservatives to bring back the party’s principles.

In addition to liberals whose pants are scared off, a lot of RINO back-scratchers like Karl Rove are throwing fits on Fox News whenever a conservative Palin-backed candidate ousts another RINO incumbent.

Let me make myself clear:  RINOs are just as bad for this country and for our party as the liberals are.  IF we have to sacrifice seats this year to keep them out, it is worth it.  Because when the chickens come home to roost as a result of these rotten spending plans, we’ll know which party is responsible for it. 

We must stand united in saying “No!” to candidates like Murkowski and other RINOs alike.