Smoke and Mirrors

As an emergency worker and occasional victim advocate (not to mention a constant student of criminal justice around the world), I have no respect for criminals. I used to work in prisons; if I had a buck for every inmate who ever told me they were innocent, I wouldn’t be working for a living today. Of all of the crimes committed in this world, I believe crimes against children are among the absolute worst. I believe there is a special circle in hell reserved for child abusers and molesters. I’ve been on calls that I cannot describe in any forum and had to face people who amount to little more than human debris – it is often all I can do to keep my cool. Sometimes I’ve had to simply walk out of a home or police office to avoid doing something monumentally stupid. I have to remind myself how much more wrong it would be to lock myself out of my profession by sinking to the bad guy’s level and the innocent people who may go without help if I and those I work with weren’t there anymore.

That said, I got into a discussion (if you could call it that) with a group of vicious, vile people who call themselves conservatives about certain gay issues. This was a very small group of people, and to the credit of the large number of others in this discussion, many were admonishing this small handful for their outrageous statements. I don’t often engage in online forums (mostly because I have better things to do with my time), but this time, I felt it necessary. As soon as things like hate crimes and hate speech legislation, gay marriage and indoctrination came up, I voiced an agreement on certain things. Even that wasn’t enough; one of these idiots came back with, “whether you agree with us or not, is irrelevant. Homos are child molesters and I don’t want you near my children.” Another called me “a manized woman” (it’s no wonder some liberals have so much material on conservatives with this kind of brilliance in our midst – not to say libs don’t give us plenty of material, but we have to admit, it’s embarrassing when these morons open their mouths).

They also said that I couldn’t possibly be a gay conservative, because the conservative movement, according to them, is a purely Christian movement and you cannot be a gay Christian to them, either. Clear as mud? Great!

I take particular offense to hearing these people accuse all homosexuals of being child molesters. There isn’t a soul writing for this blog or any other gay conservative blog (see as well) who wouldn’t love to strangle the life out of every same-sex oriented child molester in America for smearing us all in such a fashion. It is completely unfair to malign an entire community with such baseless hysteria; it’s the same thing we get pissed at liberals for. When the Nazis wanted to run off or exterminate the Jews, they characterized them as thieving rats that carry diseases and leech off of civilized society. We get mad at liberals for persecuting us but I have (so far) tried to tread carefully on the grounds of conservative misdeeds, with the exception of high-ranking politicians who claim conservatism but are actually more collectivist than anything else.

When the comment about child molesters was made, I pointed out that statistics actually show a 20-to-1 disparity between hetero- and homosexual child molesters. The commenter refused to buy it, and told me to either prove it or take my statement back (like some people are, he was very confrontational about it). What did I do? I dug into my resources and found 25 opposite-sex child molesters, both male and female, in the past two years who have been caught. I only found two same-sex molesters. I didn’t just offer vagueness, I gave the offender’s names. What’s more, those are only crimes I’ve followed right here in Arizona. In other parts of the country, the disparity can be even more pronounced.

Not only did the original challenger not respond, I got a handful of nasty-grams from a moderator who told me to stop the arguing.

Why do these honest-to-Bush idiots cling to their fearmongering belief that all gay people are sicko child molesters? Some like to point out serial killers such as Dean Corll, John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer, but while these three were absolutely deplorable, they are also widely acknowledged as anomalies – three killers in a pool of a couple hundred million is hardly a trend. Mark Foley was a perv who should have been ousted long before he was. One gay man in California was discovered by authorities a couple of years ago trying to pimp his adopted eight-year-old son out to other men. And who could forget king sicko Harry Hay, the founder of NAMBLA (whom Obama administration member Kevin Jennings has listed as one of his heroes)? While all of these wastes of skin are absolute pervs and they completely skeev me out, they are hardly representative of the gay community or gay people at large. In fact, the vast overwhelming majority of them – liberal and conservative alike – have openly rebuked them, yet we are still aligned with them by those who cling to the long-since debunked myth that all gay people are child molesters.

If conservatives wish to be taken a little more seriously and genuinely have a solid position of defense against liberals who label us all as hatemongers, we need to stop using the same tactics that they use – assigning frightening labels to those we dislike for whatever reason we choose. Stop using smoke and mirrors to get your way and start studying. Make sure you really are informed about something before publicly spouting off about it. Don’t simply take what your religious leader of choice spouts as pure gospel.

(I’m going to start posting songs along with some of my missives…I think this one fits.)