Yep…They’re Just Here to WORK.

Another Phoenix police officer has been killed in the line of duty by an illegal immigrant.

In the early hours this morning, officer Shane Figueroa was running full code (lights and sirens) to a call of shots fired when, passing through the intersection at 19th avenue and Roeser road–South Central Phoenix, or Maryvale for those not in Arizona–a white pickup truck turned in front of him too closely for him to stop.  Shane was likely killed on impact.  A passenger in the truck was transported to the hospital for serious injuries.

But the driver, 50-year-old Jose Rivas Gonzalez, was drunk.  I’d wager he was drunk off his ass.  He was treated for “minor” injuries and immediately booked into our infamous Fourth Avenue Jail, where he told investigators he was an “undocumented worker” from Mexico.

Translation: HE’S A FREAKIN’ ILLEGAL ALIEN who’s been leeching off of us for God knows how long.

Of course, the Arizona Repugnant can’t come out and say it.  They have to be politically correct about it, lest they anger the gods of the Hispanic community.  I don’t know what the climate is like in the states where the rest of our readers reside–I know Philip is in the Dallas area, liberal as hell–but in Arizona, the Hispanics practically run the media.  The illegal community (yes, I said it, make it a social buzzword because we do have one) gets their panties in a twist any time the media says anything disparaging regarding crime rates, including DUI, involving illegal aliens in America.

Well, I’m not the media, hombres.  I’m a middle-class nobody representing Joe Schmoe America, and I’m pissed.

Shane leaves behind a wife and a 3-month-old baby all because Jose Borderjumper didn’t have the cojones to call a cab.  Why?  I will never forget about a year ago, on my way home from a friend’s home in Queen Creek, I got on I-10 in Mesa and headed back to my home on the far Northwest side.  I almost immediately got hit by a trashy gold-colored Chevrolet Astro minivan, the driver so drunk he was literally taking up all four lanes.  I blogged about it then.  I called DPS dispatchers every ten minutes to give them an update and I followed the piece of trash, skipping my turnoff on I-17 to stay with the dude.  He nearly hit every car he came across, including a Phoenix police cruiser (who, by the way, never stopped the guy).  His driving was so dangerous I’m still shocked he never hit anyone.

Around Litchfield road (the far, far West end of the Valley, a good 70 miles from where it all started), he decided after actually passing the exit that it was time to get off the freeway.  Despite an almost sheer drop from the freeway surface to the frontage road and all the cactus and trees between point A and point B, dipshit swerved, cut off another minivan, and rolled down the embankment.  At the bottom he finally righted himself, and with myself and three other people on the side of the road trying to get down to him to yank him out of his van, he had the patent nerve to poke his head out the window, wave at us, holler something in very alcohol-garbled Spanish (I think I caught “what’s up” somewhere in there), laugh and pull away.  We lost him.  Seventy miles of freeway antics and we never saw height nor hair of a DPS officer.

I wonder if anyone called Gonzalez in.  I wonder if whoever was serving the drinks at the place where he got pissing drunk ever thought to cut him off or take his keys away.  I do not, however, wonder why Gonzalez thought it’d be a good idea to drive home extremely drunk.  In Latino society, it’s considered almost heroic to get completely trashed and still drive home.  If you make it, you’re the man.  DUI deaths are astronomical South of our border, and these cretins are bringing it into our country with them.  They didn’t care to come into our country legally.  What makes anybody think they care to follow the law once they’re here?

At the hour Shane was going through that intersection, traffic would have been very light and Gonzalez would have been able to see him coming from a mile off with his lights going.  This after officer Nick Erfle was shot to death by a violent illegal who had to be shot by a sniper after taking a hostage, a 21-year-old mafioso who’d been running with gangs since he could walk.

Where does it stop?  When do we say enough is enough, stop pandering to these losers and tell ’em to get the hell out?  Are the liberals out there listening?  Is Juan McAmnesty (aka John McCain) listening?  What about Obama, who also favors shamnesty?  How many widows and children will be left behind before we wake the hell up?  At this point I’d be satisfied if the media would stop brushing this problem off and call it for what it is.  We might go a long way toward doing what we need to do if everyone wasn’t worried about being so goddamned politically correct.

Commence with the cries of racism in 3…2…1…