The entire country has been attracted to the itty-bitty NY23 race, in which three candidates had entered: Republican Dede Scozzafava, Democrat Bill Owens and Independent Doug Hoffman. Hoffman had attempted to get the Republican nomination, but for reasons nobody has been able to figure out, the GOP endorsed Scozzafava, a pro-abortion, pro-stimulus, pro-big labor and pro-ACORN far-left winner of the Margaret Sanger Award. That was when Hoffman entered as an Independent.

The race took on monumental proportions and pretty soon the whole country was watching. Scozzafava had for a long time supported ACORN, then in the wake of the sting videos she said she’d have voted against giving them taxpayer support. She refuses, though, to distance herself from other groups, such as the SEIU and the Working Families Party. WFP is being investigated for voter fraud currently, with no fewer than 20 people finding that when they signed for what they thought was an absentee ballot, they were actually signing a ballot already filled out in their names–and entered for candidates they wouldn’t have voted for.

Newt Gingrich, after sitting down on the big, fluffy global warming couch with Nasty Pelosi, gave Scozzafava the GOP’s official endorsement. The controversies kept on, though. Not the least of those were Scozzafava refusing to debate publicly with Hoffman, then turning around and holding a press conference in front of Hoffman’s campaign headquarters during which she scolded HIM for refusing to engage her in a debate. The Republican party spent upwards of $1 million on Scozzafava’s campaign.

Shortly after Sarah Palin got involved, though, by backing Doug Hoffman, Scozzafava dropped out of the race. Then she generously repaid the Republican party’s backing and financing by–get this–backing Democrat candidate Bill Owens.

I’m pretty sure everybody tried to tell the Republican party that backing Scozzafava was a bad idea. Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, HotAir, Politico, everybody–all of the conservative bloggers who have traditionally been involved with the GOP–cried foul when they nominated Scozzafava. They didn’t listen. Now that she’s quit, we’ve been proven right. She’s defected.

The Republican party should listen and listen well. Conservatives are tired of the pandering to liberals and Democrats. The Democrats won because you couldn’t give us a true conservative, and the more you put folks like this up for us to vote for, you’re going to lose more and more support. Fair warning.

You deserve the payback you got from Scozzafava. You were stupid enough to endorse that pit viper in GOP costume, you deserve what she did. I’d rather have more independents than Republicans in office at this point because you’re no longer the party I remember from years ago.