This absolutely made me laugh so hard my evening beer came out my nose…yes, it hurt…get out both your tissue and your barf bags, because you’ll either laugh until you cry or you’ll forcefully regurgitate what you had for breakfast yesterday after reading this.

Remember Paul Rubi, from the last post? You know…the guy who (as described by AirForceWife) essentially put his fingers in his ears and went, “LALALALALA”? Well, Senator-elect Sinema went to Washington DC and this was what our buddy Paul Rubi had to say to her:

“Please communicate to the President that he is a man of great intellect and talent and that I believe in him and his vision for America; what I don’t like is that he is failing to forcefully communicate to the American people the accomplishments of his administration. He needs to be as energetic and articulate as he was in his a campaign for president. Please tell him: STOP BEING NICE TO THE REPUBLICANS! We are fighting for the soul of America. Can you please share these sentiments with him? Tell him the DREAM Act must be passed!”

Oh, holy good Godfrey…THAT is funny!

Failing to forcefully communicate the accomplishments of his administration? Honey, he’s communicated that just fine. We’re well aware of his accomplishments – the problem is that we don’t like them. We don’t see his “accomplishments” as a positive thing. He hasn’t been nice to the Republicans once since he took office, and his ramming of the crap sandwich down our collective throats is what pissed us all off in the first place! I guess if he gets out there and screams a little louder we’ll all start believing him, right? Oh, wait – HE ALREADY TRIED THAT! I suppose since so many people are unhappy with him he should “forcefully communicate” that conservatives aren’t allowed to use his name without his express permission, the way Hugo Chavez did today. This isn’t a free country, after all. We’re not allowed to think for ourselves in America.

OY. Some peoples’ kids…