Shannyn Moore: The Liberals’ “Hero”


It’s okay to be a hero.  Being a hero gives one a sense of honor.  Along with honor comes compassion, decency, and respect.  Not just respect for ourselves, but also respect for others around us.  Being a hero commands an essence of fairness and requires an understanding of truth and facts before taking action.

Did anyone ever see an episode of Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman where either one of the three captured or brought down someone without using their super powers to gain the absolute truth about one of their bad guys before taking action?  If so, I’d like to see them.  Then again, those shows had plots which were written decades ago – back when someone like Shannyn Moore would be forced to pay dire consequences for her irresponsiblity and her candid apparent starve for attention regardless of the cost to others.

Shannyn Moore “reported rumors.”  This is her defense.  And its this defense that has readers of the Bluffington Post declaring “Shannyn is a hero in my book.” 

If that book had a title, I wonder what it would be.  The Adventures of the Rumor-Reporting Alaskan?

Shannyn Moore; on her webpage, led others to believe (or in her words: “reported rumors”) that Sarah Palin may be under federal investigation.  Immediately, the FBI answered and said such rumors were absolutely false.  Did Shannyn Moore apologize?  No, she gave a speech in front of Sarah Palin’s office portraying HERSELF as the victim and Palin as the “bully” and “coward.”

If indeed Shannyn Moore was not a guest on MSNBC or never wrote blather that winds up on the Bluffington Post or in “articles” that pop up on internet search engines when one selects “news”, I wouldn’t be complaining.  But, this is someone Keith Olbermann (I know, just go with me for a minute) uses as a reference and has as a guest on his show whenever they want to report another ethics probe-canard against Sarah Palin.

Everyone of them (18 in one year) were won by Sarah Palin in which they found nothing wrong.  Even though Alaskans footed the bill for the legal fees and even though Sarah Palin had to pay in the neighborhood of $600K out of her own pocket to cater to these lunatics everytime MSNBC wanted to throw a worm to Shannyn Moore for more gossip on the soon-to-be ex-governor. 

After Palin announced her resignation, it was brought to Palin’s attention that this woman was contributing to the spread of these false rumors.  The response from Palin’s attorney is stated below in another post addressing Ms. Moore directly.

Now, this woman is going on Keith Olbermann’s show AGAIN tonight to talk about this issue.  In the video above, it is astonishing how this woman – this scumbag and sorry excuse for someone who could possibly report ANYTHING – and be used by a “news” organization like MSNBC, can state the First Amendment as defense in her response to Sarah Palin.  How about an apology?

The audacity one must have to claim being a victim and to be bullied by Palin when indeed it was this woman who helped bring many of these bogus ethics charges against Palin is off the charts.

JohnInCa sent an article in a previous forum stating that if Sarah Palin decides to follow through with her plans to sue someone like Shannyn Moore, that it could cost Moore thousands of dollars…..she deserves it…..and it needs to be immediately known that not only does this woman continue to hold her head high after stooping so low for attention, but that MSNBC and others in the media will continue to use her as a credible guest on their programs.

Any liberal that shows up, I challenge you to look through every post on this blog and find one false rumor peddled about any liberal politican as if it were fact.


This woman needs to grow up and deserves the legal beating of her life.