Stark Raving Mad

I just love it when one of my liberal acquantances tells me that I need to be more tolerant. I love it when I’m asked if I’ve ever questioned what I believe. I really love it when people tell me that I’m incapable of being reasonable because I’m politically conservative, and conservatives need to be more open-minded.

During Obama’s speech last week, Republican Jim Wilson shouted, “you lie!” when Obama talked about certain aspects of his healthcare reform. Democrats, in true fashion, immediately called for Wilson to be censured. Where is all the huff and puff when one of their own acts like a real neanderthal?

Where were they when Rep. Pete Stark threatened to throw a journalist out the window for nothing more than asking a question?


Or when Stark accused Republicans of sending troops to Iraq to get their heads blown off for the Presidents’ amusement?


Let’s go back a little further, though, shall we? Back in 1990, when Stark first started banging the drum for socialized healthcare, Dr. Louis Sullivan–a black man–opposed Stark’s Democrat plans openly. Stark couldn’t offer a single intelligent rebuttal, but he could insult Sullivan by saying, “you are a disgrace to your race and your profession.” Sullivan came back with a sarcastic, “I guess I should feel ashamed because Congressman Stark thinks I am not a ‘good Negro…as a Cabinet member who has spent almost four decades of my life dedicated to healing…(I) am unable to express my own views without being subject to race-based criticism by those who are not ready to accept independent thinking by a black man.”

Good for Sullivan for standing up for his beliefs. Stark the bully never changed, though. In 1995, Stark called Republican rep. Nancy Johnson a “whore” for the insurance industry when she refused to support his healthcare schemes as well (he also said that her only knowledge of health care was gained from “pillow talk” with her husband, who is a physician). Where were all the feminists when that happened?

In 1999, California state welfare director Eloise Anderson (a conservative) openly opposed life-long welfare entitlement. Stark called her a “baby killer,” saying, “she’d kill children if she had her way” because she refused to agree with Stark that some people are entitled to get welfare checks for their entire lives.

Then, in 2003, the House was about to begin hearings on pension fund legislation. Republican rep. Scott McInnis began reading the bill and rep. Bill Thomas began trying to drown him out. McInnis demanded that Thomas and Stark be quiet, and Stark began taunting him: “Oh, you think you are big enough to make me, you little wimp? Come on. Come over here and make me. I dare you.” Such a display is bound to shock anybody; Stark couldn’t just stop there, though. He continued, “You little fruitcake. You little fruitcake. I said you are a fruitcake.”

Think that was it? Think again! Stark went way over the top when he called McInnis a “c–ksucker.”

Then there was the incident with one of his constituents, Daniel Dow. Stark toed the line with 49 fellow Democrats on refusing to support a resolution that condemned the abuse at Abu Ghraib, but offered unbending support for the troops in Iraq. Dow, an enlisted soldier who had just returned home from Kosovo, wrote Stark a strongly-worded letter and faxed it in. To his utter shock and surprise, Dow came home from running errands to find a voicemail from his representative–but it wasn’t nice in the least. Stark told Dow he didn’t know what he was talking about, then told him that if he’d cared about enlisted people, he wouldn’t have supported the resolution, either. He went on to tell Dow that someone had likely put him up to it, because there was no way he was smart enough to actually write his own letter, then promised to call back to tell him how “great a god damned hero” Dow was.

Wow. Where were all the outraged Democrats when Stark was behaving like a neanderthal? Oh, wait, I forgot…he’s allowed to speak and act like a rap star because he’s a Democrat and a liberal, and as we all know they’re the only ones who know how to be tolerant.

Now remember, everybody…you have to be tolerant and open-minded!

(UPDATE: Here is the text of the letter and a link to actually hear the voicemail left for Dow by rep. Stark.)