The Big O

I posted here not too long ago about the MSM and liberals seeking to actively ignore the stupid things that Obama and his minions have said and done. Sheila “where are the pictures of the US flag on Mars” Jackson Lee (D-TX) has said so many idiotic things by now that I just weep for my home state when she opens her mouth. Hillary Clinton, with all the millions of dollars to spend on staff that one could ask for, couldn’t find anybody to help them translate the word “reset” into Russian properly and came off looking like a bumbling fool. Joe Biden doesn’t even have to flex his vocal chords anymore; if he merely opens his mouth, his foot lands in it.

Liberals have made much ado about Sarah Palin supposedly being an idiot. Pretty much the only two things they can point to are one interview in which she referred to Africa as a country – a faux pas we don’t actually have video footage of, at least not that I can find – and a later interview in which she couldn’t answer a question about which magazines she read to get her news. Hell, I couldn’t answer that question…I rarely read hard copy of anything these days. That’s what the Associated Press is online for!

Despite Obama saying he’d visited 57 states, mispronouncing “corpsman” twice, including in front of a group of sailors, not remembering the name of the soldier on the KIA bracelet he wore during the campaign (and has since disappeared), and making inappropriate jokes about the Special Olympics on Letterman, the liberals still think he’s endowed with intelligence that we cannot fathom.

And then…there’s this:


Better yet, there’s this:



I’m beginning to think there’s no hope for liberals. Logic really isn’t that difficult. It simply requires shutting off your emotions long enough to string together a series of coherent thoughts that don’t include the words, “conservatives are racist, hatemongering idiots!”

Why do I call him the Big O? Because members of the press, while traveling with him during his campaign, fawned over him like groupies backstage at a Nickelback concert. They all but threw their underwear at him. The videos I saw were just about the most gag-inducing display of superstar worship I think I’ve ever seen.