‘What about the Bush Administration?’



Do liberals really believe they have a complete pass from answering any questions or factually answering any allegations of corruption against their beloved President by saying ‘What about the Bush Administration?’ or ‘the last eight years….’?

I have such a new love and respect for Michelle Malkin.  This girl can fight!  And while she doesn’t make the hosts jump out of their skin and leap with vocal rage like Ann Coulter has with both Matt Lauer and Barbara Walters, she does a darn good job.

In both of these videos, Malkin discusses corruption and cronyism and with Joy Behar gets the ‘What about the Bush Administration?’ line. 

I’d like to point out that all conservatives were angry about Mike Brown and Harriet Miers and actually fought against Bush for appointing them.

Simply because these folks existed though does not excuse the true corruption hanging around the White House these days. 

Be prepared as the veil continues to be pulled off.  Now it’s time for every alleged act of corruption out of the Bush administration to make a comeback.

Valerie Plame, call your agent!  Maybe you can get that book published, after all.