Trying Times

Contrary to what the Democrats would have us all believe, things are getting worse. Stocks continue to drop. Unemployment hasn’t improved–in fact, it’s gotten worse (saving 150,000 jobs as opposed to losing 1.6 million? Please!). One of the stalwarts of the international lending industry, American Express, seemingly impervious to the economic hardships, announced layoffs for the first time today. And Obama, despite many reports that say it’s a bad idea, has announced a new government requirement of 35.5 MPG on all new vehicles by the year 2016.

Do we really still think Obama’s doing a good job?

We’re talking about a guy who believed that spreading the wealth was a great idea. He has all but wrested control of the banking industry from the owners, even in cases where the banks involved did a fantastic job doing the right thing while all the others were helping toss our economy down the crapper. Since when does a free country allow the government to decide what they do with their money? When did being free mean that the government decides what’s best for our vehicles? Did Obama even read the reports that show smaller vehicles account for the highest death rates on the roads?

What’s even more galling is that any liberal can still think that Obama was really just raising taxes on the rich in light of another recent development: a new $1300 tax on all new vehicles. That’s not going to hurt the rich, folks. That will be for every new vehicle, regardless of your income. Still think he’s really only raising taxes on the rich? He says we’ll make that back in three years in savings on gas, but shouldn’t we be saving PERIOD? Why should we replace a savings with another expenditure? Why do we need the new taxes?

Oh, yeah…I forgot. The Generational Theft Act of 2009, a.k.a. the “stimulus.” We gotta pay that back somehow. Aside from inflation, taxing one of the things we rely on the most is the best way to recoup those funds.

These are trying times, folks, make no mistake. Obama is NOT our messiah. And considering his gaffe-machine VP (who seems to have completely digested both feet and is working his way up to his knees now) can’t keep his mouth shut, I don’t think we can get these idiots out of office quickly enough.