Trust Us!

I have to point out a lot of things happening that the MSM won’t touch for the most part (CNN has had a few blips on their webpage, but FOX is pretty much the only one pointing all of this out aside from local rags). Even I didn’t think some of the things I’m reading about could get this bad.

In a comment on my last post, I pointed out a very illegal act committed by the Obama administration. During negotiations for GM’s bankruptcy proceedings, Obama cut a deal with GM that upended bankruptcy law. GM agreed to give $0.50 on the dollar to union stockholding investors; the lenders, however, were only to get a mere $0.33 on the dollar, and the bondholders were to get right around the same (possibly a little less) if anything at all. Now, with a similar bankruptcy proceeding at Chrysler, Obama has tried to do a similar deal: $0.55 on the dollar to union stockholders and a paisley $0.23 on the dollar to bondholders and lenders. This flies in the face of every bankruptcy law on the books. Bondholders come before shareholders, and there’s different levels of bonds; in the Chrysler case, police officers and teachers whose pensions were wrapped up in those bonds were supposed to receive the highest return because they had put more in. Unions were to be on the bottom of the totem pole.

When these lenders and bondholders refused to agree to these deals, Obama threatened to castigate them in the press. Is this the “flinty Chicago toughness” Obama wanted to apply to DC?

Yesterday, a closed-door session was held by congressional Democrats seeking to raise taxes. What’s that again? RAISE taxes? I thought the little guy was supposed to get a break?!? Nope. In case you hadn’t noticed, Obama has already raised taxes on tobacco, in particular on cigarettes (I don’t smoke cigarettes, but my dad does; my pipe tobacco has gone up significantly in price thanks to those taxes). Now they want to raise the tax on beer by more than 200%–ostensibly to pay for the upcoming universal healthcare. Hard liquor, particularly the expensive stuff, will hardly see a rise in taxes (who is Obama looking out for now?), and wine will see a significant rise as well.

NOT ONLY IS HE RAISING ALCOHOL TAXES TO PAY FOR HIS HEALTHCARE PLAN, he wants to tax the pants off of businesses and employees who have good healthcare benefits. So because I worked hard, got an education, and now work for a company that cares enough to help provide good health insurance, my taxes will go up and my company will pay more as well. Which means that eventually my benefits will go away because neither I nor my company will be able to pay for them.

This would force a synthetic need for the government system.

The One claims that our current system is “slowing” our economy at a bad time. Really? How? I have benefits because I worked to get a job that would provide them with a company that cares. I had neither a better or worse chance than anyone else to better my life; I knew I needed to provide for myself and the family I want in the future, and that’s what I’m doing. Why should I pay for everyone else who chose to skate through life and depend on others to take care of them?

In Japan last year, a bicyclist hit by a car died needlessly waiting for care. It wasn’t a lack of paramedics. The medics arrived within seconds of the first call for help, actually. It took an hour for the medics to locate a hospital willing to take the man, and what we in the EMS field call the “golden hour” was wasted trying to find a facility to treat a very treatable patient. Japan has a system much like what Obama wishes to implement. Cancer patients and those in need of organ transplants are assessed for their “quality of life” in these systems…if they don’t have a good chance of surviving, guess what? They’re not treated. Why waste the money treating a patient who isn’t going to survive? That’s the way universal healthcare works, no matter how Obama puts it to you. My grandmother and great-grandmother received top-notch treatment for their illnesses despite their grim prognoses because our system the way it is can support it.

The government is talking about taxing all junk foods, sodas and alcoholic beverages that contain yeast because they contribute to unhealthy lifestyles. I’m sorry, but if you have the money and it’s legal to consume, the government has no business penalizing you for your choices. That’s not the hallmark of a free society.

We wanted change. We had to have it, no matter what. Now we’ve got it. And Obama and the Democrats patronized us by saying, “trust us! We know better than you, we can make your lives happier!”

Oh, and I can’t help but chortle at another bit of fantastic news: House Democrats have struck down a Republican effort to create a bipartisan panel to investigate Nancy Pelosi’s claims that the CIA lied. So much for promises of transparency.