I Guess Obambi Forgot to Check with his Economic Specialists on this one….

In an attempt to make Americans gag last night, Obama gave a speech confirming that “waterboarding was torture” just less than a year admitting that it was above his paygrade with regard to when life begins for a baby. 

Let’s see, dripping water down the noses of terrorists versus sucking the life of an innocent child down a tube?  Hmmmm….

Anyway, in the same speech, Hussein expressed optimism over Chrysler:

Obama also expressed much greater optimism now than a month ago that Chrysler could remain a “going concern,” possibly without filing for bankruptcy or with a “very quick” one. Obama did not say so, but Italian automaker Fiat Group SpA is expected to sign a partnership agreement with Chrysler LLC by Thursday as part of negotiations to keep the struggling U.S. automaker alive without bankruptcy protection.

And what to my eye appears today?


Good call, Obambi.  Be sure to tell your capable economists and analysts how much we appreciate their accurate predictions.  I am certain the same deep thought and analysis was performed before deciding to let our enemies know how far our interrogations go now or releasing photos of interrogated prisoners for the world to see.