Are Liberals Implying Stupidity Among Legal Mexican-Americans?

michelle.jpgMichelle Malkin

Tonight on the O’Reilly Factor, the wonderful Michelle Malkin filled in for Bill O’Reilly and faced off with Newsday-writer and Democratic-commentator, Ellis Henican along with illegal-alien activist (or “immigrant activist” in the politically correct world of the mainstream media), Juan Hernandez who is basically an open-borders loon.


The main message by individuals like Hernandez is that there are a lot of hardworking Hispanic illegals that deserve a fair break and they plead with Americans like Malkin to “have a heart, Michelle!”


Nobody is denying the fact that Hispanics are hardworking people.  But Hernandez, Ellis Henican, Gerald Rivera, and other open-borders fanatics are indeed the ones making this all about Hispanics and Latinos. 


Ellis Henican proclaims that this is going to hurt Republicans in the next two presidential elections.  Hernandez claims that Latino voters will punish both parties for rejecting the “shamnesty” bill. 


What does Hernandez think that this says to decent Mexican-American immigrants who immigrated here legally and earned their way in the great American culture respectively?  He says that it’s okay for illegals to bypass all of the steps they took?  Why would legal-Mexican-Americans care about the reaction of America to people that lacked the respect and character that they have?  Would these crazies also support illegal Doctors, non-degreed attorneys, or Presidential candidates that have no adequate experience?  Oh wait, that last one is correct!


Moreover; why is it always extreme-leftists like Ellis Henican or Geraldo Rivera that promise Latino-backlash onto Republicans that are the ones making this ALL ABOUT HISPANICS!? 


Comparing hardworking LEGAL AMERICANS (including the Mexican ones, the Arab ones, the African ones, the Polish ones, etc) and grouping them up with disrespectful criminals seems to me that Geraldo, Ellis, and Juan are indeed the ones taking the true racist position!


If indeed they are also proclaiming that Mexican-Americans are stupid, I suppose they are right.  Legal Mexican-Americans that worked to earn their citizenship will reject the party that stood up for their character and their contribution to our society that says “Shamnesty is NOT okay with us!”


Liberals will continue to work as hard as they can to segregate groups to create civil wars and politically correct barriers that make it difficult for all of us to stay on the same page.  Luckily not all Americans are as stupid as they take us to be.