Illegal Immigration-Comment Hall of Fame!


What I love about blogging is the opportunity to meet new friends.  In doing that, one of the great friends I have met is Jennifer.  Like me, Jennifer is a hardworking average American that loves speaking her mind.  Regarding my post on Michelle Malkin’s debate with Ellis Henican and Juan Hernandez, Jennifer said the following:

“I heard Rush this week say that Juan Williams said that the shamnesty bill was “just as nice thing to do”.
So is giving women the “right to choose”. And when liberals take the stance of “it’s a nice thing to do” there are always horrible ramifications for that action. Like the fact that we’ve aborted 40 millions babies that could have been in our workforce by now. How many of those could have helped find a cure for cancer?

Taking that same logic, it’s a nice thing to do, to allow illegal people access to our government services, not pay taxes and bankrupt our healthcare system, because, we need to provide them with jobs, because, well they’re hard working and we need to be Nice.

But it’s NOT okay with most Americans and that’s what these senators and crazy media types don’t get. It’s probably not okay with the LAW ABIDING immigrants either. Personally, I think we should round up every illegal, and put them on the first bus back to the middle of mexico. I’m tired of them clogging up our highways, trashing our neighborhoods and having children out of wedlock that they cannot afford.”

DAMN!  You go girl!
You can read some of Jenn’s original stuff here.