A Nuclear Conflict Of Interest


This one has always been in the back of my mind. Nah.  It’s been at the front of my mind.  I don’t want to sound un-PC.  But I will. When you put someone named Mohammed ElBaradei in charge of the IAEA (International  Atomic Energy Agency) and charge them with investigating Iran’s nuclear activities – what do you expect?

Hurl your accusations of racism or nationalism or whatever at me, but not before you read this article from the Wall Street Journal that simply confirms what I have believed aboutMr. ElBaradei all along.  ElBaradei is a fraud who exhibits anti-Western and anti-Israeli tendencies. 

Mr. ElBaradei’s report culminates a career of freelancing and fecklessness which has crippled the reputation of the organization he directs. He has used his Nobel Prize to cultivate an image of a technocratic lawyer interested in peace and justice and above politics. In reality, he is a deeply political figure, animated by antipathy for the West and for Israel on what has increasingly become a single-minded crusade to rescue favored regimes from charges of proliferation.

Mr. ElBaradei assumed the directorship on Dec. 1, 1997. On his watch, but undetected by his agency, Iran constructed its covert enrichment facilities and, according to the 2007 U.S. National Intelligence Estimate, engaged in covert nuclear-weapons design. India and Pakistan detonated nuclear devices. A.Q. Khan, the Pakistani nuclear godfather, exported nuclear technology around the world.

Why trust this man?  He has shown no propensity to curb third-world nuclear proliferation anywhere on the globe, much less in Iran.  Yet someone hands him a Nobel prize and declares him a demi-god?  More likely that was done because of his opposition to the US and their attempts to keep maniacs like Ahmadinejad from achieving nuclear capabilities.  ElBaradei is a Muslim sympathizer.  His record speaks for itself.

The IAEA director seems intent on undercutting Security Council diplomacy. Just weeks after President George Bush toured the Middle East to build Arab support for pressure on Tehran, Mr. ElBaradei appeared on Egyptian television on Feb. 5 to urge Arabs in the opposite direction, insisting Iran was cooperating and should not be pressured. And as he grows more and more isolated from Western powers intent on disarming Iran, Mr. ElBaradei has found champions in the developing and Arab world. They cheer his self-imposed mission — to hamstring U.S. efforts to constrain Iran’s program, whether or not the regime is violating its non-proliferation obligations or pursuing nuclear weapons.

Yeah.  Sorry.  Muslim sympathizer.  He is an apologist for Islamist regimes like Iran and a protector of any other tin-pot dictatorship that antagonizes the US and the West with threats of nuclear weapons.  I want to know who the hell put this guy in charge of the IAEA in the first place.  He is biased, has a political agenda and does not serve his office or the international community well.  It’s time to “can” ElBaradei before it’s too late.