You’re Gonna “Punch” Us?

Oooooo.  Please don’t hurt me, Mr. Iranian Military Terrorist Man!!!!

Local press in the Iranian capital of Tehran quoted Revolutionary Guards leader Gen. Yahya Rahim Safavi saying that he could understand Washington’s ire toward the group because of their “leverage” against the U.S.

“America will receive a heavier punch from the guards in the future,” he was quoted as saying in the conservative daily Kayhan. “We will never remain silent in the face of U.S. pressure and we will use our leverage against them.”

There was no elaboration on what Safavi meant by the punch or the organization’s “leverage.”

Probably because the barbaric, 4th world dufus had no idea what he meant himself.  So is the the word from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in response to the Bush administration’s threat to list either the entire Guard or its special forces as an official terrorist entity.  This action would allow the government to cut the Guard off economically and take action against companies who deal with them.

Naturally, Iran is pissed.  No foreign military force has ever been designated as a terrorist group.  This action would be unprecedented but well-deserved.  Consider the role of the Guard in the violence rocking Iraq, training and arming Hezbollah against Israel and generally lending tactical and military support to any thugs who wish to undermine the US and/or Israel.  If that doesn’t meet the definition of a terrorist, I’m not sure what the word means.  The Iranian Revolutionary Guard seems to meet the criteria.

I read over the US State Department’s guide for the designation of an FTO (Foreign Terrorist Organization).  I didn’t have to read very far to see that the Guard clearly meets the criteria.

As used in this chapter [chapter 8 of the INA], the term ‘engage in terrorist activity’ means in an individual capacity or as a member of an organization–

    1. to commit or to incite to commit, under circumstances indicating an intention to cause death or serious bodily injury, a terrorist activity;
    2. to prepare or plan a terrorist activity;
    3. to gather information on potential targets for terrorist activity;
    4. to solicit funds or other things of value for–
  2. (aa) a terrorist activity;

    (bb) a terrorist organization described in clause (vi)(I) or (vi)(II); or

    (cc) a terrorist organization described in clause (vi)(III), unless the solicitor can demonstrate that he did not know, and should not reasonably have known, that the solicitation would further the organization’s terrorist activity;

Or maybe you can try this –

  1. to commit an act that the actor knows, or reasonably should know, affords material support, including a safe house, transportation, communications, funds, transfer of funds or other material financial benefit, false documentation or identification, weapons (including chemical, biological, or radiological weapons), explosives, or training–
  1. (aa) for the commission of a terrorist activity;

(bb) to any individual who the actor knows, or reasonably should know, has committed or plans to commit a terrorist activity;(cc) to a terrorist organization described in clause (vi)(I) or (vi)(II); or(dd) to a terrorist organization described in clause (vi)(III), unless the actor can demonstrate that he did not know, and should not reasonably have known, that the act would further the organization’s terrorist activity.

I think those are pretty solid standards when it comes to defining a terrorist organization.  And I don’t give a crap if it is “unprecedented” to name a foreign military force as a terrorist organization.  Since when have the Iranians had any respect for precedent or convention?  The mullahs have dedicated an entire branch of their armed forces to promoting terrorism.  THAT is unprecedented.

So the Iranians can cry and whine all day, and Europe can come running to them with a box of Kleenex.  But regardless of what you think of the Bush administration, I can say this – they have some balls and they aren’t afraid to  call a spade a spade.