Israel’s Prerogative


According to Merriam Webster, the definition of prerogative is “an exclusive or special right, power, or privilege.”  When it comes to building settlements in “occupied” territory, Israel has that exclusive right.  They won the 7 Day War in 1967.  They own the territory.  No one has any right to dictate what the nation of Israel should do.  Nor should anyone encroach on their sovereignty.

The world believes that, because the Middle East is a fragile region, Israel should sacrifice her sovereignty, her rights and her identity in order to appease the wishes of the international community and their vision of peace.  The false thinking is that Israel’s acquiescence to international demands will placate the Arab/Persian nations.  Not so.  Those nations and people are bent on Israel’s destruction at any cost.  Any negotiation or talks are simply attempts by the Arab/Persian nations to buy time while they determine the best way to eradicate the Jewish nation.

So, when I see headlines like “Despite U.S. Rift, Israel OKs West Bank Building,” I recoil.  Israel doesn’t need US permission to build houses or apartments in the “occupied” territory.  Israel is not an occupier anymore than the US was an occupier in Iraq.  Israel, like the US, was a victor. They determine what happens with the territory.  Consequently, they are entitled to build as they wish.

By rebuffing U.S. pressure, Netanyahu has tried to cement the support of a coalition that is committed to strengthening Israel’s control over the West Bank.At the same time, he has offered to slow construction afterward in exchange for overtures from the Arab world. This has mollified the Americans or the Palestinians, who have demanded an immediate and total freeze.

“Given the choice between making peace and making settlements, they have chosen to make settlements,” chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said.

Unfortunately, George W Bush and his two predecessors lent credibility to this appeasement. They were helped by Israel’s Labor and Kadima administrations.  Now that Likud is in control, they are simply asserting the rights that they have.  I was estatic the day that Netanyahu gained power.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and his administration should resist Obama and the international community.  I used to believe in a Two-State solution, but I’m really starting to doubt that.  I watch Iran gain nukes, the Taliban and al-Qaeda gain power in Afghanistan/Pakistan and the continued radicalization of the Middle East – and I wonder how we can dictate our orders to the democratic nation of Israel.  The Israelis deserve our total, unconditional support .

Here’s some food for thought –

Dani Dayan, leader of the West Bank settlers’ council, said the government had approved only limited construction and accused it of caving in to American pressure.”North Korea is going on developing its nuclear capabilities, Iran is going on developing its nuclear capabilities, we have threats all over the world and all the world international community is interested with is whether my daughter builds her house next to mine,” he told foreign reporters. “It is all based on the erroneous perception that the creation of a Palestinian state is the magical solution to the situation here.”

Amen brother.