The Lies of the Fox Mole

In just a few days, Gawker’s “Fox Mole” has been outed as O’Reilly associate producer Joe Muto. He apparently began working for O’Reilly in 2004 with the express purpose to “get hired, keep my head down and my views to myself, work for a few months, build my resume…” Whether his original purpose was to act as a mole isn’t answered in his first dispatch, posted just a few days ago. The title begins with “Announcing Our Newest Hire”, so chances are he wasn’t in any kind of deal with Gawker. The supposed three-part series is impossible to follow as Gawker doesn’t have one launching point for all three where they’re labeled appropriately; you really kinda have to take a shot in the dark and hope you’re getting the right one if you’re interested in reading them in order.

What he says in his posts, however, is breathtakingly offensive to every conservative on the planet. I’m pretty sure some of his misinformation is deliberate.

First, he claims to be blacklisted because he works at Fox News. If that’s the case, then how did Fox personality Rita Cosby get picked up so quickly by MSNBC in 2005? I find it very hard to believe that other networks refused to pick him up because he worked for Fox.

Second, he refers to Fox Nation – the blog arm of the network where hosts and producers can talk about the news with viewers and readers – as “an unholy mashup of the Drudge Report, the Huffington Post and a Klan meeting.” His whole point is based on a single article called “Obama’s Hip-Hop BBQ Didn’t Create Jobs.” He says, in caps, “HOLY MOLY THESE PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE THE BLACK PRESIDENT.”

Excuse me? Oh, yes – he really did say that. His claims point to odd commenters who used the n-word when referring to President Obama (I have only twice seen anyone use the n-word when referring to the President on Fox Nation, and those people are soundly rebuked by everyone else in short order – something you won’t see on those articles now because Fox routinely shuts down comments on an article once it reaches a certain age). Muto also points to commenters who refer to Obama as “the Muslim president”, something I have said before – it’s not a racist thing. The man has “slipped” before and referred to it as “my Muslim faith.” We’re not lying when we call him that, nor are we being racists. I would think people would get the message when Obama shelled out one and a half billion for the Muslim Brotherhood, but apparently that has gone completely unnoticed.

What’s more, Muto doesn’t link the actual articles. What he links to are the reports from uber-hard-left groups such as Huffington Post, Media Matters and Think Progress. That, in and of itself, should be very telling.

He goes on to provide unseen footage of Mitt Romney and Sean Hannity talking off-air about riding horses – particularly the kind of horses he likes as opposed to his wife. He then has the nerve to compare Romney enjoying horseback riding to Obama playing golf. Hold on just a minute, sparky…Obama goes out to play golf when he SHOULD be running the country. He does it with astonishing frequency. He also goes on “date nights” that include taking a carbon-belching jet to New York to do things that only the very wealthy can afford to do all while telling the rest of us that we need to “tighten our belts”. Exactly who do you think you’re fooling?

Then he really gets under my skin. He mocks Romney’s proper pronunciation of a particular breed of horse – a dressage horse known as an Austrian Warmblood – by saying, “to GOP-voter ears it sounds not only gay, but even worse, French.”

You arrogant little shit.

There are about three or four hundred conservatives I personally know who got pissed about that remark. Every single one of them knows I’m a lesbian, and they think it’s fantastic that I’m both gay and politically conservative. Many of them actually support gay marriage rights despite what morons like you would have the whole world believe. They don’t wish me dead, they don’t want to see me thrown in jail under any re-hashed sodomy law; they wish me all the happiness in the world. Every one of them was just as deeply insulted by your crass remark as I was. We are all continually insulted by the continuing claims that we are all racists who dislike the President because he’s black. I guess you missed the many messages of overwhelming support for Allen West to run. Either you missed them or you deliberately ignored them.

You are just another mouthpiece for the Soros-funded left-wing extremism that permeates our culture like a noxious fume. You’ll decry dangerous rhetoric even as you spit it out like a trained parrot. I hope you’re proud of yourself.