Irony? Try Hypocrisy

(There’s been a lot going on in my corner of the world…I’ve been “seeing” a girl from my hometown who’s in med school here in Arizona, and that’s the only information I’m going to give–she doesn’t want to be identified publicly and won’t give me pictures until she’s absolutely sure I will never, ever post them on Facebook or MySpace (no matter how much I swear). As a result I haven’t been spending much time going to the library or my dad’s to use a computer. Once I fix my computer next month it won’t be so long between posts and responses. There’s also been an event that has rattled several of my friends in public safety, and I won’t give many details as I’ve promised not to give much away, but an Arizona DPS officer was killed last night while laying down stop sticks to end a chase. Pray for his family; he had a wife and four children aged 4 months – 7 years.)

Reader BurningMonk added this comment a couple of days ago to the post Burn Their Churches to the Ground:

I’m so tired of the irony of your blog.

Spend time doing something for your community, like building one, not splintering off.

Fighting back is the only way to achieve freedom. Please just check out some of the violence against gays around the world and in your hometown…Please don’t be the gay that will walk by as I get beaten up or threatened.

Read the book “Faggots” by Larry Kramer, and start to get a clue about your history.

Stop spreading Hate please, Conservative Gay…thank you

I felt this needed its own post and response. Here it is.

I am tired of the absolute hypocrisy and shill nature of the gay rights movement.

I will always, regardless of who the target is, stand up and either speak or act in defense of those targeted unfairly. If I hear a politician spewing outright lies, I will call them out. If I hear a fellow Christian disparaging all gays as being sick and twisted, I will correct them. If I were to see someone being beaten by a group of people simply for being gay, I would have absolutely no fear in taking a few hits to fight to protect them–I am well-trained and not afraid to take or offer harm if the situation calls for it, though I don’t issue threats unless I am about to actually do harm.

Note what I said there: regardless of who the target is. That means that if I hear a gay rights activist saying or doing something wrong, I’ll stand up against you, too.

Wanting equal rights does not give anybody the right to do or say anything you please. We’re not being rounded up and put in camps. Hell, we’re not even being arrested under sodomy laws anymore. The big issues now are the right to marry and protections for housing and employment (hate crimes is marked off the list, thanks to you guys–I have always been firmly against any and all hate crimes legislation). Housing and employment I can certainly understand; nobody should be discriminated against as long as they are responsible, capable members of society. Marriage (Philip will likely disagree with me on this) is something I don’t think we should mess with, and I’m perfectly fine with civil unions as long as they offer the same benefits under the law.

Either way, proposing violence against your adversary simply because you disagree with them is never excusable unless they do violence against you first. THAT is hate, folks, whether you like it or not. By doing and saying these things you are, believe it or not, persecuting them, and that is something they actually look forward to.

I know the gay community’s history quite well, as do Philip and Steve. There is just as much hypocrisy and crime in our past as there is in everyone else’s. BurningMonk, if I saw you being beaten I would fight just as hard for you as I would for any of my friends. I would be willing to do severe injury–even kill–to protect you from the violent thugs who actually do threaten us. Those punks are not being led by Christians today, however, and I will not tolerate them being branded as hatemongers any more than I would tolerate the punks doing violence.

If you want to know where the hate is, take a long hard look in the mirror. It’s a two-way street.