See What I Mean? Perez Proves Me RIGHT!

Here was the scene at the Miss USA pageant a few days ago:


Before I get into the meat of the issue, somebody please explain to me how Perez Hilton landed a spot on the judge’s panel for Miss USA. PLEASE. Does he have an ounce of expertise, or is he just a horrid attempt at being inclusive? If that was their aim, I’d rather they chose a member of the gay community LEAST likely to pull some half-baked stunt, like Melissa Etheridge. Anyway, you can well guess what was likely after Carrie PreJean’s answer was in the video above made the rounds. Here was Hilton’s equally half-baked response:


My short response? GAG ME.

We’ve all heard the controversy. It’s been all over the news for the past two nights. What really galls me is that this flittin’ drama queen has the balls to post on his blog “this is getting to the point of ridiculous now!”

Perez, you are a sleazeball. You knew what you were doing when you submitted that question, and you knew as soon as Carrie PreJean gave her answer that it was going to become another controversy. I have no trouble at all believing that you were planning what you’d say and do before you’d even pulled your backside out of that auditorium seat, and you absolutely love the attention. You make a living off of it.

That said, Perez has proved me 100% right: the liberal gay community is incredibly hypocritical and completely intolerant of anyone who disagrees, no matter how civil or nice that person is. They are completely incapable of tolerating any viewpoint that differs from theirs. This is where I distance myself from the gay community at large, at least to what degree I can, because I cannot disagree with anyone more than I do right now with those who are castigating Miss California. I cannot wrap my brain around the concept of demanding tolerance while being unwilling to offer it. Perez apologized briefly, then retracted his apology and escalated the whole thing by invoking the c-word on a national news show.

This is what I’ve been talking about for so long. The gay community wants tolerance, maybe acceptance to a degree, but the instant someone politely disagrees the GLBT masses (and their PC supporters) jump up and down and scream “HATEMONGERS!!!” at the top of their lungs. In this case, I’m particularly embarrassed because there was no malice whatsoever in Miss California’s words, tone or expression. She simply offered an honest answer, and the ultra-PC crowd can’t handle it.

I obviously disagree with Miss California’s beliefs. I personally know my homosexuality to be normal; loving women, for me, is as natural as breathing. And as cynical as I can be sometimes I still believe there’s some amazing girl out there who is waiting to share this life with me. When I find her, I intend to commit myself to her and I’d like the law to recognize that union. I do NOT, however, condone in any way, shape or form this wholesale evisceration of Carrie PreJean’s character simply because she doesn’t see things the way I do. I hope she can accept this humble lil’ blogger’s apology on behalf of all of the GLBT people out there who believe in her right to her beliefs.

You, however, Perez–you scum-sucking, bottom-feeding lowlife–if you ever grow up, I may forgive you for making us all look like raving lunatics. While I may agree that freedom of speech in America means that having an opinion that isn’t popular may mean you don’t get paid to talk about that opinion, I refuse to let you get away with taking it so far. And for you to post on your blog all this sadness at two 11-year-old kids who killed themselves supposedly because other kids were calling them gay? You have no right to feign such shock, especially considering you feel it is the duty of every gay and lesbian person to come out of the closet and you’ve deliberately outed a few to prove your point.

One last thing…had to add this later…didn’t Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton all say essentially the same thing? That they “respectfully” disagreed with legalizing gay marriage? Where the hell is all the contempt for them that’s being fired with both barrels at Miss California?!?