Gay Brick Walls

I’ve been absent off and on for the past few months…I’ve actually been pretty sick. I finally had to have surgery to remove a badly infected gallbladder a couple of weeks ago. It could hardly have had worse timing; my roommate was in the process of moving back to Michigan and I was getting ready to move into my new loft in North Phoenix when everything finally came to a head. I am recuperating, although I can’t go to the gym, can’t practice kung fu, and can’t lift anything weighing more than ten pounds. That makes it awfully hard to move.

While I was in the first stage of recovery, I obviously had a lot of time on my hands, so I found a website called Xtranormal and decided to have some fun. The first “movie” I made with the site is a remake of a conversation that I had in real life with a person who had been a friend but quit speaking to me after he found out that I was politically conservative. I kept the language a lot cleaner than the actual conversation was (God knows both websites would’ve complained that it was too profane just to have an excuse to block it), but it’s essentially the same words otherwise. Enjoy!