Madonna, Typical Democrat

I suppose Madonna is part of the majority of Democrats who believe that comparing Republican Senators to Hitler is all it takes to be an effective party-supporter.  But living up to the standards of the party in her private life, never!

This article talks about Madonna’s crew that are accompanying her on her music tour.  The near 250 person crew are complaining and a lot are threatening to walk as they are sick of being hauled from city to city on over-crowded flights and being forced to stay in less-than-acceptable hotels.  Madonna; on the other hand, flies with her husband and children from stop-to-stop on a private jet.

First, doesn’t Madonna know that her wealth should be temporarily re-distributed to offer her crew members the same LUXURIOUS accomdations that she stays in?  Madonna’s behavior really does resemble the myth of Republicans spewed by Democrats on a daily basis.  The rich get richer, while the poor get stepped on!

Second, doesn’t Madonna know what her private jet is doing to our Earth?  For someone who celebrated Al Gore winning the Oscar, she seems to continue the celebration by flying around in as many private planes and sucking up just as much energy as Gore does.

These Democrats, such a principled party.  Comparing McCain to Hitler may very well be the best contribution this bubblehead could do for Democrats.