Leave Your Guns At Home!

I bet you can’t guess which one of the two main subjects in this photo is carrying two guns:


If you guessed the older, quirky-looking guy in the red hat, you’d be dead wrong. It’s the guy he’s speaking to–identified only as “Chris”–who raised eyebrows when he showed up, well-dressed, with an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle slung over his right shoulder and a 9mm handgun strapped to his hip at President Obama’s visit to Phoenix yesterday.

Personally, I have no opinion on Obama coming to my city (at least not one that I’m willing to express). He’s going to come here. He’s the President. But when a few Second Amendment supporters showed up at the rally, the 300 or so pro-Obama supporters standing in their designated protest area just about went into conniptions.

This is a Presidential event! What if someone grabs that gun and mishandles it? It can go off and hurt the President! How can you be allowed to carry your guns in plain view when you’re outside a heavily-armed convention center while the President is speaking? CAN’T YOU LEAVE YOUR GUNS AT HOME?!?

Oh. My. God.

Aside from the fact that this group talked to Phoenix Police officers and told them several days prior to the event that they would be there with their weapons in accordance with Arizona law, they were in a designated public demonstration area. If you read the reports from the AP about these guys, there’s a single blurb about one Secret Service agent who was quoted as saying they weren’t worried about these guys. What you’ll see far more of are hysterical quotes from pro-Obama protesters, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, and media shills who have never been fans of us conservatives exercising our Second Amendment rights. Now they have a new gripe: you can’t carry anywhere near a Presidential event!

I’m not afraid of those guys. How likely is it, do you think, that they’ll stroll into a public place, where the Secret Service isn’t going to let the President anywhere near, with guns in full view so they can kill someone? How likely is it that someone else is going to grab their guns and try to shoot someone else? How often have you heard of that sort of thing happening? The reality is that the vast majority of all gun deaths occur during the commission of a crime. The rest happen while someone handling the weapon stray from the most basic gun safety rules. The exact same facts can be applied to vehicular deaths, but nobody’s out trying to ban people from buying or driving cars.

And the Presidential thing? Really? If you’re gonna go there, I wanna see your outrage over THIS crap:




Thaaaaat’s right. Shut up.