Who Needs The Truth?

Per Foxnews.com’s William Lajeunesse, some sobering statistics are being presented that directly contradict the numbers being presented by politicians and newsmakers alike. Dianne Feinstein, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (among multiple reporters) have quoted the statistic claiming that 90% of all guns used for drug cartel crimes in Mexico came from the United States. It seems simple, straightforward and easy to explain, right? Here’s the problem: it’s a complete fabrication.

These people aren’t idiots (and before you libs jump on me for quoting FOX, the writer quoted ATF, FBI and ICE agents as well as Amnesty International and the LA Times–go read the piece for yourself). The politicians blindly tossing this number about know exactly what they’re doing. After making a big to-do about planning a trip to Mexico to work on stemming the violence South of our border, Democrats promised to do all they could to make sure that US gun laws stop making it so easy for the cartels to obtain guns. It’s a precursor to sweeping, across-the-board gun control legislation.

But the 90% figure? They didn’t just pull it out of their derrieres; there is, in fact, a grain of truth to it. Somewhere around 29,000 guns were seized in 2007 and 2008 in Mexico. Of that number, only 11,000 are traceable–meaning they have serial numbers or other markings that provide information on where they came from. Not all countries require this kind of information on guns, but the USA is one of them. Of the 11,000 traceable weapons found in Mexico over those two years, only 6,000 were successfully traced; and of that number, just over 5,100 were, in fact, traced back to the US market at some point or another. But in reality, that means only around 17% of the guns seized in TWO YEARS in Mexico came from the United States.

Think carefully about that claim. The weapons being seized in Mexico are incredible–AK-47’s, M16’s, shoulder-fired RPG’s, fragmentation grenades, you name it–are already illegal in the United States. You have to have a federal firearms license to even be in possession of one of the kinds of guns popular with the cartels, and to be federally licensed you have to jump through a myriad of flaming hoops. What do you think the ATF does? They raid the places that illegally traffic these weapons, and they do it on a regular basis. They’re not sitting on their laurels.

The drug trade is a lucrative business. The Russian mob is heavily involved and funnels weapons and money to the cartels. They get weapons made in South Korea, China, Spain, and Israel. A question brought up by Lajeunesse brings home a very good point: why would the cartels pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for straw buyers in the US when they can get what they want at a far lower price without having to go through the tight US dragnet at the border? They can have it brought in on boats without being questioned.

Think about this one, too–in the past six years, 150,000 troops have deserted the Mexican army. When they do this, they usually take their weapons with them. The standard issue rifle in the Mexican army is still the M16. I wonder where those are coming from? And, seriously–RPG’s? Fragmentation grenades? Who really believes that those are being procured in the USA?

The argument that we are primarily responsible for the bloodshed in Mexico because of our gun laws is absolutely preposterous. A criminal, by nature, is ultimately a completely selfish beast. He will try to find the easiest route to procure what he wants. He would rather take the path of least resistance to his goal, and if he can avoid a struggle or a high price, he will do so every time. The fact that Mexico’s drug cartels have more money does not negate these facts. They’re only killing more people because there’s more people involved and much higher stakes to consider.

The politicians who are now badly misquoting the 90% figure know exactly what they’re doing. They’re not complete idiots. I brought this up in my last post on DADT; they’ll woo us with promises that they have no intention of keeping, then once they’ve got what they want, they’ll screw us royally. They want to force their mission of gun control on us any way they can, and the quickest way to dupe the populace is to simply lie to them. The easiest lie to tell is the one that has a grain of truth to it. You see, it’s not just us being affected now–it’s the innocent people of Mexico being caught in the crossfire, and it’s all our fault. At least that’s what they’d have us believe.

Who needs the truth when they already have the power?