Blame It On The Mexicans

Tuesday night, in between calls, I watched a portion of the Joy Behar Show. Whoopi Goldberg was her guest, and they got onto the topic of Newt Gingrich’s idea that students in public schools could potentially be tasked with cleaning the facilities, freeing schools from having to pay high costs for janitorial staff (granted, it’s an idea that would never take off, but Newt did float it during an interview) and teaching kids the importance of hard work. Behar and Goldberg immediately called it racist. When I first heard it, I struggled to understand how they could have gotten to that point. Then the discussion progressed.

What was said next made me want to pitch my Gatorade at the TV. They literally said that when we in the Tea Party talk about illegal immigrants, we’re not talking about illegals who are French, Italian or Irish – we are talking about Mexicans. That’s it. We only want the Mexicans out. Why? Because, you know, we’re racists.

I am sick to death of that accusation. Where is your proof? What evidence do you have? Do you have any of us on video talking about how much we hate certain races? Do you have articles written? Emails? Recorded phone calls? What in the hell do you have that can prove that we are racists? As a matter of fact, I said on this very blog a few years ago that there were an estimated 12,000 Irish nationals currently residing in the US illegally, and I wanted them out – even with Bertie Ahern calling on then-president Bush to give them amnesty. I am Irish and German by heritage. I speak a little of the languages spoken in both of those countries. I do not give a damn what color your skin is, if you are in my country illegally, I want you out. Period.

If you’re looking for evidence in my life, you’re not going to find it. Two of my best friends in the wide world are from Mexico, and one of them is currently working her way through the naturalization process. They would not consider themselves politically conservative, but they are every bit as vehement about curbing illegal immigration in this country as I am. I went to see their wedding in Los Angeles and I joked that the State of California must have an aversion to putting up speed limit signs – to which one of them immediately replied, “no, they can’t afford to put them up because they’ve blown all of their money on the friggin’ illegals!”

There is nothing racist about wanting to see the law enforced. Just having a baby in this country should not give them automatic citizenship. We do not need to roll out the red carpet and let everyone who wants to live in America come here. It is lazy, insulting and intellectually dishonest to call a person a racist for merely wanting America to be the sovereign nation that we are.

Of course, Behar and Goldberg aren’t the only ones who have said those things. Rosie O’Donnell, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Janeane Garofalo, Chris Matthews and a host of others have said the exact same thing. Not one of them has a shred of evidence that we’re racists. I recently heard Bill Whittle of PJTV give a speech about being in the Tea Party, and he touched on this very subject. He made a very good point: they only call us racists because they know it bothers us. He also said the fact that it bothers us should prove the truth, but these people are unwilling to see it. This is a form of bullying you’ll never hear anyone call out because they honestly believe that we deserve it. Teach tolerance!

So now we’ve gone from Tea Partiers being across-the-board racists to just hating the Mexicans. Tell me something…when you frequently say that they’re here to do the jobs that Americans won’t do, what kind of statement do you think that is? It’s not anti-American. It is, at its core, very racist. What these people are saying through that simple remark is that the Mexicans crossing our Southern border to do low-paying manual labor are uneducated and unskilled and all that they’re good for are the jobs that we don’t want.

What flabbergasts me is that the illegal rights groups parrot the sentiment.