Get Geraldo off of Fox!


Geraldo has gone absolutely nuts and brings the entire illegal-alien debate to a whole new level: he wants to “spit” on Michelle Malkin.  That’s a dignified liberal for ya!

This all started with the above interview/debate between O’Reilly and Malkin.  Geraldo is sickened at the idea that Michelle Malkin actually wants to follow the damn law when it comes to illegal immigration and says what any American should say if they knew there was an illegal alien living across the street from her: she would REPORT THEM!

Geraldo in the following segment started crying about his hispanic-American sons as if they had anything to do with what she said.  His being hispanic does not give him authority over illegal immigration!

Everyone’s ancestors are immigrants in this country.  Not just Geraldo’s.

Because Malkin wants to stand up for principles (much like Duncan Hunter by the way) that disagree with Geraldo Rivera’s shifty values, he wants to “spit” on her?

If Ann Coulter said that she wanted to spit on a liberal, can you imagine Geraldo’s response?