My Spanish isn’t great, but if that isn’t a word it should be.

“Grindaderas” is a slur that loosely translated means “things Americans do” (use your imagination on the actual meaning…it’s not nice). It was the headline of a front-page article in a Mexican tabloid after 15-year-old Sergio Adrian Hernandez Huereka was killed by a US Border Patrol agent. According to US officials, the boy was in a group on the border that retreated back across the border to throw rocks at the Border Patrol agents. The agents were arresting illegal immigrants who had just crossed the border. When I say they were throwing rocks, I don’t mean they were picking up pebbles and making the courtesy symbolic gesture you see in the movies that isn’t going to hurt anyone. They were picking up stones the size of baseballs and grapefruits and chucking them at these agents. Some agents have, in the past, been badly hurt by rock-throwing hellions in Mexico. They’ve long believed that because they’re on the Mexico side and Border Patrol agents can’t cross, they could get their pitching practice in as long as they wanted with no consequences.

Not anymore. Yesterday, Huereka was shot dead while trying to help the poor, hapless immigrants being arrested by the Border Patrol agents. Had Bush been in office there wouldn’t be much of an argument. Obama is in office, however, and we all know where this is going.

In our upside-down world, right is wrong and wrong is right. Criminals have more rights than victims do. Law enforcement officers are, more often than not, guilty until proven innocent; all the accused needs to do is claim that they were brutalized and the media reports their side of the story without question. Now, we have liberals demanding that use of force in all cases be “proportionate.”

In other words, they’re demanding that the good guys only use force in self-defense that matches the force being used by the bad guys.

Mexicans, particularly authorities up to and including el presidente Felipe Calderon, are lambasting us right now. They’ve called us all racists and pointed to Arizona SB 1070 as the cause of the shooting of the boy. They’re wailing that the use of force against the kids throwing the rocks was “disproportionate”. FBI agents trying to investigate the scene couldn’t even get close to the actual border – Mexican federales were there pointing rifles at them, threatening to kill them if they dared to cross the border. At one point agents had to retreat altogether because the federales wouldn’t even let them into the Rio Grande riverbed without shouting and pointing guns at them. Sometime in the middle of the retreat, Mexican cops crossed onto the US side, picked something up, and carried it back to the Mexico side, where they deposited the item next to the body of the dead boy.

US officials confirmed that the action was caught on video, as was the actual shooting showing the agent still on the US side. They have not yet released the video. I’m inclined to believe them considering the fact that the US Border Patrol has a long history of demonizing their own officers in the name of keeping things cool with Mexico. The existence of the video came up after a Mexican politician, Arturo Sandoval, claimed that an autopsy had revealed that the boy had been shot at “relatively close range” and that a .40 caliber shell casing was found next to his body. After this statement was made the Border Patrol immediately coughed up the video to Mexican investigators. Very little was said afterward.

Calderon, for his part, said, “[Mexico] will use all resources available to protect the rights of Mexican migrants.”

So will we, sir. Americans are getting tired of being expected to simply allow your people to come here and live whenever they please. We are tired of our people being killed by yours when they refuse to obey the law here. Our children have been raped, our police officers have been shot by thugs and run down by drunk drivers, men and women have been assaulted and killed in the name of Mexican gangs and drug dealers. We are tired of being expected to simply live with this reality. Our current President may not know where he left his balls, but the rest of us are fed up and believe me when I say we WILL put someone in office next time around who will tell you exactly where you can shove your faux outrage.

Where was your outrage over the death of officer Marc Atkinson at the hands of Mexican drug dealers who had originally “just come here to work”? Where was your outrage when a Mexican national was arrested and convicted of a string of rapes of young teenage girls? Where was your outrage when another police officer, Nick Erfle, was shot by a Mexican thug and gang member who had been deported before and was simply being asked not to jaywalk? Where the hell was all this indignation when one of your own got drunk and hit another police officer responding to an emergency and it was discovered he’d been deported multiple times and had THREE DUI warrants out for his arrest under as many different aliases?

Your anger, your self-righteous judgement of all Americans based on that anger, means nothing to us. You have done nothing to stop the flow of dangerous people into my country and they have raped, pillaged and murdered. Wherever possible, you have had the gall to feign moral superiority by refusing to extradite those hiding in Mexico if they faced the death penalty for their crimes in America.

If you really believe that the use of force was disproportionate, then I’d have to ask you why your officers were carrying fully automatic rifles and pointing them at FBI agents armed only with semi-automatic pistols. That’s a little over-the-top if we’re playing by your rules. That’s not to mention the fact that they actually verbally threatened to kill our agents if they tried to cross onto the Mexican side to even look at evidence. Another thing you’re ignoring is that the boy that was killed was actually on a list of most wanted smugglers; he was well-known to be a juvenile smuggler in the El Paso region. That won’t be important to you, though. Americans never have been.

You are quickly wearing out your welcome. If it helps to say it in your language, me estás cabreando.