Response to Felipe Calderon

Mexican president Felipe Calderon spoke in our House of Representatives yesterday and openly ripped on our federal immigration law. He also ripped on the new Arizona law, which places the ability to enforce immigration law in the hands of local and state law enforcement officers. Not to mention the fact that he made even more calls for America to fix our gun laws because supposedly 80% of the guns seized in crime raids in Mexico come from the United States. That’s a blatant lie, one manufactured to aid and abet our Second Amendment rights being torn down. In reality, only 17% of the guns seized in Mexico CAN be traced by US authorities – because the other 83% come from other countries (particularly Russia, China and multiple Mideast countries, including weapons stolen from Israel) and you can tell by the build and markings on them. True, of those submitted for tracing, 80% do come from the US. However, nearly 100% of the fully automatic weapons seized in Mexico don’t come from America. Fully 100% are already illegal here. If you ask me, Calderon is slowly pushing to disarm the American people so that if Mexico ever decides to invade we won’t be able to fight them ourselves. Just Google “reconquista” and “MECHa” to find out what kind of ideas are out there.

I will give a much more significant response to Mexico, the Mexicans in America who refuse to respect our laws and our flag, and Felipe Calderon himself at a later time (trust me when I say there will be no mistaking what I believe when you see it). For now, someone actually did have the cojones to stand up to Calderon while the Democrats cheered his denunciation of American sovereignty: