Screw Your Revolution

Phoenix Police Officer Travis Murphy, a 29-year-old husband and father of two with 4 1/2 years on the force, was gunned down in the very early hours of this morning by a convicted felon named Danny Ledesma Martinez. I have quite a bit of information already, but I want to wait for more before posting. For now I have something that’ll make your blood run cold. Here’s Raul Alcaraz leading a protest at the University of Arizona on May 5, just a few short weeks ago (tip of the black cowboy hat to Jennifer Leslie of Tucson’s Smart Girl Politics):


When my dad was a kid speech like this would have earned you a one-way trip to jail. I have a response to his rant, and here it is – his comments (in chronological order according to the video) in italics, mine following…

“I claim rainbow today…to all people of struggle, I come today as a subversive, queer, anti-capitalist, migrant, abolitionist that struggles for the liberation of all people.”

Great, you’re claiming “rainbow”. You’re an anti-capitalist? Why? America’s capitalist society has made your comfortable life possible. Who needs to be liberated? If you’re talking about the illegals who don’t belong here, there’s a great way to liberate them: send them home. What, exactly, are you aiming to abolish? The law?

“SB 1070 is not just a fight against racism or white supremacy. SB 1070 is a fight against over 515 years of colonial occupation on this land, on native land!”

That’s funny…I thought SB 1070 was the bill that we enacted to aid us in getting rid of the illegals not your fight against us. Perhaps next time you can say something like, “our fight against 1070 is a fight against (name your subversive cause).” 515 years of colonial occupation?!? Son, the United States didn’t become a nation until 1776. This year, my country will be 234 years old. The Republic of Texas was populated by both Mexican and American settlers, neither of whom appreciated General Antonio de Santa Ana repealing the Mexican Constitution of 1824 and, in the face of oppression, banded together to fight the Texas Revolution. Their fight against the real oppressors was no less important than the American Revolution. So, if you count American settlers that joined Mexicans all the way back to 1820, you can really only claim that this “colonial occupation” has been going on for 190 years. I hope you didn’t pay much for your history and math classes (and I would hope your instructors would be mortified upon hearing this garbage).

Plus, I’d like to know if you even realize your own people’s history. Are you one of those who thinks he’s a descendent of Aztecs and/or Mayans? I bet you do! 515 years ago was a good 20 years before Cortés landed on the Yucatan Peninsula, so your math would STILL be off if that was part of the “colonialization” you were claiming. The land that is now Mexico was claimed as New Spain and the Spaniards slaughtered the Aztecs and Mayans, at least partially by bringing smallpox to them. By 1700 the Spanish had nearly wiped out all traces of the Aztecs and Mayans. Very, very few of those indigenous peoples survived. You are almost entirely descended from Spanish conquistadors. Fix that cranial-rectal inversion.

“SB 1070 is a fight against the invasion of our minds, of our bodies, of our spirits, and of our souls. SB 1070 is a fight against patriarchy, homophobia, and heterosexism.”

Invasion? Kid, the only invasion here is the invasion of millions of illegals who have no right to be in my country, and people like you who openly wish to subvert our laws and government. That “invasion of our souls” crap is hysterical, it really is – I laughed so hard I nearly wet my pants. Fight against homophobia? I bet if you read this I’ll get more hate from you than I ever have from the whole of conservatives in America. Every writer on this site has said time and time again that it is substantially more difficult to come out to as conservatives to other gays than it is to come out to conservatives AS gay. The only phobia here is emanating from YOU.

“I don’t come today to fight for civil rights. I don’t even come today to fight for human rights.”

Then what in the Sam Hill are you fighting for, you loon?

“Today I come for our fight for liberation and self-determination of our people.”

Oh, the 129th generation of Spanish colonialists? RIGHT. You don’t need liberation, you need a lobotomy.

“If we are to take the word ‘liberation’ seriously, if we were to take it into what it really means, we would have in our vision for social justice queer people and women at the forefront and center of our vision for revolution in this country and this world.”

I hope you didn’t pay much for those English classes, either…I keep hearing “liberation” and “revolution.” Are we talking revolution a la Ché Guevara? If so, you might want to read up on your history. The type of despots that took over Mexico in the 1820’s and Cuba in the 1960’s made homosexuality a crime. In Guevara’s vision, you would have been sentenced to re-education through hard labor. You see, homosexuality isn’t part of the Marxist vision of the “greater good.” You need to procreate to carry on the great nation and provide new workers. Homosexuality is a crime to religions for a different reason; in communism, it’s an affront to “the people,” and thus is illegal.

“Visions of reform and immigration reform excludes not only queers and women framework, it also excludes a radical – a radicalism, it silences radicalism, it silences the grassroots, it silences the people that are most directly impacted and affect by these apartheid, criminal legislations that we are facing today.”

Your lack of ability to speak properly is giving me a headache. Apartheid? Who is making Hispanics sit at the back of the bus? Use separate water fountains? Live in government-provided shacks while whites live in mansions? Who is kicking Raul Grijalva out of the State Senate? Are mobs of heavily-armed soldiers gunning your people down in cold blood? Are they rounding you up just because they think a crime was committed in your neighborhood by a Hispanic person? Those are all things that happened during the apartheid years in South Africa. You’re not being told you can’t go to school. You’re not being put in prison for speaking against a racist government. If this were truly apartheid, you’d have disappeared quickly and IF you were ever found, you would be so badly beaten your mother would have trouble identifying you. THAT is what apartheid was like, and my African friends who now live in the US are tired of listening to whiners like you cheapen a very violent and unjust period in their history to force us to accept your views.

By the way…the only ones being silenced here are Americans, and we’re being silenced by the true racists in this fight – thugs like you. You and your activist groups use words such as racism, homophobes, Nazi, and apartheid to try to scare us into shutting up. No more.

“Reform is the belief that slavery and capitalism can be improved to benefit us. Reformism is the belief that these laws of this colonial government are legitimate. Reform is the belief that surveillance and militarization and the continued bloodshed of our people is acceptable crumbs from this system, and it is not.”

Your horrible grammar is getting worse (as if it could). “Reformism” is not a word. Surveillance and militarization are the norm in communist governments; how else does the government maintain control? BLOODSHED?!? I’d say you must be joking but you’re not, and it’s astounding. The only bloodshed I see are countless innocent civilians, police officers, EMS/rescue workers and others being killed by that sect of illegals who drive drunk, rape young girls, smuggle drugs into our country and pull illegally-obtained guns to shoot indiscriminately. I should remind you of Marc Atkinson, Nick Erfle and Shane Figueroa. How about the Chandler Rapist, a Mexican national here illegally, who was trying to escape to Mexico after raping five teenage girls? I don’t see where you’re getting the “bloodshed” from.

“But today, I come to let you know that I am against reform. I am against immigration reform as we know it today. What I am here for today is a migrant uprising for liberation. An abolition radical movement that defies and no longer cooperates with this colonial occupation that we have been suffering for over 500 years.”

I’m against reform, too. I don’t think we need to allow more than 250,000 immigrants come to America annually. What I am for is sealing the border shut and sending every one of your sorry butts back to Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, or wherever the hell you came from. You come here and take advantage of our education system, health care, legal system and welfare benefits and this is how you thank us? Go back to whichever country your parents brought you from, you ungrateful little creep.

“Instead we need a movement that does not try to improve slavery or try to get at the heart of the slave master, we need a movement, an abolition movement, that will burn down the house of this colonial master house that we live in.”

Okay…if you don’t like your free education (paid for with MY tax dollars), free health care (paid for when I need health care and have to pay extra so they can cover costs when you bail on YOUR bill), food stamps, unemployment benefits and welfare payments (all paid for with MY TAX MONEY), then go back to Mexico and demand it from them. If it’s so horrible to live here, then get out!

“A movement that will free all slaves, not just the Uncle Toms or the Tíos Tomases.”

Since we’ve established the truth, that I’m actually beholden to you already, then the only slave that needs to be freed is ME. I’ll start by booting you back across the border.

“No more compromise…”

Nope. Do not pass “GO”, do not collect $200. Just go home.

“No more crumbs…”

That’s right…when you go home and we keep you out, we’ll actually be able to see our taxes fall, our health care bills improve and crime fall, making life just a smidge easier for our police officers and firefighters. We won’t have to subsist on crumbs anymore. We’ll actually be able to keep some of what we work to earn.

“I am for solidarity if solidarity means with queer and women people.”

Fantastic, your grammar isn’t improving!

“I am for freedom if freedom includes queer people and women.”

What you’re describing isn’t freedom. It’s collectivism, the idea that nations can be run by forcing equality on everybody. Nobody is allowed to be richer than others; everyone is as equally destitute as everyone else. Freedom means the right to live your life without intense interference from the government. You cannot have freedom without capitalism.

“I am for a revolutionary migrant justice if revolutionary migrant justice includes women and queer people and all people’s struggle.”

I ask for the umpteen jillionth time: where is the injustice??? You keep harping on it but you haven’t said exactly how you’ve been wronged! Please, don’t just use some blanket term such as “racism”. That’s a shortcut. I want proof, actual cases, individual stories that prove the aforementioned injustice.

“It’s either freedom for everybody or freedom for nobody.”

Great. Freedom comes at a price. That price is responsibility. Obey the rule of law or your freedom will be taken away. Period.

“Doesn’t matter what color you are or what background you come from, our liberation is interconnected…it will not be achieved until you and I bring the colonial occupying machine down.”

It sure is. It’s interconnected with mine, so I get a say, too. You’re not bringing ME down, and I fight like hell. Not many people have the cojones to pick a fight with this Texan lesbian. The few who have did not walk away from it.

“It’s freedom for migrants and for women and for queer people or freedom for nobody.”

I’m a woman, and I’m free to do any job I am capable of performing, whether through physical labor or education. I’m a lesbian, and is actually only one law that I see as hindering my freedom; that is DADT. I am free to love my partner completely and fully without fear of reprisal from the government. People who wish to come to America are free to do so as long as they have our permission first. I don’t see where the problem is.

Raul, at least you had the temerity to show us what we’re fighting against. Your inability to string enough words together to form a truly coherent thought, coupled with your obvious lack of attention in class and your emotional appeal with blanket terms such as “racist” and “apartheid” prove just how low your side is willing to stoop. I’ve got news for you: this is the United States of America. You are free to believe and speak as you wish, but your subversion of our laws will not be tolerated (nor will your rank stupidity). Screw your revolution. Either assimilate into our culture or shut up and go home.

Useful idiots, my friends. Useful idiots.