The Immigrants We Need

I went to the Arizona State Capitol to cover the protest on Thursday and was there for Shakira’s visit; I got some good pictures and some good quotes. My report will be up sometime tomorrow. For now, I had to post a short note on how things are going all over the state. I live in the Phoenix area (Scottsdale to be exact), but many other cities are up-in-arms as well – particularly Tucson.

State Rep. Raul Grijalva openly called for a boycott of our state after the signing of SB 1070, the now-famous immigration bill recently signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer. The bill requires law enforcement to ask about a person’s legal status in the event that, during legal contact, they suspect the person they have pulled over/arrested for breaking the law/been called to remind of civil ordinances (such as noise pollution laws) may be in the country illegally. Here in Phoenix, protests have gone on nearly every single day since the bill was signed. Ricky Martin has blasted it in interviews, Shakira actually came here and supported the protesters, and there have been small riots in a couple of instances when white people that protesters didn’t like got under someone’s skin. The vast, overwhelming majority of the protesters are Hispanic and chants of “si, se puede” (“yes, we can”) have been prevalent.

During a Tucson city council meeting, however, a beautiful lady named Gabriella Salcedo stood and spoke from her heart about the bill. Take note, as we’ve said over and over and over again, we want people to come. We are not in any way against immigration; we are merely against illegal immigration. None of us cares what color your skin is. This woman has a wisdom that few could hope to achieve in their lifetime and is the perfect example of the immigrant that America needs.


Seeing this video made my eyes well up. I feel a great swell of pride in my country when those who face difficulty do the right thing.

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