The Myth of ‘Separation’

Michelle Malkin has done some excellent research and reporting on a new movement being overtaken by churches in America. These churches have inserted themselves into government affairs, seeking openly to stifle free speech, thought and government action. They’re urging church members as a body to get involved. While all of our readers may be getting hot under the collar right now for one reason or another, it’s not what you think.

The United Church of Christ is urging congregants to take part in a campaign called “So That We May See,” a massive push to pressure the FCC into enacting sweeping anti-hate speech regulations in response to conservative dissent about amnesty for illegal aliens.

I’ve said before that I’m tired of being called a racist for wanting my country’s immigration laws to be enforced. I’ve shouted as loud as I can that I’m tired of being called a hatemonger, a bigot, and summarily dismissed with little more than a second thought because I want immigrants from other countries to obey our laws and be deported until they can. I’m tired of trying to be nice about it.

The continued accusations of hate, bigotry, xenophobia and intolerance have gone quite far enough. I’m not willing to bear those titles anymore. No American should be branded a racist for wanting the law of their land enforced. If the liberal churches and Latino-rights groups insist on continuing their campaign of victimhood, they will see in the end a backlash that they can’t stop. We’re Americans–and Americans are not pushovers. If you don’t like our rules, get the hell out. If it’s that horrible then go back to whatever country you crawled out of and stay there.

I don’t mind having you here as long as you’re here LEGALLY. Obey the law, contribute to the community, and become an American or there’s no dice. End of discussion.