Stripped of Human Rights

In the Jerusalem Post today, an almost unbelievable story has been published detailing shocking actions by the Iranian Basiji Guards. The story was given by a proud member of the guard force after he was arrested for releasing two young teenaged girls who’d been arrested for supposedly taking part in riots and violence over the recent election scandals.

His reason?

His mother sent him to the Basiji Guards when he was only 16 after his father was “martyred” in the war with Iraq. Within two years, his superiors were so pleased with him that they bestowed upon him the “honor” of forcibly marrying young girls sentenced to execution under Sharia law. According to Sharia, a virgin cannot be executed, regardless of her crime. To get around this important religious law guards would force the girls to marry them, then rape them.

The guard who spoke said that the girls were actually more afraid of the rape than their execution, so much so that they had to be tranquilized before the deed was done. He said that by the next morning their faces would look hollow and empty–as if they were glad to be facing death.

The guard (who could not be named else he face execution himself) said that it was past experience that taught him what would happen to the two teenage girls he helped. As a husband and father now, he said he could not bear to let it happen because they were so young.

Note to those who still protest Prop 8 with signs that say “stop the Christian Taliban” and “stripped of human rights”: you have no idea what it really, truly means to be stripped of human rights. Go live in Iran, where the religious police can publicly beat and torture you–literally–for wearing clothes deemed “too Western.” Go to Iran, where you can be executed for being a woman out with no related male escort, and your execution will be made legal with a rape the night before.

THAT is what it’s like to be stripped of human rights.

Someone tell Code Pink to wake up.