Does John Edwards Write for the NY Times?

You gotta give it to Michelle Malkin.  She picks things up faster than any other mainstream blogger I know of.  

Just moments ago, she posted about a NY Times headline that could lead the reader to believe that we are just moments away from screaming out surrender. 

As she mentions, it’s just in time for Memorial Day.  Liberals and the MSM are using the decency of average Americans (or the moderate voters Democrats will be trying to pick up) to try and persuade Americans that we are indeed losing the war.  It’s mighty interesting that they play these games while simultaneously spouting lies about 76% of this country that want to call it quits.  It seems that not only can they get their own Democrats to vote with them on these issues in the House and Senate, but perhaps they are losing confidence in their own loony rhetoric.

Amazingly; Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards – on his own website– is advocating using Memorial Day as a campaign to discourage our troops and embolden our enemies. 

On a day in our country where we commemorate our troops’ bravery and historic accomplishments, John Edwards and the NY Times want to erase that to appeal to Cindy Sheehan.