This will be my last entry in my series on Israel and the conflict over Gaza. This is where I’ll tie it all together. Of late, a lot of things have happened in the Israel-Gaza war. Israel has sent ground troops into Gaza to secure the area and arrest Hamas operatives. Protests both for and against Israel’s actions have sprung up in Europe and the United States, with some becoming quite violent. In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, one pro-Palestinian demonstration saw several Muslims shouting “go back to the ovens” at the Jewish counter-demonstrators. In San Francisco, American supporters of the Palestinians chanted “slaughter the Jews” and “the Jews are our dogs.” In Europe, things got nasty when a car was overturned and set on fire during an anti-Israel protest, and a synagogue was firebombed while services went on inside.

This activity from the very same people who say that Israel is committing genocide and carrying out ethnic cleansing in Gaza.

Hamas is no stranger to world media. They know what international society thinks and feels, and they know how to play on those feelings. The release of a video proved so far to be bogus of a 12-year-old supposedly killed by an Israeli missile is only one act in a long line of falsehoods presented to the world in an attempt to gain support for the overthrow of Israel. The hypocrisy is alarming; even more so is the support they’ve gained by lying and twisting words and realities. This sign, snapped by Zombie, captures the insanity of some people here in the United States who think that somehow Israel is wrong:


I wonder if she realizes that simply being gay or simply being a Jew can earn her a one-way trip to the gallows in Gaza.  Both together?  She’d be buried up to her neck and stoned to death.  I don’t think most of these people realize just how deadly serious the terrorists in Hamas are.  I don’t think they understand what they’re dealing with.  This picture is a cryin’ shame, too, this gal’s a total cutie.

Again, we’re talking about people who don’t want to sit down and talk.  They’ll demand diplomacy for their own views, of course, but they don’t want to hear yours.  The lone protestor at this event who was pro-Israel was asked to leave “for his own safety.”  Translation?  We’re not willing to be as tolerant as we’re demanding you be.  (Click the above link to Zombietime and take a look at his coverage of the protest…it’s a true eye-opener.)

The big argument now is that Israel is killing women and children, and thus is guilty of war crimes.  There’s a big problem with this belief, though.  Israel has taken amazing steps to avoid civilian casualties wherever they can.  Before bombing the homes of known Hamas terrorists, Israeli intel would actually call the homes and warn the inhabitants to get out.  They also dropped sound bombs to warn neighbors of what was to come.  They’ve dropped thousands of leaflets giving civilians the opportunity to turn in anyone they know to be fighting for Hamas.  Hamas has released “reports” of a UN school deliberately targeted by Israeli warplanes.  They have accused Israel of being the murderers.  Pictures like these, though, are worth far more than a thousand words:

Hamas terrorists setting explosive charges while children watch
Hamas terrorists setting explosive charges while children watch
Hamas terrorists set an anti-tank charge in a crowded neighborhood, where kids play, while the kids watch.
Hamas terrorists set an anti-tank charge in a crowded neighborhood, where kids play, while the kids watch.

If these pictures are any indication of reality, it would appear that Hamas is pointing the blame elsewhere to avoid being fingered with the same accusations.  This is solid proof that Israel isn’t deliberately targeting civilians; Hamas hides among them to maximize the collateral damage so they can then go back and say, “see?  They’re murderers!”  And here in America, the media pushes it as truth while we eat it up.

A sign was recently seen at a protest (I wish I could find the image to link) that said, “no peace until Israel leaves Gaza.”  Newsflash, folks: Israel DID leave Gaza.  In 2005, Israel pulled all of its military out of Gaza and handed complete control over to the Palestinian authority.  Almost immediately, the rocket fire began.  Since Israel did what today’s protesters are demanding they do, more than 10,000 Qassam rockets have been fired into Southern Israel, the majority of them landing in the town of Sderot.  These things aren’t firecrackers, kids.  They’re deadly weapons, packed with shrapnel to maximize casualties upon impact.  They’re still being fired now and they’re still killing innocent people.  These rockets are not aimed at military targets.  They’re meant to land in civilian areas.  Now please, tell me Israel doesn’t have the right to defend herself.

Imagine you live in constant fear of rocket and mortar fire from people 25 miles away who hate you for what you are.  You never know when the sirens are going to go off; all you know is that you need to be near a bomb shelter everywhere you go.  You have to be aware of where the escapes are at all times in case you hear the sirens.  Sometimes, on foggy or otherwise foul-weather days, the sirens won’t work and your only indication will be the sound of an explosion.  If this was how we lived here in the United States, we’d all be demanding that the Army and Marines be deployed to beat the perpetrators to death.  How in the world can anyone tell Israel that they don’t have the right to defend themselves?  And with Hamas’ track record of using cease-fires to restock and get ready to resume attacking innocent Israelis, how can anyone expect Israel to give them the umpteen jillionth chance to do the right thing?  How can anyone believe Hamas will ever do the right thing?

Israel has the right to exist.  She has the right to be safe.  And she has the right, when threatened, to stand up and tell the aggressors that under no circumstances will they put up with constant murder and lies.  Israel is innocent (naqah) and has the right to be free.  Talk about tyranny?  Hamas and all other Islamic groups want to see the US destroyed along with Israel.  If the world were to capitulate and give them what they want–the destruction of Israel–do you really think they’ll stop there?