Yes, I Am Islamophobic – Three Years Later

Just three years ago, Steve found a missive I’d written on a MySpace blog (remember that site?) and invited me to join the family here at I’ve enjoyed connecting with everyone I’ve met here in that time. I thought, in light of Obama’s continued claims that lone-wolf, homegrown terrorists pose a greater threat to us than the jihadists who continue to plot against us, it would be appropriate to repost the article that ushered me into the fold.

* * *

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, otherwise known as CAIR, has become widely known for throwing around the term “islamophobic” as widely as the gay community uses the word “homophobic.” Any time a news story appears involving some wrong, real or perceived, against a Muslim anywhere in America, CAIR jumps on it with both feet crying “ISLAMOPHOBIA!!!”

Ashraf Al-Jailani was ordered to deport to Yemen in 1999 by a federal judge. He didn’t. In late 2002, he was arrested after his business credit card and contact info were found in the posession of another Al-Qaeda operative in Chicago. He was arrested, and CAIR began it’s anti-islamophobe campaign, decrying the move as islamophobic. They said it was a case of “living in America while Muslim.” Al-Jailani had three children with an American woman, and he viciously abused all of them. He gave up his case after CPS authorities took the kids, and he self-deported to Yemen. As soon as he got there, CAIR and his idiot wife took up the cause of getting the kids back, and as soon as CPS did it, mom took the kids to see dad in Yemen (after swearing she wouldn’t). Yemen wasn’t part of the Hague Convention on international kidnapping. So when Al-Jailani took the kids and sent his wife back to the States, nothing could be done. Sami, Amina, and Layla Al-Jailani will likely never be seen again.

If believing that Al-Jailani was an abusive man who should have been deported without his children makes me islamophobic, then yes, I am.

In 2006, Yaser Abdel Said suspected that his teenage daughters, Sarah and Amina, were dating American boys in the small Texas town where they’d been raised as Americans. When he searched the girls’ cell phone records, he discovered that they were spending a lot of time talking to the same boys. He tasked their brother with “escorting” them everywhere, and he forbade the girls from doing anything without their express permission. Their mother went with them and their boyfriends to try to escape, but Said talked her into coming back. Then he had mom talk the girls into coming back, too, even after threatening to kill them for refusing to obey his wishes for arranged marriage. Last year, he took the girls out in his cab, shot them to death, and disappeared, probably back to his native Egypt. CAIR and the Said family is lambasting the American public for calling it for what it is–a Muslim honor killing. They say we’re just islamophobic.

If believing that Said did what he did because of his Muslim upbringing, just like 5,000 other men do every year to women in their family, makes me islamophobic–then yes, I am.

Mark Steyn, a Canadian pundit, just finished a massive court battle for supposed “hate speech.” He had the audacity to speak his mind about the realities of Islam in pop culture; his books “America Alone” and “The New Criterion” called a spade a spade and pointed out that America is the only nation on the planet willing to fight back in the “age of Jihad.” The Ontario Human Rights Commission filed a legal complaint about 22 articles Steyn had written related to his views on Islam. Canada, which puts a limit on so-called hate speech, called Steyn before three different HRC tribunals. One is still pending. CAIR and others say Steyn is islamophobic.

If believing that one has the right to criticize Sharia law and Jihad makes you islamophobic…yes, I am.

Every day, rockets are fired into Israeli towns such as Ashkelon and Sderot from Palestinian (read: MUSLIM)-held Gaza. Fighters from Hezbolla make strikes into Israeli territory where they beat, torture, kill and kidnap innocent Israelis. A Palestinian gunman walked into a Jewish religious school and fired 500 rounds, killing eight and wounding scores. The belief of all Muslims is that Israel doesn’t deserve the land she occupies and that the Jews should be forced into servitude. Yesterday, a report said that there is a massive movement of weapons stockpiles into Palestinian neighborhoods that harbor Hezbollah terrorists despite the cease-fire. Why? Read the Qur’an–no Muslim is required to abide by any truce or agreement to non-Muslims. I have a copy if you’d like to see it for yourself.

On September 11, 2001, 19 Muslim terrorists hijacked four American passenger airliners. Two were flown into the twin towers of the World Trade Center; one was flown into the Pentagon; and the other crashed during a courageous fight in a field near Shanksville, PA when the passengers realized what their captors were doing and refused to let them win. There is now a hole in the New York City skyline where the towers stood, and the buildings around them were destroyed when the towers finally gave way and collapsed. Nearly 3,000 Americans died in the attack, and the final words of the hijackers were captured by air traffic controllers: “La illaha ill Allah, Muhammadur Rasul Allah.” It’s known as Shahada, or the Muslim creed: there is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet.”

If believing that Israel has a right to defend herself from Islamic Jihad, Muslims want to see America destroyed, and 9/11 was merely a precursor to what they will do if given the opportunity, and if believing that the Hezbollah flag is a giant flashing neon sign that we should stop allowing Johnny Jihad to beat us half to death with our own rules is islamophobia…