Say It With Passion

Even if it’s a lie, folks…say it with gusto, with pride, and with the kind of passion that makes people wonder if they should applaud. Take a listen…it’s less than a minute:


This little rant of his pissed me off on a level that few can. It actually made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. You wish harm upon me, Mr. Biden? Lemme tell you about my experience. My experience is that my gun once saved my life. I was getting money out of an ATM machine when a kid pulled a knife on me (and I’m damn lucky that was all he had). He demanded my wallet. I faked like I was reaching for it and, instead, pulled my Ruger P94. I had it loaded with hollow-point ammunition. In one smooth and very well-practiced movement, I unholstered my concealed weapon, gave the slide a good yank, and brought it level with the bridge of this kid’s nose.

I thank God that I didn’t have to fire a shot. The kid pissed his pants and ran away. He was probably what we in juvenile corrections call a “little mafioso”, a guy who wants to be a badass so he pretends that he is one and hopes that nobody calls his bluff. I promise that after that experience, he did one of two things: he either got his act together and was scared enough never to try to rob another Arizonan again, or he went in the opposite direction and made damn sure that he had better firepower next time. Since he was never caught, I have no idea which it was. I can only hope it was the former.

Let’s talk about something else I have experienced. I’ve sat with actual rape victims and their loved ones and had to explain the process. I’ve told them how difficult it will be to prosecute their attacker. I’ve watched them cry and felt helpless to comfort them because their bodies are living crime scenes and any hugging, touching, kissing, ANYTHING can legally contaminate the evidence – and a defense attorney will have a field day with it. I’ve been there with those victims and I would love to hear you repeat what you had to say in that “speech” to them. Watch their reactions. Regardless of political affiliation, they’d all be mortified.

You know what pissed me off even more? Jason Mattera, speaking for Human Events, asked Mr. Biden if he regretted using such a crass, inconsiderate reference. Here’s his response:


Sir, if you are trying to see to it that you and your running mate get voted out of office next year, you’re doing a fantastic job. The question now is whether your constituents realize just how crude and condescending you and your aide are really being.

I cannot believe he had the unmitigated gall to say the things he said, particularly in the context in which he said them. He was pushing the president’s new JOBS BILL! I kid you not, folks, Bozo the Veep was going off the passionate deep end over jobs. Personal stories aside, that jobs bill isn’t going to be able to do what he cries for. As Ed Morrissey points out, this jobs bill – even if it does save a few police/fire/EMS jobs – isn’t going to help stop a rape or a holdup. How is a woman going to call 911 to report a man is trying to rape her if he’s disabled her phone? How is a store clerk going to get police there in time to stop a robbery in progress if the robber who has a gun pointed hat him is telling him to keep his hands up? The fact is that, in situations like these, 911 doesn’t get dialed until either the bad guy is gone and the victim is freed, or the victim is ultimately found dead by a loved one. Police don’t get to actively stop these kinds of violent crimes, and if you talk to them you’ll hear their frustration about that sort of thing. In the past four years, not once have I ever talked to a victim who credited the police with stopping the crime as it happened.

It is less than merely cheap to use this kind of reference when pushing a jobs bill, Joe. It’s less than low. It is a deliberate lie, one crafted to appeal to unchecked emotion – the same kind that has ruined many a nation with its inability to see past immediate human desire. You should be ashamed of yourself. You owe every conservative and every crime victim an apology.

Endnote: anybody notice his aide’s reaction? That irritated question, “who are you with?” that might as well have been, “I can’t believe anybody let you in here, and we’ll make damn sure you don’t get in again because only the reporters who ask proper questions are ever allowed to take up his time!” You never heard Bush get this snarky with reporters. Sure, his aides planted one in the press pool to ask softball questions, but he never once told any reporter what they should and should not say – nor did he try to kick a reporter out for asking him tough questions. I remember thinking Bill Clinton was frightening. He was the Easter Bunny in comparison.

Does anyone think the MSM is going to have questions about his comments or his outburst with Jason Mattera? I ain’t holdin’ my breath.

(Tip of the black cowboy hat to Jennifer Leslie, fellow Texan and leader of Smart Girl Politics in Tucson, for giving me the heads-up on Mattera’s smackdown.)